When I realized that the house we purchased, and renovated, and moved into, and loved – was not efficient for our family & goals – we had to move out INSTANTLY.

And so I went to our realtor, asked him to show us town-homes in the next town over.  Within a week or so, we had an offer accepted on 3 bedroom townhouse.  We ended up renovating/upgrading the townhouse into a 4 bedroom town-home, that fits our entire GROWING family. The kids are still so little – my boy is 4 and my little girl is 1, so I know that they will continue to GROW, and utilize this space perfectly.  My stepdaughter is 14, and won’t need much more space than she already uses.

We are now a family of 5 living perfectly easily and with SO MUCH SPACE in this house.  I do de-cluttered on the daily, on the weekly!!!  I have the Vets pick up all of our unwanted, outgrown, un-needed items.  I’m also so much more conscious of what we bring INTO the house in the first place.  When we moved in, we had a lot more furniture than we do now, and in the past year and a half – we have donated and shared the pieces we no longer loved and needed.  We ended up putting away our beautiful dining room table (since we eat around the island 100% of the time) and this created so much more LIVING & FAMILY room in our open kitchen/living room.  It’s just so fabulous and wonderful and I’m so happy we made the move from HOUSE to TOWNHOUSE.

My husband is also not spending HOURS outside in the summer time and wintertime – either mowing the laws or shoveling the snow.  The house (since it was beautifully kept up and extra clean) rented easily, for a decent monthly profit, and the move was fun and stress-free.  We love our neighborhood, and neighbors, and the whole AREA, and living in this townhouse is just one step we took in the right financial direction – which is heading STRAIGHT for retirement!

Staying Motivated – Hump Day Style

I work a regular M-F, 8-5pm job.   Sometimes the weeks go by extremely fast, and sometimes they are slow like honey pouring into a tea cup!!!  I don’t do honey, but in the winter time, I make tea with honey for my big honey!

This is the type of week that is going by a bit too slow for my liking.  But I’m staying motivated and I have my goals on my mind in the following ways:

1 – Writing, blogging, reaching out to you wonderful readers & people!  Staying accountable keeps me motivated.  Using this blog as a journal helps me identify good habits, and helps keep me focused on those habits, and then also helps me identify the changes I need to make.

2 – Logging all of my grub in cronometer!  I’m under 2K in calories all this week, which is pretty AWESOME!  Cronometer shows me which foods are most nutritious, so if you are psyched by high nutrition – then this is a great app.

3 – Thinking about 1M in my Vanguard.  Due to BREXIT and the news reports about the stock market, I have NOT looked at my Vanguard, but I have continued to imagine 1K in all of my accounts!  I also am getting paid on the 1st of July, and on the 7th of July – so I’m psyched to use as much of that money as possible – and INVEST IT.

4 – Making & eating good food – for myself and my whole family. This morning we were up really early (5am or so ) and I made awesome salads for my honey and I.  Each day this week we had a ridiculous awesome – full of nutrients salad for lunch.  Cooking and feeding my family feels so good.  This keeps me happy, and motivated in my goals.  My babies get a home made smoothie each morning and each night.  On the daily they get multiple servings of banana, spinach, flax seeds, chia seeds, almond milk, avocado and organic peanut butter.

5 – Sleep.  I’m putting myself to sleep shortly after my kids go to sleep.  Even though it would be awesome to hang out with my husband, lounge around watching TV, I know how vital sleep is, and that I need it!  And so I’m putting myself to bed, and getting it.  Since my daughter is only 20 months old, she sometimes sleeps through the night, and often does not – getting up to eat a whole bottle of smoothie, or just to be up.  And it can be continuously exhausting. So early bedtime it is!  I sleep from on average 9pm – 5pm, or 10pm – 6am.

What to do, when you want to eat the WORLD.

Today is Day 8 where I’m tracking my calories, and have been under 2K for each day this past week.  And today – I feel like I want to eat it all!!!  I’m not even hungry. I’m just either anxious, or bored, or stressed – or all of the above, and I want to EAT, to distract myself, to busy myself, to soothe myself.

I have to find another way to cope with these feelings, rather than turning to comfort, processed, and EASY JUNK FOOD, that will munch those feelings away.  I usually talk myself into having something that is not good for me by saying:  I’ll just have a little.  Or I’ll just eat all this, and then eat good going forward.  And that never works.  No need to continue to lie to myself.  A little turns into a lot, and one meal turns into two weeks of crappy eating – and crappy feeling.

So first, I went for a walk.   It was going well, until my high school friend stopped me on my route and chatted me up.  I haven’t seen her for a decade+ so it was nice to connect, but my walk was cut short – because I spent a lot of time talking with her.

Now, I’m getting right back into my work day and staying productive.  I’m also fueling up on WATER, and I also have bananas, apples, and strawberries available to me – if hunger is truly an issue.

I’m going to stay strong, and I want you to stay strong as well.  No binge eating.  No overeating.  No crazy eating.  No eating the whole wide world.

Take care of you – first.

It sounds so absolutely selfish, and as a mom and woman, it really urks me when I feel selfish.  But it’s so vital when it comes to meeting our goals, that we put ourselves first.  A long time ago, on the Oprah show, I heard someone say:  Pay Yourself First.

And I get that. It’s important to invest money, save money, before paying bills AHEAD.  Before paying creditors, before paying other people.  Pay ourselves FIRST, and THEN see what is left over for others.  This is an important concept, I’m still learning how to put into practice consistently.  For instance, I’m trying to figure if I should PAY DOWN or PAY UP my mortgage, instead of putting the money RIGHT into Vanguard – where it belongs.  I’m thinking of paying off my daycare costs, instead of taking the weekly payment option, and investing & saving my money.  These are just two little examples of how we struggle with paying ourselves first, but we must.

Today at work, I walked for 19 minutes in the morning, and then I spent my lunch hour shopping for the office (coffee, birthday cake for colleague, etc.).  I ended up not taking my noon walk, because I was out at the store.  And then we were celebrating the colleague’s birthday.  And by the time the afternoon walk came around, I felt so incredibly guilty of getting out of my seat and going for a walk.  This is the employee guilt that I’m also a victim or guilty of.  But, I did get up, lace up my kicks, and I went for an 11 minute walk.  The compromise I made with myself was that instead of going for a 18 minute walk, I was going to go for a shorter one instead.  Progress.

This walk helped me get back into a great, positive & motivated mindset!  It was exactly what I needed to stay focused on all of my goals.  Please put yourself first, hold your head up high, and do EXACTLY what you need to do to prosper in mind, heart, soul.


How to stay on track while socializing.

I had a really wonderful weekend.  My husband took my son, and they ended up having a “boys outdooors weekend” with some of his friends north of us.  So it was just me and my little lady most of Friday and all of Saturday.  I ended up using my food scale, measuring out all of my food, getting plenty of walking, fun & activities in.  And I was able to go to sleep as early as I wanted to – and had nothing to worry about – except myself and my 20 month old love bunny.

And so eating well was – EASY.

I was able to plan ahead, and make the right decisions when I needed to.

Boom.  Come Sunday.  My hubby and lil guy returned, and it was like a tornado hit us.  Laundry was to be sorted, and put away.  Grub was to be made.  It instantly became full of regular family stuff which I love, yet at times it’s A LOT OF WORK!

And so we spent most of the day at the pool, with my two little ones, swimming like fish, and enjoying SO MUCH SUN.  And then my awesome neighbors suggested a BBQ at night – for dinner.

Here comes the hard part:

How do you eat well and still socialize!?!

Usually, this is the hardest part of me.  I ate well all day already – I had peanuts & coffee for breakfast, blueberries and herbal tea as an AM snack, then a HUGE healthy salad full of red cabbage & romaine lettuce for lunch.  And now here come the hot-dogs, and burgers, and chips & salsa, and all of the fixings.

So first I decided to stay CALM.  And then I decided to ONLY eat my favorite grub (and not grub that I felt indifferent about – like potato buns), but also I made a conscious decision NOT to OVEREAT what I did choose to indulge in.  Lastly, I also decided to TRACK IT ALL on my cronometer application!

And so I had a burger patty IN the salad (with very very light dressing).  Salad was full of FIBER – Brussels sprouts cut up, whole spinach leaves, chick peas, snow peas – just absolutely delicious!  I did have an all beef very very very skinny hotdog, and some ketchup, and about two big handfuls of flax seed tortilla chips with some salsa.  I also had a glass of sparkling white wine!

All my choices weren’t perfect, BUT they will have to do for now.  I didn’t have any additional helpings, or seconds, and it didn’t turn into a binge fest.  So for this I’m uber grateful.

I was still under 2K in my calories for the day, coming in at 1980!

Buy Exactly What You Need, nothing more.

Yesterday, Old Navy was having their annual flip flop sale.  I walked into the store at around 11am, and most everything was purchased.  There were women picking up to 10 pairs/20 pairs of flip flops.  I need one pair.  A black pair.  The one I purchased a few years ago, is wearing down, and with a beach vacation coming up, I wanted a new pair for end of the summer and warmer fall days.

Please note I said:  I wanted, not needed.  I did not need these flips, but I wanted them instead.  They weren’t an urgent need (as my feet had another pair on), but they were a great price for the quality – so I went ahead. Flips at the local thrift store are more, so I decided to go ahead and buy myself a pair.

Instead of a woman’s pair (because they were all sold out) I ended up getting a hunter green, and a gray pair in men’s size 6.  I will wear them until they wear out, or until my son’s foot grows into them.  They will go to great use.

I stood inline, a long – slow moving line, with my two flip flops, while holding my 20 month old daughter who wanted nothing more than to run wild in the store.  I held and entertained her to my best ability.  And yet it was amazing to see how many people were truly buying out the store.  A lot of sale signs were up, but that does not necessary mean you are getting a great deal, not does it mean you NEED to buy it.  We all have so much, and we have to learn to live & love what we already purchased, what we already own.

Buying ONLY what we want – is a process, and takes time, patience, commitment and practice. And most important – deciding BEFORE you enter the store, that you will ONLY buy what you need, not all you may want.  I need to practice following my own advice, especially before going grocery shopping.

It was awesome to charge just $2 to my Amazon Chase Card, versus $20, or $40 or $100 or $200.  Let’s keep practicing buying only want we need (or lessss), and becoming MILLIONAIRES and FINANCIALLY FREE in the process!

Perfect Diet

What is the perfect diet?  What is the absolutely healthiest diet in the whole wide world.  Oh holy moly, that’s a rough tough question, because to me – what makes a perfect diet, is a diet that you can actually maintain, sustain, and most importantly – ENJOY.

Does it fit your life, can you do it forever?

Whenever I diet, I always ask:  Can I do it forever?

And so – I feel that the Paleo, the Whole30, the raw vegan, the CRON, are all diets that work and that make sense – especially to me.  I’m using them as guides & pursuing and utilizing DAILY to get to my goal of 139lbs.  Not every day will I be able to eat RAW VEGAN.  Not every day will I be able to eat WHOLE30, but I can focus on eating the absolutely CLEANEST & healthiest foods, with the above diets as guidance and motivation!

The last three days I’ve been tracking my calories/nutrients with the cronometer application, and all three days I have been under 2K.  That’s the goal.  Eat under 2K a day & workout – and continue to eat clean, and eat the absolutely HEALTHIEST foods possible.

My lovely LUNCH salad today: romaine lettuce, red cabbage, tomato, raisins, turkey patties (cut up), feta cheese, and Caesar dressing.  It was so good.  Like x 10000.

I feel so good.  All of the diets I believe are the best – eliminate sugar and dairy.  I do love feta cheese, so I do eat it at times, but other than that – no dairy for me.  I’m not a huge lovah of cheese, so not eating dairy is truly NO BIG DEAL.  Skipping on the chocolate covered pretzels when they present themselves – well that’s another story.  Since sugar has been out of my body for the past four days, the cravings subside.  It’s incredible how that happens, and such a blessing.  I can’t imagine battling sugar cravings, each & every day.

My ridiculously healthy din din:  57g of carrot – raw, 75g of organic baby spinach – raw, and 150kcals of a salmon filet, cooked.  I forgo any dressings or oils.  I crunched my way through this meal!

The goal with my diet is to eat the best of the best, each and every day.   I tend to eat really well for a few days, and then boom, eat the SEEFOOD diet, if I see food, any type, I eat it.  I want to stay consistent and uber motivated – to use nutrition and grub that enters my bod as absolute fuel for the best living & happiness possible.



Stay The Course

The best piece of advice I have read lately said:  Stay The Course.

Whatever your plan involves, in becoming a millionaire, or getting to a healthy/dream weight, or whatever your goal – stay the course.

I’m super psyched about this, because there are certain habits I know are IT for me.  They work, they are part of my life, and I have to continue to STAY THE COURSE.

Instead of using cash for purchases during the month, we use the Amazon Chase Visa Credit Card.  I get a statement credit at the end of the month, based on the total amount charged, pay off the credit card in full, and enjoy anywhere from $30-$90 reduction in my bill for the next month.

I use an Excel spreadsheet to track all of my incoming bills and income, so that I don’t miss paying any bills, and I forecast for two months out.  I also keep a daily tally of our Chase credit card purchases, so I never withdrawal more than I actually need to pay my bills on time.

It would be awesome to have an emergency fund, but I am thinking of paying my mortgages ahead for 6 months, in the next few months – and that would be an INCREDIBLE emergency fund, as the mortgages would be paid up (and principle reduced), peace of mind would be had (in case anything did happen), and I could official say:  We have an emergency fund.

Staying the course in management of money for your specific goal is so incredible important.  I’m focus on this & going hard to reach 1M in Vanguard, and “Millionaire” status is attained!

180 Min+ of walking, last two days

On Wednesday, I decided to spend the morning break @ work – walking around our building; my lunch hour – walking around the building; the afternoon break – also getting physical activity – walking around the building.  My goal is that all of this activity – adds up to 60 minutes per day!

I did awesome on Wednesday – and got it all done! 15 minutes in the AM, up to 42 at noon, and the rest in the afternoon.


I go into the Clock then Stopwatch app on the iPhone, and reset for the day, and then start when I start, and stop, when I stop!  And just re-start when I’m ready for the next walk – same day.

I spend 9 hours at work, and recently, I have read, sitting is as bad as standing.  And so this mama – had to get going!

I was legit sore on Thursday, but I had to keep going.  The weather called for thunderstorms, but that was not going to stop me!  I had my hat ready, and sneakers on.  Turned out to be a gorgeous (and very humid) day!

I ended up doing 18 minutes in the AM, then up to 54 by noon.  The PM break, I acutally climbed the stairs in my office buildng, to make the 60 minute goal!  And so it was rough and tough, but it got done.


I was also super efficient at work that day. It’s uber true when they say that the busier we are, the more we get done!  Truth for me!  Especially when I’m concentrating on all of my most important goals, dreams & desires.

Last evening, we also ended up walking 1 mile each way to the local carnival.  Getting both of my children into the car, driving the 1 mile distance, trying to find a parking spot – unfolding the stroller – is just as much effort, if not more, than just walking our cute tushies over to the carnival.  Plus, how awesome for our bods, and how awesome to get my kids used to WALKING, instead of driving, especially short distances.  My husband ended up taking the stroller, and my daughter (who is 20 months) back home an hour or so before my four year old was ready.  So on our way back, he walked most of the way, but I did carry him some of the distance.  He’s almost 40lbs, and I’m proud of myself for being able to carry him, even if just or a bit!  He was an amazing sport, and we had a great time – mommy & son bonding – while walking our beautiful neighborhood!  I love my children, I love a healthy body, and I love making this type of organic living a priority – even in our busy world.

The walk to & fro the carnival took about 30 min, at a max of 3.5 mile pace, so the last two days:  180 minute of walking!  Pretty rad.