Staying Motivated – Hump Day Style

I work a regular M-F, 8-5pm job.   Sometimes the weeks go by extremely fast, and sometimes they are slow like honey pouring into a tea cup!!!  I don’t do honey, but in the winter time, I make tea with honey for my big honey!

This is the type of week that is going by a bit too slow for my liking.  But I’m staying motivated and I have my goals on my mind in the following ways:

1 – Writing, blogging, reaching out to you wonderful readers & people!  Staying accountable keeps me motivated.  Using this blog as a journal helps me identify good habits, and helps keep me focused on those habits, and then also helps me identify the changes I need to make.

2 – Logging all of my grub in cronometer!  I’m under 2K in calories all this week, which is pretty AWESOME!  Cronometer shows me which foods are most nutritious, so if you are psyched by high nutrition – then this is a great app.

3 – Thinking about 1M in my Vanguard.  Due to BREXIT and the news reports about the stock market, I have NOT looked at my Vanguard, but I have continued to imagine 1K in all of my accounts!  I also am getting paid on the 1st of July, and on the 7th of July – so I’m psyched to use as much of that money as possible – and INVEST IT.

4 – Making & eating good food – for myself and my whole family. This morning we were up really early (5am or so ) and I made awesome salads for my honey and I.  Each day this week we had a ridiculous awesome – full of nutrients salad for lunch.  Cooking and feeding my family feels so good.  This keeps me happy, and motivated in my goals.  My babies get a home made smoothie each morning and each night.  On the daily they get multiple servings of banana, spinach, flax seeds, chia seeds, almond milk, avocado and organic peanut butter.

5 – Sleep.  I’m putting myself to sleep shortly after my kids go to sleep.  Even though it would be awesome to hang out with my husband, lounge around watching TV, I know how vital sleep is, and that I need it!  And so I’m putting myself to bed, and getting it.  Since my daughter is only 20 months old, she sometimes sleeps through the night, and often does not – getting up to eat a whole bottle of smoothie, or just to be up.  And it can be continuously exhausting. So early bedtime it is!  I sleep from on average 9pm – 5pm, or 10pm – 6am.


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