Sore from exercise, and VACAY exercise plans!

What’s better than feeling fit?  Honestly, I can’t think of any better long lasting feeling than how good it feels to feel fit!!!

Almost daily this week, I have been taking 3 mile noon walks with my neighbor!  One day this week I got on my Schwinn Airdyne bike, and rode for 20 minutes (arms and legs on alert).  Then, one early morning, I ended up taking my lil gal for a walk/run for a total of 3 miles.  We have also been walking to my mom’s house in the evenings (she happened to move into a spot just 1 mile from us), which makes a nice 2 mile round-trip of stroller pushing, and such.

As we depart for the beach tomorrow – I really want to get in a great workout either first thing in the morning, or right before shower time at night – each day.  I’m super psyched to get back into daily running, and just make fitness a part of my daily life, on the daily, erryday.  Even though there are a million excuses I could come up with each day on why I can’t get some workout time in – I really need to nix them asap, and just get my business handled.  My daughter does not mind being in the stroller, so if she needs to come along for the run, I need to suck it up and push her cute little bun wearing head along.  I also need to take advantage of my recently early wake up times.  I have been getting up early, which means, it’s an opportunity for fitness, first thing in the AM.  And this is my most favorite time (ever) to work out.

Other than that, I plan on drinking lots of water, eating lots of salads, making lean protein and meats and seafood – and staying honest with the Whole30 diet and lifestyle.  I want to continue to feel good each and every day of VACAY, and come back feeling even better than I left!  Is that even possible? Cheers to success!


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