What to do, when you want to eat the WORLD.

Today is Day 8 where I’m tracking my calories, and have been under 2K for each day this past week.  And today – I feel like I want to eat it all!!!  I’m not even hungry. I’m just either anxious, or bored, or stressed – or all of the above, and I want to EAT, to distract myself, to busy myself, to soothe myself.

I have to find another way to cope with these feelings, rather than turning to comfort, processed, and EASY JUNK FOOD, that will munch those feelings away.  I usually talk myself into having something that is not good for me by saying:  I’ll just have a little.  Or I’ll just eat all this, and then eat good going forward.  And that never works.  No need to continue to lie to myself.  A little turns into a lot, and one meal turns into two weeks of crappy eating – and crappy feeling.

So first, I went for a walk.   It was going well, until my high school friend stopped me on my route and chatted me up.  I haven’t seen her for a decade+ so it was nice to connect, but my walk was cut short – because I spent a lot of time talking with her.

Now, I’m getting right back into my work day and staying productive.  I’m also fueling up on WATER, and I also have bananas, apples, and strawberries available to me – if hunger is truly an issue.

I’m going to stay strong, and I want you to stay strong as well.  No binge eating.  No overeating.  No crazy eating.  No eating the whole wide world.


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