First Day of Running, Yoga, and WT.

I woke up this morning, and before even taking a moment to THINK about what I needed to do, I got dressed, found my iPod, told my hubby I was going for a run, and OUT THE DOOR I went!  I was super dehydrated, and in no running shape, but we have to start somewhere!

I ended up doing a 2 mile run/walk (80% running), and I was happy to have started!  It was hot, and I felt so frumpy out there on the streets, but I got it done!  I came home 24 minutes later, and my lil gal was up hanging out with her daddy.  My son was still sleeping, and the house was in order.  I’m not sure what I think will happen in the 20-25 minutes I am gone, but sometimes I think the worst, like I can’t leave for even a hot minute!  This is not the case and I need to remember this often.

I ended up stretching/doing some yoga stretches on the rug, and it felt SO GOOD to be active first thing in the morning.  Morning time is my most favorite time to work out.  I get to start off the morning with endorphins flying high, and in a positive mental & physical mood.

Then at work, I ended up using my 15lbs dumbbells and doing shoulder presses.  3 sets of 20 reps – throughout the day.  During a mini break after lunch, I also ended up getting down on my Yoga mat, and stretching, and stretching some more.  My legs are a bit sour, as is my upper body.  I’m probably most sore from inactivity, versus the most recent activity.

My goal is to run each day, at least 20-30 minutes, and to start off my morning with exercise & activity. And then to YOGA STRETCHING throughout the day, and then to do at least one weight training exercise (using dumbbells, or squats or lunges).  I know once I get into it – it’s going to be easy to maintain this habit.  The hardest part is the getting started.  But once I get running, I’m golden.  I need to stay motivated, and stay UBER MOTIVATED to keep going.  I’m going to set my alarm tomorrow morning for 5am, so I can get into an earlier wake up routine, and thus feel less rushed in the AM.  Also, what else is there to do first thing in the AM, except work out!?!

I’m proud of myself for getting this little piece of fire started within me.  Now it’s time to keep it burning.


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