Day 2 – Whole30 + glass of wine

lemon with warm water
coffee, black
3 hard boiled organic eggs

peanuts, dry roasted, no salt
romaine lettuce, tomato, broccoli salad
w/Caesar dressing
w/ 2 chicken drumsticks

handful of grapes, a few strawberries
1.5 glasses, white wine

Yesterday was another SCORCHER!!!  So hot, so humid. My mom ended coming by in the evening to spend time with the children.  She brought over grapes and strawberries and chocolate chip cookies which I passed on!  I had some wine with her, and it was such a lovely evening.

I notice when I’m overeating, I’m not craving alcohol or wine, but when I’m “eating healthy” or “eating less” I certainly want a glass.  Not sure why that is.  Is it perhaps the sugar that my body wants?  Is it the COLD that my bod wants,since it’s so hot out?  Is it because it was a social situation (my mom & her boyfriend that came by) and I just wanted to “relax” & socialize a bit?  Either way, I’m way past any type of over-drinking phase of my life.  Now I just really have no issues drinking slowly, sipping, throwing in a bunch of ICE, and really watering it down as much as possible.  Drinking a glass also allows me to keep my hands busy, versus leaving them open and reaching for grub, junk food.

Also want to mention that wine/alcohol, peanuts, and Caesar dressing are NOT Whole30 compliant.


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