Day 1 – Whole30, everything I ate/drank.

warm water with lemon

(I cut up several lemons and froze all of the slices, each morning I make warm water with lemon, by using the Keurig, without the insert, for the hot water, and then add a frozen lemon slice, for this little refreshing “lemon tea”.)

coffee, black
3 hard boiled organic eggs

romaine lettuce, tomato, broccoli – salad
w/ caesar dressing
w/ chicken drumsticks, grilled x 2

PM Snack:


Because it was Day 1, and I was still full from the whole July 4th weekend, where I ate anything and everything.  Especially TOO much sugar in the form of ice-cream, cookies, and other sweets and processed deliciousness.  Either way – dinner was light yesterday, just a banana, because it’s been SO HOT.  Definitely a humid heat wave has hit us – and as soon as we got home from work, we were off to the pool.  The water was awesome, even though the sun was still beating down hard.  For dinner, I made the three kids turkey & cheese wraps, grilled.  They loved them, and they are fun & easy to make too!

I made a big salad yesterday morning as well, and my husband and I both had a bowl for lunch.  I chopped up all of the above ingredients (romaine lettuce, tomato, broccoli) and added Caesar dressing.  Even though I would rather NOT use the dressing, as it’s not the healthiest, I just can’t choose not to eat the salad dry, so instead, I opt for this very low carb option.

I already woke up feeling SO MUCH BETTER this morning.  Even though I totally understand why (eat like shit, feel like shit, eat good, feel good) I still sometimes feel like OMG I can’t believe how awesome I feel.  It would be SUPER to feel good, and eat like crap, but it’s not possible for most of us.  And it’s certainly even LESS possible the older & wiser we grow.  Our bodies aren’t having it, none of it.


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