180 Min+ of walking, last two days

On Wednesday, I decided to spend the morning break @ work – walking around our building; my lunch hour – walking around the building; the afternoon break – also getting physical activity – walking around the building.  My goal is that all of this activity – adds up to 60 minutes per day!

I did awesome on Wednesday – and got it all done! 15 minutes in the AM, up to 42 at noon, and the rest in the afternoon.


I go into the Clock then Stopwatch app on the iPhone, and reset for the day, and then start when I start, and stop, when I stop!  And just re-start when I’m ready for the next walk – same day.

I spend 9 hours at work, and recently, I have read, sitting is as bad as standing.  And so this mama – had to get going!

I was legit sore on Thursday, but I had to keep going.  The weather called for thunderstorms, but that was not going to stop me!  I had my hat ready, and sneakers on.  Turned out to be a gorgeous (and very humid) day!

I ended up doing 18 minutes in the AM, then up to 54 by noon.  The PM break, I acutally climbed the stairs in my office buildng, to make the 60 minute goal!  And so it was rough and tough, but it got done.


I was also super efficient at work that day. It’s uber true when they say that the busier we are, the more we get done!  Truth for me!  Especially when I’m concentrating on all of my most important goals, dreams & desires.

Last evening, we also ended up walking 1 mile each way to the local carnival.  Getting both of my children into the car, driving the 1 mile distance, trying to find a parking spot – unfolding the stroller – is just as much effort, if not more, than just walking our cute tushies over to the carnival.  Plus, how awesome for our bods, and how awesome to get my kids used to WALKING, instead of driving, especially short distances.  My husband ended up taking the stroller, and my daughter (who is 20 months) back home an hour or so before my four year old was ready.  So on our way back, he walked most of the way, but I did carry him some of the distance.  He’s almost 40lbs, and I’m proud of myself for being able to carry him, even if just or a bit!  He was an amazing sport, and we had a great time – mommy & son bonding – while walking our beautiful neighborhood!  I love my children, I love a healthy body, and I love making this type of organic living a priority – even in our busy world.

The walk to & fro the carnival took about 30 min, at a max of 3.5 mile pace, so the last two days:  180 minute of walking!  Pretty rad.


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