Perfect Diet

What is the perfect diet?  What is the absolutely healthiest diet in the whole wide world.  Oh holy moly, that’s a rough tough question, because to me – what makes a perfect diet, is a diet that you can actually maintain, sustain, and most importantly – ENJOY.

Does it fit your life, can you do it forever?

Whenever I diet, I always ask:  Can I do it forever?

And so – I feel that the Paleo, the Whole30, the raw vegan, the CRON, are all diets that work and that make sense – especially to me.  I’m using them as guides & pursuing and utilizing DAILY to get to my goal of 139lbs.  Not every day will I be able to eat RAW VEGAN.  Not every day will I be able to eat WHOLE30, but I can focus on eating the absolutely CLEANEST & healthiest foods, with the above diets as guidance and motivation!

The last three days I’ve been tracking my calories/nutrients with the cronometer application, and all three days I have been under 2K.  That’s the goal.  Eat under 2K a day & workout – and continue to eat clean, and eat the absolutely HEALTHIEST foods possible.

My lovely LUNCH salad today: romaine lettuce, red cabbage, tomato, raisins, turkey patties (cut up), feta cheese, and Caesar dressing.  It was so good.  Like x 10000.

I feel so good.  All of the diets I believe are the best – eliminate sugar and dairy.  I do love feta cheese, so I do eat it at times, but other than that – no dairy for me.  I’m not a huge lovah of cheese, so not eating dairy is truly NO BIG DEAL.  Skipping on the chocolate covered pretzels when they present themselves – well that’s another story.  Since sugar has been out of my body for the past four days, the cravings subside.  It’s incredible how that happens, and such a blessing.  I can’t imagine battling sugar cravings, each & every day.

My ridiculously healthy din din:  57g of carrot – raw, 75g of organic baby spinach – raw, and 150kcals of a salmon filet, cooked.  I forgo any dressings or oils.  I crunched my way through this meal!

The goal with my diet is to eat the best of the best, each and every day.   I tend to eat really well for a few days, and then boom, eat the SEEFOOD diet, if I see food, any type, I eat it.  I want to stay consistent and uber motivated – to use nutrition and grub that enters my bod as absolute fuel for the best living & happiness possible.



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