Another amazing day of eating Whole30!

warm water w/slice of lemon *I cut up a lemon or two, and put in the freezer, each morning I make warm water, and add a slice of frozen lemon, then squeeze it out for the juice.*
coffee, black
tuna fish w/ hot sauce

banana x 2
3 hard boiled eggs w/hot sauce
1 big spoon of organic peanut butter (just nuts & salt)

glass of white wine w/ice

Last night for din din, I made the kids grilled cheese potato buns (in a waffle maker) which come out so lovely & delicious, and then meatballs in organic marinara (from Aldi).  They ate it up.  I also started de-thawing shrimp (which I was making for myself), but then we ended up taking a walk to visit my mom.  When we got to her place, she had so many grapes out, and cheese, and crackers and salami.  The kids and I had so many lovely, delicious, hard and juicy grapes and we loved them all.  I also had a small glass of white wine in lots of ice, to celebrate her new home (which is walking distance of our home, yay!)

The actual miles walked was about 2, and I pushed the stroller half the time.  It was awesome exercise and a great way to end a summer day.  The weather is absolute perfection lately!  By the time we got home, it was too late to eat shrimp, so I was happy and satisfied with just a glass of cold seltzer water, and the previous grapes and apple I had.

I started off the day yesterday with my 10 minute bike ride on my stationary bike, and ended it with a 2 mile walk.  Fitting in this exercise while being a busy working mama & wife is no easy FEAT, but I’m going to look for more and more opportunities to fit in exercise anywhere and anytime I see it.  When we look for opportunities to work out – we will find them.  When we look for excuses to NOT work out – we will find them.  It’s not going to be perfection each and every day, but I sense more positive days, then negative ahead.

I slept amazingly well, again!

Cheers to staying UBER motivated in all of our health & fitness goals.  1 day at a time.



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