How to stay on track while socializing.

I had a really wonderful weekend.  My husband took my son, and they ended up having a “boys outdooors weekend” with some of his friends north of us.  So it was just me and my little lady most of Friday and all of Saturday.  I ended up using my food scale, measuring out all of my food, getting plenty of walking, fun & activities in.  And I was able to go to sleep as early as I wanted to – and had nothing to worry about – except myself and my 20 month old love bunny.

And so eating well was – EASY.

I was able to plan ahead, and make the right decisions when I needed to.

Boom.  Come Sunday.  My hubby and lil guy returned, and it was like a tornado hit us.  Laundry was to be sorted, and put away.  Grub was to be made.  It instantly became full of regular family stuff which I love, yet at times it’s A LOT OF WORK!

And so we spent most of the day at the pool, with my two little ones, swimming like fish, and enjoying SO MUCH SUN.  And then my awesome neighbors suggested a BBQ at night – for dinner.

Here comes the hard part:

How do you eat well and still socialize!?!

Usually, this is the hardest part of me.  I ate well all day already – I had peanuts & coffee for breakfast, blueberries and herbal tea as an AM snack, then a HUGE healthy salad full of red cabbage & romaine lettuce for lunch.  And now here come the hot-dogs, and burgers, and chips & salsa, and all of the fixings.

So first I decided to stay CALM.  And then I decided to ONLY eat my favorite grub (and not grub that I felt indifferent about – like potato buns), but also I made a conscious decision NOT to OVEREAT what I did choose to indulge in.  Lastly, I also decided to TRACK IT ALL on my cronometer application!

And so I had a burger patty IN the salad (with very very light dressing).  Salad was full of FIBER – Brussels sprouts cut up, whole spinach leaves, chick peas, snow peas – just absolutely delicious!  I did have an all beef very very very skinny hotdog, and some ketchup, and about two big handfuls of flax seed tortilla chips with some salsa.  I also had a glass of sparkling white wine!

All my choices weren’t perfect, BUT they will have to do for now.  I didn’t have any additional helpings, or seconds, and it didn’t turn into a binge fest.  So for this I’m uber grateful.

I was still under 2K in my calories for the day, coming in at 1980!

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