Why I love Whole30, and WHY I’m getting started again!

The Whole30 program really works.  It’s a PAIN to get it started, and keep it going, but if you can get past the first 10 or so days – you got it!  And if you can keep it uber clean, then you are so much further along.

I did so well with Whole30 in the past.  The first time, I ended up losing the last 10lbs of my baby weight from baby #2 on it.  And then I re-started it again in 2015 and ended up losing another 19lbs from there!  I felt so good!

In regards to CONVENIENCE, HEALTH, and ADHERENCE, it’s by far the EASIEST program out there, for both health & weight loss, and weight management.  You can continue to go on with your life, and eat anywhere, and participate in all activities.  You most likely ALWAYS have something available to eat, and it’s truly the best.

And I need to get back on the ball and commit to it forever.  And it’s POSSIBLE to do forever.  So I’m starting TODAY, Wednesday – July 6th, and I’m going to weigh myself again on Sunday – July 31st!!!! Can I get down to 149lbs?  I’m at 165 right now.  (I gained back the 19lbs I lost previously, eating the same food that kept me there!!!) And so I’m 5’6 and 149, and then 139 would be IDEAL for me!!!  Not too skinny, but super FIT and HEALTHY!

I woke up this morning feeling & looking – fat.  I have rolls around my stomach, and a chubby face.  My nose has been running for the past few days, perhaps a combo of a cold, allergies, and then DAIRY – from all of the ICE-CREAM and sweets I have been eating.  My body has aches and pains, and I’m just feeling “old”.  At 33 years YOUNG, this is not me, this is not how I want to feel!  Lastly, I have not had my period for 57 days!  This is an absolute result of SUGAR, overeating, gaining weight, and sugar throwing all of my hormones off balance!!!  When I was following Whole30 from APRIL – DECEMBER of 2015, I ended up losing 19lbs, AND my periods came every 33-35 days.  It was AWESOME to have them regular, and most importantly – my body was on track and HEALTHY!  I am a mother, a wife and a beautiful human citizen, I want to STAY on this earth, and I don’t want to be sick while I’m here.

So I’m staring Whole30, committing to it again.  Thanks for reading, and joining me on this journey!!!



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