First Day of Running, Yoga, and WT.

I woke up this morning, and before even taking a moment to THINK about what I needed to do, I got dressed, found my iPod, told my hubby I was going for a run, and OUT THE DOOR I went!  I was super dehydrated, and in no running shape, but we have to start somewhere!

I ended up doing a 2 mile run/walk (80% running), and I was happy to have started!  It was hot, and I felt so frumpy out there on the streets, but I got it done!  I came home 24 minutes later, and my lil gal was up hanging out with her daddy.  My son was still sleeping, and the house was in order.  I’m not sure what I think will happen in the 20-25 minutes I am gone, but sometimes I think the worst, like I can’t leave for even a hot minute!  This is not the case and I need to remember this often.

I ended up stretching/doing some yoga stretches on the rug, and it felt SO GOOD to be active first thing in the morning.  Morning time is my most favorite time to work out.  I get to start off the morning with endorphins flying high, and in a positive mental & physical mood.

Then at work, I ended up using my 15lbs dumbbells and doing shoulder presses.  3 sets of 20 reps – throughout the day.  During a mini break after lunch, I also ended up getting down on my Yoga mat, and stretching, and stretching some more.  My legs are a bit sour, as is my upper body.  I’m probably most sore from inactivity, versus the most recent activity.

My goal is to run each day, at least 20-30 minutes, and to start off my morning with exercise & activity. And then to YOGA STRETCHING throughout the day, and then to do at least one weight training exercise (using dumbbells, or squats or lunges).  I know once I get into it – it’s going to be easy to maintain this habit.  The hardest part is the getting started.  But once I get running, I’m golden.  I need to stay motivated, and stay UBER MOTIVATED to keep going.  I’m going to set my alarm tomorrow morning for 5am, so I can get into an earlier wake up routine, and thus feel less rushed in the AM.  Also, what else is there to do first thing in the AM, except work out!?!

I’m proud of myself for getting this little piece of fire started within me.  Now it’s time to keep it burning.

Time to put a stop, to the non-stop.

I’m drawn to simple, neat, minimalistic, classic, under-complicated, black or white, and clean.  I like this in home, in health, in stealth, in wealth.  I like my closets clean, empty, simple, just like my home, just like my life.  I like my bank accounts easy, with just deposits.

I’m constantly drawn to a clean diet, a regular steady exercise routine, and routine in general.  Life does complicate things, and us humans complicate things further.  But if I know anything about myself, it’s this:  simplicity, minimalism, the real, and all things whole matter the most.  I like my marriage and relationships uncomplicated, and peaceful.
We’re all constantly learning about ourselves through experience, through every day living.  Some of us are listening, and some of us aren’t.  But the truth is always coming through.

I’m going to try to dedicate time each and every day to ensure that all of my habits support what I crave, what I love, who I am, and do what I need most.  I’m going to try to further uncomplicated what is complicated.  I would like to break down some of my own barriers, some of my own difficulties.  I would like to work on my patience, I would like to be more patient, more loving.  I would like to pause frustrations and respond in peace.  I tend to quickly get upset, and emotional, when in reality, I can stay cool as a cucumber.  I would like to learn more, read more, spend more time diving into topics that interest me most, topics that may not interest me at all, but topics I need to know more about.

It’s easy in today’s world to get sucked into Yahoo news, celebrity news, the non-stop jabs of the political campaigns, everything from CNN to TMZ, even HONY, the constant status updates of anyone, everyone, and all.  And all of this contributes very little to my day, my mind, yet – I’m allowing so much clutter in.

I have my priorities, my health, my wealth, my stealth.  I have my family, my home, my work, my goals.  I have so much I want to accomplish, and so much authentic, clear, calm, de-clutterd living I need to do.  It’s easy to get caught up in the non-stop.

Time to put a stop, to the non-stop.



Missing Exercise

I’m really yearning to get into a regular, consistent, every-day exercise plan.

I would like to incorporate running, weight training & yoga into my daily life.  Once I “retire” I’ll be able to commit to exercise, but when I’m still working, I need to be able to commit and execute a FITNESS and HEALTH plan as well.  I predict I may be even more busy once I am out of the 8-5pm, so if I can figure it out now, the sooner the better.

Pre-Children, I was at the gym most mornings, every morning.  I loved working out, I loved running, I even ran 365+ days in 2010.  Last summer I trained for & completed  a triathlon!  It was AMAZING, and AWESOME and I felt super cool.  I was also 20lbs lighter.  Right now I just feel cool cuz the temp in the office is set on LOW.  But physically, I don’t feel stellar.

The children aren’t always the excuse, but because my baby gal is sleeping so inconsistently lately, it’s hard for me to get enough rest, and set a schedule.  Hard to wake up at 3am, be up for an hour, and then wake up again at 5am to get out the door.  But you know what this is: another excuse.  And I never thought I would be spewing them out, but I am.

And so, I’ve been thinking about this all day.  Maybe I could go to sleep as soon as my lil gal goes to sleep, between 8-9, so even if I am up at 5am, I just stay up and work out – and I would be well rested.  Going to sleep this early means I don’t have that “doing nothing but sitting with my hubby, drinking tea, or water” time.  It’s a pretty uneventful time, but it’s our alone time where we catch up, discuss the day and enjoy our conversation.  Is that worth giving up for fitness?

Or I could use this time (once the children go to sleep) to work out.  But I can’t see that continuing once the weather changes to fall & winter, and it gets dark by 5pm.

Ideally, I should start a running streak, and commit to running for 20 min per day, and see how that goes. Can I run each and every single day of August?  What would happen if I ran each day in August?  I know my body would adjust and wake me up each morning at 5am.  It would be easier and easier to get out the door.  And if my lil gal was up, I could take her for a run with me.  She loves the stroller, and she certainty likes it more the faster we go. Weee.

Let’s see.  Maybe I should start tomorrow morning, so by August 1st, I’m ALREADY in a routine.

100% Whole30 compliant tomorrow.
100% of 20 minute per day running starting tomorrow.

Let’s see how the plan goes. If there is a WILL there is a WAY.


“Cheaper” Day @ The Beach

We spent all Saturday at the beach!  It was so hot, and so beautiful, not a cloud in the sky, and the water was FREEZING.  We ended up going to the beach with many of our neighbors & friends.  Another family suggested this particular beach, and so we tagged along.  The parking was $12, but our neighbor offered to pay for this parking spot (she hopped into our van with her son for the ride).  The entry fee onto the beach was $9 per adult, so we paid $18 to get onto the beach.

I made sandwiches, brought grapes, strawberries, juice boxes, water, and other snacks.  I did not want us to have to go out and buy lunch, buy snacks, buy water – when we had everything at home, already purchased, and purchased with thought.  It’s easy to overspend on day trips, especially when we are ill prepared, and they are not well planned (or there is just lack of time).  I like to make the food, I like to feed my family exactly what we made, and what we prepared ourselves.  I’m not a huge fan of eating out, both for the cost, and the lack of health in fast food.  My children are just 1 & 4, so they are a great age to not know any different.  They grab grub from our cooler and are happy.  I’m sure once they get older, they will understand that we can buy pizza, and other boardwalk deliciousness, but for now – they are eating “at home” and I love it.

The entry fee to this beach is a bit steep, but because I was not involved in the planning, I did not want to complain.  We did spend 8+ hours at the beach, with lifeguards on stand by, so it was well worth it – especially for a full day of fun & activity.  I have already done some research for less expensive entry fees, and we’ll try those beaches next time.  I also have to weigh it against the actual distance it takes to get to the beach.  The shorter the ride, the less it costs.

Cheers to your GOALS, and making the adventures of your life, as cost effective as possible.

Pineapple, and it’s okay to eat more.

Sometimes we need to overeat, have more than enough food available – to stay on track.

Post lunch, I always want/need more food.  Even though I just ate a healthy salad of romaine lettuce, and carrot, and tomato, and 3 whole eggs, I just need something else.  Usually this makes me start negotiating with myself.  Well, you can have one Clif Bar, but nothing else, or a handful of pretzels will be just fine.  And yesterday, I decided to do something different.  I decided to go to the farmer’s market and get myself a delicious “snack” but one that would keep me 100% on track, without compromising my Whole30 diet plan.

I purchased this delicious cold pineapple, and once those cravings hit at 3pm, I was able to SATISFY them by enjoying all of this pineapple.

The other day, I ate my salad, with some pieces of my rotisserie chicken on top.  And once I was done, I was REALLY HUNGRY or REALLY craving something else.  And in that instance, I realized, I could have more chicken (and stay on plan) or overeat on processed junk.  And so, I decided to make myself ANOTHER bowl of chicken, and I stuck with my plan.

My current weight is at 159, down from 165, where I started.

And I’m motivated to keep going, as my goal is 139lbs.

Healthy eating with weight loss as the goal, does not mean you will ALWAYS and FOREVER have to fight cravings, or under-eat or go hungry.  Sometimes staying on track means you have to OVEREAT or just eat MORE of the healthy grub.  I would rather have another heaping plate of SALAD with my favorite fixings’ than have a handful of zero nutritional pretzels or chips, or a food that would make me want to eat MORE food (like a donut or cookie).

Everyone is different, and I’m certainly figuring this out as I go.  But what I know for sure, is once I lose this weight, I want to keep it off, forever. I have successfully lost 25lbs and 19lbs in the past, and gained all back, twice.  And this time around, I don’t want to gain it back again.  Instead, I want to add into my life and diet plan and health plan, options to eat ALL of the pineapple, eat 3 bananas, eat some peanut butter, eat an extra salad, eat more chicken – if my body is craving it – in order to stay on track.

Cheers to our goals, and adjusting your plans, as you see fit.


Fresh Potato Fries, and living off the grid?

Yesterday afternoon, my husband spent some time playing music at our local farmer’s market.  For this, the organizer gave us fresh potatoes, eggplant and a ton of tomatoes.  It wasn’t a monetary reward, but who doesn’t like whole free food?

The potatoes were still dirty, because they were just picked from the ground.  Honesty, they tasted so delicious.  I cut them up, and put the in the oven for an hour at 400 degrees.  They came out so crispy and delicious and lovely and we did not even need ketchup to eat them up!  I can’t wait to make these again.

Lately, I’m so incredibly drawn to whole food, raw food, real food.  I can’t wait to eat my lunch salad, and I am thinking more and more about my own garden.  We live in an area where we have a very little backyard space, and an extensive garden would not be possible.  I could try to grow some tomatoes and zucchini.  I also live in an area where we have pretty cold winters.  It gets frigid temps from December into April, and sometimes even May.  And my ideal location would include a mild winter, and a mild summer.

I have been watching Port Protection on YouTube.  It’s the best show ever. I mean, most people would find it hardly entertaining, but I find it so interesting.  This group of residents who reside in Port Protection live off the land.  They hunt everything they eat, and they gather wood non-stop.  It’s always wet, raining, and pretty much cold.  Those weather conditions aren’t ideal for me, as I need GREEN food.  I want to eat salads, and salads and more salads!

I think North Carolina might be more my cup of tea!  I keep looking on to see what type of homes are available, and where are they available.  I’m not looking to go completely off grid, as we do have 3 children, who I want to have visit as often as possible.  But I’m thinking – once we retire, once the kids are in college and self sufficient, we head south, and we do as much gardening as possible, and become as self sufficient as possible.  I want my children to be able to live with us – if they want, and have access to lakes, creeks, forests, natural parks, and I want beautiful nature to surround us daily.  I would love to have our grand-kids come down for weeks at a time, and hang with us often!

And then the other part of me wants to rent the smallest apartment in NYC possible, and live there!!!

Am I crazy, or am I just really really trying to figure it out?


Covering Up, protect yourself from the sun.

I was never a huge fan of excessive & long exposure to the sun.  I was never someone that craved tanning.  I never laid out at the beach lathering myself with oil, versus sunblock.  Instead, I always tried to cover up.

And now, the older and smarter I grow, I want even less sun, even less skin damage.

I wear my alma mater’s hat every time I eave my house.  And because I have a 1 & 4 year old, I have to be outside.  They love the outdoors, as they should, and at this time, I need to be out there with them – whether its in the pool, at the park, going for a walk, or going for a bike ride.  And so, hat on.  Glasses on.  My favorite face sunscreen is Olay’s SPF 15.  I put this on my FACE, on my upper lip, and also on my neck & exposed chest area.

And so with the sunglasses, the hat, the sun screen, I still truly couldn’t get covered up enough.  Regardless of the t-shirt or shirt I wore, my chest/neck area were always exposed.  And so I went into my closet and realized that my gf gave me an Old Navy denim-like shirt she did not want anymore.

And poof – this is the cutest thing since miniature poodles and gluten free cupcakes.  I have this exact shirt and it looks so good with a bathing-suit or bikini, it looks so cute with my Nike leggings, or shorts, or anything really that you want to wear while biking, running, or walking, or just CHASING after the kids.  I can button it all the way up to my neck, without actually having to wear a turtleneck, and my skin stays sun-free & wrinkle free.


I’m not afraid of getting older, I’m psyched about it – but I want to protect my skin, take care of it – and enjoy the journey.  Looking good – is an absolute bonus.

I already don’t smoke, I already drink lots of water, I already don’t tan, and I already wear hats & sunglasses.  Now it was time for more full body protection.  And I’m excited to discover more and more ways to slow down aging.  Aging is chronic.  It’s going to get us all.  But until it does, prevent as much as you can, and we might as well love & enjoy the rewards of NOT tanning, NOT smoking, NOT sunning ourselves to an early departure.

Cheers, and stay uber motivated in your BEAUTIFUL goals.

Eat more raw/plants, and beating cravings.

Last Tuesday (exactly 1 week ago), my town hosted an open air farmers market, full of local farmers selling fresh veggies & fruit.  And it was fabulous!  I ended up putting both of my little people in my stroller, picking up my neighbor & great girlfriend on the way, and we trekked the 1 mile to get to the market.  It was my first time visiting & patronizing the stands and I took a shiny $10 with me.

I purchased two cucumbers, a zucchini, a yellow squash, 4 HUGE tomatoes, kale and 5 jalapenos, all for $10.  As soon as I got home, I sauteed the kale, and sauteed the zucchini.  I ended up cutting up a tomato an sprinkling some salt on it, and then grilling up a jalapeno for my husband.


It was truly the most lovely din din!  And full of whole food.

Today is Tuesday again, and the market is on – again!!! I’m looking forward to pushing the stroller all of the way to the market, to see what raw goodies we can purchase.  I’m psyched to be supporting local farmers, and I’m even more psyched to be able to eat and make delicious real food.

Yesterday, I had a salad for lunch, and a salad for dinner.  I had a salad for lunch today, and I plan on having a combo of the above raw/plant food for dinner.  My husband, has also been eating the same.  He’s looking to get a bit leaner.  And the scale is moving south for him – because of more plant food, more green food, less processed food, and more whole food – in his meals & daily diet.

As soon as I finished my salad today at lunch, I was still hungry.  Not truly hunger, as I just ate a whole bowl of romaine lettuce,and carrot and tomato, etc, with a few pieces of rotisserie chicken, but hungry as in:  I really want to FILL my stomach with grub.  Not healthy grub either.  I was eyeing the pretzels, or the Clif bars, and some other snacks my office keeps and all of the sudden I said: NO WAY JOSE, NOT THIS TIME.

I’m on Day 14 of my Whole30 plan, and I refuse to give into the crap, give into the cravings, and give into my triggers.  I am both bored, stressed, and anxious about work – depending on the minute, on the email, but such is my current work situation, and I refuse to add UNHEALTHY, UNHAPPY to that list – because of poor food choices.

And so I cut up a few more pieces of my rotisserie chicken, and I ate until I was TRULY full!!!  And the cravings went away.  I REFUSE to be a victim to cravings.  I refuse to be a victim to emotion, triggers and crap that truly would ONLY make me feel worst, not better.

For the past several months I have been starting & restarting Whole30.  And after day 7 or day 8, I tend to GIVE IN and start the sugar binge.  But not this time, not anymore.  I’m taking it 1 day at a time, and today is Day 14, and I will finish strong.  I just made myself a super hot cup of green tea, and I’m determined to finish off my day with a plant based and mostly raw dinner.  Why?  Because I know this is the absolute BEST for me.  It’s not a Clif bar, it’s not sugar, it’s not succumbing to a craving because of a trigger.  Instead, I choose health.  I choose better, because I KNOW better.  And so – here we go.

Stay strong my friends, stay extremely strong, and be wise for yourselves.  Know what is trying to knock you down, knock you off, and say:  Hell no, not today Felicia!



Live Your Future, right now.

Sometimes our goals are so far away, that we have no idea how to get there, if we ever will, and is it right to be so absolutely focused on our goals?  Does this take away from the present?

Today, my goals make my present absolutely enjoyable.  I was so happy that I spent my weekend at home, at our community pool, taking so many walks with my children in the stroller, a few solo & family bike rides – all in lots of sunshine.  It was all free.  Free everyday fun where the outside and nature provided 100% of the entertainment.

I made the most delicious iced coffees, with whip creme on top with sprinkled cinnamon.  I don’t need to go to Starbucks, or a local coffee shop to get my fix!  I can make my very own, and share it with those I love.  I made one for neighbor, my husband and my step daughter.  They were delicious, fun, and truly full of LOVE.  I opened up my kitchen cabinets and said, “Okay – what do we have?” And I used what we had to create deliciousness.

Just right now, I was taking a lil break at work, taking a stroll around our office building, and I said to myself:  Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, and the goals will come together.  My main two goals are my goals of HEALTH and WEALTH.  I want to continue to eat healthy & Whole30 each and every day – and I want to continue to reduce my expenses, and build up my savings, so we have 1M invested/saved.  These two are huge goals.  The journey to reaching them is actually the fun part.  It will be absolutely AWESOME to get there, and LIVE my life and make the decisions I need, when we get there – but right now right here, this past weekend, this is the journey.  It’s fun and exhilarating, and awesome, and hard, and motivating and most of all:  worth it!

Know exactly what you want, how you want to live, what you want to learn and explore and experience – and go after it.  I’m just so absolutely psyched to practice exactly what I need, to live exactly as I want to – right now (while mimicking my future).  The key is to create your daily life EXACTLY as your current goals & dream future.  Make your future your present and your happiness a daily present.



Cash Only, breaking up with the charge card.

I convinced myself that using my Amazon Chase Visa credit card, and paying the entire balance off each month is the way to go.  Usually, I receive a $30-$60 statement credit for using the cards, and this is well worth it.  No more.

I overspend using the credit cards.  I have no limit (as the credit card has no limit) and I let myself buy ANYTHING (mostly anything) I want at the grocery store, versus buying within a budget.  I am not mindful when using the credit card.  Instead, I buy what I need & want and what looks good, and I tell myself I’ll pay it off later.  If I have a grocery list, I go over it, and buy what is advertised and marketed, what I thought I forgot to add to the list, and so many extra items end up in the cart.

I instead, I am going to start using cash for my grocery purchases, and gas, and anything else that needs to be purchased.  This will cause me to be extremely more mindful and thoughtful.  I’m breaking up with the charge card!

Saturday morning I drove to Aldi, and I brought $140 cash with me (I have not been there for 2 weeks).  I ended up buying less, I put in 1 bag of chips, versus 2, I put in 1 ketchup bottles instead of 2, I ended up getting 1 package of burgers instead of 3, and so on.  Once I got to the register, I told the cashier that I only had $140 so to please warn me if we went over.  Instead, I was $20 under.  This was a win, as it seems my Aldi check out bill kept getting larger and larger each week.

Sunday night, I drove to the grocery store to buy some seltzer water, and romaine lettuce.  But, once I got to the store, I realized that I left my $20 at home, and I did not have any credit cards on me.  Oh well, no big deal, even though I had to go home empty handed, I did not spend any money on things I did not need.  We already had plenty of food and water to drink & eat at home.  Instead, I used that $20 on gas for the car this morning.

It’s nice to log onto my Chase credit card this morning, and not see a single item charged all weekend.  This is a win win win, and I’m psyched to continue to use CASH versus CREDIT.