Take care of you – first.

It sounds so absolutely selfish, and as a mom and woman, it really urks me when I feel selfish.  But it’s so vital when it comes to meeting our goals, that we put ourselves first.  A long time ago, on the Oprah show, I heard someone say:  Pay Yourself First.

And I get that. It’s important to invest money, save money, before paying bills AHEAD.  Before paying creditors, before paying other people.  Pay ourselves FIRST, and THEN see what is left over for others.  This is an important concept, I’m still learning how to put into practice consistently.  For instance, I’m trying to figure if I should PAY DOWN or PAY UP my mortgage, instead of putting the money RIGHT into Vanguard – where it belongs.  I’m thinking of paying off my daycare costs, instead of taking the weekly payment option, and investing & saving my money.  These are just two little examples of how we struggle with paying ourselves first, but we must.

Today at work, I walked for 19 minutes in the morning, and then I spent my lunch hour shopping for the office (coffee, birthday cake for colleague, etc.).  I ended up not taking my noon walk, because I was out at the store.  And then we were celebrating the colleague’s birthday.  And by the time the afternoon walk came around, I felt so incredibly guilty of getting out of my seat and going for a walk.  This is the employee guilt that I’m also a victim or guilty of.  But, I did get up, lace up my kicks, and I went for an 11 minute walk.  The compromise I made with myself was that instead of going for a 18 minute walk, I was going to go for a shorter one instead.  Progress.

This walk helped me get back into a great, positive & motivated mindset!  It was exactly what I needed to stay focused on all of my goals.  Please put yourself first, hold your head up high, and do EXACTLY what you need to do to prosper in mind, heart, soul.



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