Calorie Restriction, Optimal Nutrition – Day 2, 1083kcals

What, another day, and 1081kcals!?!  Because I’m eating ONLY nutritious foods – I went to bed feeling extremely satisfied yesterday.

I started off my day with warm water & lemon juice from a fresh lemon, and I woke up around 5am.

I then came to work and drank a black coffee, and a raspberry leaf hot tea (two cups) at around 8am.

For breakfast at around 930am, I had two hard boiled organic eggs & 100g of baby carrots (35kcals for the carrots).

I then had two apples, on my way to the grocery store at noon.  I spent a bit of my lunch shopping for more raw goodies at the grocery store.  I want to be prepared.  This diet/lifestyle requires fresh food to be available all of the time.  I don’t want to get stuck “not having fresh grub” and choosing something processed instead.
Also, because I’ve improved my diet 100% by eating mostly fresh fruit, veggies, I want the same for my kids.  I purchased more strawberries, cucumbers, pears – all of which they ate up for dinner last night.

At the store, I drank a Kombucha.  Usually I would pick a flavor of Mango or Cranberry, but this time, I turned each one around, and found one for the least calories.  Turns out – the original one had a total of 60kcals for the whole bottle.  I absolutely love Kombucha.  This brand is my favorite, and my financial goal in life is to become so financially free, that I can enjoy one per day – without financial guilt.  That’s not asking for that much! 🙂  At $3.29 a bottle, it is a luxury right now.  I allow myself to get one, each time I shop – especially for HEALTHY GRUB!  I buy one for my sweet honey bunny too – he loves Kombucha just like me!

For lunch, I ate my greens, with grapes.  This is the ONLY thing I didn’t look forward to. I’m not a fan of eating dry greens.  I really have to figure out how to make them taste better, but not by adding fake fat or sugar (like salad dressings and such).  I ate them with the grapes, which made it better.  But today, I’m feeling the hunger, so I’m assuming they will go down a bit easier.  Get in my belly you awesome green nutrients!  Amazing that it took me the longest to eat 10kcals of food!

About 2 hours after lunch, I dove into half the avocado that I purchased the previous day!  It was ripe and ready for slicing!  I didn’t have my food scale with me, but I googled that half a Hass avocado is about 110-130kcals.  This guy was on the smaller side, but full of deliciousness, and nutrition.  I’m going to avoid “added fat” in oils, but I will eat avocado!  It’s so good for the brain, the bod, and filling up.

(Later last night I made my son a strawberry, almond milk, avocado & Greek yogurt smoothie before bed!  It was so thick and filling, and exactly what my naturally thin little boo needed right before bed!)

Before I left for the day, I ate some cut up cucumber and a banana!

Once I got home, I made 144g of salmon.  After I cooked it, I put it on the scale, but I can’t remember if it was 114g or 144g of salmon.  I was so hungry, that my short term memory completely failed me!  I added 144g into the Cron-O-Meter, just to be on the safe side.  I also sprinkled some turmeric on the salmon.  At first this spice is a bit offending.  But once it sits on the food for a minute or so, it blends in so nicely!  It was the first time I cooked the salmon without any added oil.  I actually put it in a little pan, and added some water.  The water helped cook/steam it, without burning any parts of it.

This is part/later part of my food diary from yesterday.


I slept mostly well.  My son did wake me up at 1230am, and tell me he had a nightmare.  I laid down in his twin bed with him, and when I saw his eyes still open, I asked him about his dream.  He said, “Zombies were coming to the table, and eating all of the food.”  My poor sweet almost five year old boy, dreaming of such stuff!  Once he settled down a bit, I went back to bed, but I couldn’t get back to sleep!  I ended up fishing Gone Girl, and finally getting back down.

The scale this morning read 162.2lbs.  This is down from 164.6lbs from the previous day.  Mama is heading toward 139!

Thank you to everyone who has written about CRON, practice it, put information out there about it – all helpful in my own pursuit of great health, and physical and mental stealth.

Intermittent Fasting, healthy diet strategy

There is a lot of excellent information and medical studies that support the benefits of fasting, and intermittent fasting.  Some people who practice CRON (Calorie Restriction Optimal Nutrition) do so by eating just once or twice per day – or not eating the traditional three big meals, or 5-6 smaller meals like some.

A few months ago, a study someone shared caught my eye, it said when women intermittent fasted for 13 or more hours per day – their risks of breast cancer went down. Now…as much as I enjoy reading studies, I find that especially when it comes down to tracking behavior, it’s hard to tell what truly is the most responsible variable.

I find that my own goal with intermittent fasting (when successfully accomplished) helps me stay on track with my own diet goals.  When we shorten or cut down our window for eating – we may consequently eat less.  This is what I find enjoyable.

I like to fast from 6pm-9am.  This isn’t always possible, nor will it always be possible in my future, but for now, I’m trying.  I also like getting in the office, and not immediately rushing over to my food.  Instead, tea, water, coffee, do the trick.  Then, when hunger really beckons me, I slowly prepare & have breakfast.

The weekends are possible with this too.  Instead of waking up and setting myself up for a day of eating/gorging – instead, I calm down, and make tea, or my favorite:  warm water & lemon.

Just tea for me.


Dinner is the same story.  With little kids, and with lots of friends & neighbors stopping over – it’s possible to eat all night.  We get home by 515pm, and first I like to make my kids a snack, and then din din, and depending if we play outside, or stay in – dinner can range from 530-8pm.  That’s a HUGE amount of time for eating, especially if you don’t cut yourself off, and give yourself a schedule or a TIME OUT.  We also go to sleep fairly early as a family.  My children are in bed, falling asleep by 8pm.  We head to bed shortly after this.  I read a bit, and then we’re both snoozing between 9-930pm, sometimes even earlier!  There is no need for food, or lots of food in my stomach, digesting, this late at night.

And so – 6pm, is what I’m aiming for at night.  The goal is to not eat between 6pm and 9am.  That’s 15 hours of fasting.   I will see how successful I am with this, and then perhaps move the first hour to 10am.  The later I start eating, the more full I will be during “eating hours”.  This is just one of many strategies people use who want to eat less, but just the most healthiest foods.

Calorie Restriction Optimal Nutrition, Day 1, 1079kcals

Last night, when I got home from work, I made my children, din-din.  First, I cut up all of the fresh strawberries I purchased, my two little ones ate those up – and kept asking for more.  My step-daughter got her favorite pear.  Then my two littles wanted some of hers.  They all shared a juicy pear.  Then, I cut up a fresh & juicy cucumber for all of them.  And they wanted more.  I cut up another one, and they kept eating all up.
I am determined to make sure that my little people always have fresh food available to them – especially when I’m around.  I won’t be able to 100% control what they eat at school, or at the homes of their friends, but I certainty can control, what they eat at home.

And fresh food it was!

I ended up steaming a bag of Aldi’s Edamame and my boo and I had that.  It was so good -and crunchy, and filled me up!  I ended up having 34g of fiber yesterday – which for only 1070kcals, is pretty darn good.  Fiber keeps us full, it also clears away the junk.  And this is exactly why I wanted to get back on the wagon and start eating like my life depended on it!  The better the grub that we eat, the better that we feel & look.  CRON (calorie restriction optimal nutrition) is definitely the way to that!

Honesty, at 34 years old, mama of 3, wife of 1.  I am no longer so concerned with how I look. Deep down in my gut, I just want to be healthy, and most importantly truly FEEL GOOD.

This is what I ate yesterday:


The 1079kcals for the day is much lower than what I will normally average.  It’s important to remember yesterday was Day 1.  I was full from the previous day, from the previous week and month, of mostly eating everything and anything.  As the days go on, I’m sure the hunger will get larger, and louder – but, I will keep my diet full of highly nutritious, and highly fibrous foods – to keep hunger at bay and motivation in play.  I’m not exactly sure where I will average in calories.  I’m going to give myself a ton of healthy options of veggies and fruits all day long, and then I’m going to listen to my body.

Yesterday, I also read several more articles about CRON, and everyone practices it differently.  I have decided to keep my diet and food choices mostly fruit & veggies, free of oils, and nuts, etc. I do have the two hard boiled organic eggs each morning – and I will stick to those.  I feel the protein, and the fat, set me up for success for the day, because they are filling, heavy, and full of better fat.  I will also eat salmon or shrimp – both clean, when I’m eating out.  Other than this, I will stay away from chicken, or turkey, beef or any type of animal protein.  This is all for now.  I want to make sure that I’m successful with CRON, and I need to keep things as simple as possible.  In the beginning it’s good to have less choices.  The less choices we have, the less mistakes we can make.

I’m moving forward into Day 2, and feeling pretty darn good.  I slept well.  When I woke up once or twice in the night (bathroom break or when my little girl sometimes cries out), I had no trouble going right back to sleep.  This was a drastic change from the previous week, when I couldn’t get back to sleep.  When she finally did wake up at 5am, I was up and ready to take care of her.  I didn’t have to drag myself out of bed, I was UP and ready to handle my beautiful little cupcake!  The immediate clear change in energy, is noticeable and drastic!

Cheers to Day 2!

Calorie Restriction Optimal Nutrition – Day 1 – getting started!


carrots – 100g for 35kcal
2 hard boiled eggs -101g for 157kcal

I made the hard boiled eggs this morning.  It’s the only animal protein I have had all day. The carrots were nice & crunchy, and since they are higher in sugar than other veggies, I thought they were a nice combo with the eggs, which are full of protein & fat.


AM Snack:
apple – 138g for 72kcal

At lunch, I headed to our local Farmer’s Market, and ended up buying some super healthy grub that I needed to get me through the day.

I purchased:

3 cucumbers

(The total for everything $15 & change.)



greens – 61g for 11kcal
grapes – 371g for 256
tomato – 154g for 28kcal


Because I’m staying away from salad dressings I needed something juicy to eat with the greens.  If I really had to do it – I would eat the greens dry, and without anything else, but the grapes gave each bite some nice chomp, and lots of juice.  Add to this the tomato, and it was all just fine.  Did this taste like a Wendy’s chicken sandwich with chili fries?  No.  Honestly matters.

I also wanted to eat the grapefruit.  But as soon as I cut it open, it was so dry, and past it’s best days.  I am not a fan of tossing food, but sometimes we do buy something bogus.  No big deal, moving on, and enjoying eating.

I am unfortunately suffering from a headache today. Not because of the healthy grub I’ve been consuming all day, but because I thought skipping my morning black coffee was a great idea.  Until this headache starting coming on around 11am.  I quickly made a cup, but it was too late. Right now my whole head is throbbing, and my neck hurts.  But no big deal again! The only time I was ever able to successfully skip coffee, was when I replaced it with green juice.  Juicing spinach/kale, carrot, apple, or any other veggies, has been the only way to avoid a headache.  It’s slowly starting to go away, and I’m staying strong. But I am never doing that again – especially on a work day.

PM Snack:

banana x 2 – 261g for 233kcal

I’m not really hungry for the bananas right now, but it’s almost time to go home, and I don’t want to get hit with ravaging hunger when I get home.  Instead, I want to continue to make good decisions about dinner.  I’m most excited to cut up the strawberries, cucumber and grapes I bought today for my kids!  Their pre-din din/dinner or dessert awaits!

I’m heading home with a total of 796kcals consumed.  I do know today is “easy” because today is Day 1 and I am not yet hungry.  Let’s see how tonight & tomorrow goes.

Cheers to staying positive, and eating less for optimal health!

Calorie Restriction Optimal Nutrition – for best health.

I have known about Calorie Restriction Optimal Nutrition, since 2010.  I started off reading April’s CR Diary.  It was by far (and still is) some of the most motivation writing about CR, and losing and keeping the weight off via great nutrition.  The idea is simple, you eat less, but only highly nutritious foods, and you live longer.  I successfully lost 25lbs in a 6 month period, doing this exact diet.  I counted my calories, I weighed my food, and I tried to stick to the healthiest of the healthiest of grub.

I’m part of the Calorie Restriction Optimal Nutrition group on FB, and I’m re-motivated to re-start this lifestyle again.  Besides losing weight, I just really want to feel good.  I’m getting older, and I have so much I want to do & accomplish, and all of it is possible, especially when we are in tip top shape, health, and feeling great from the inside out.

I have so much still to learn, and put into practice, but I’m going to start off CRON incredibly simply.  I am right now drinking two cups of Raspberry Leaf Tea – and lots of water.  I’m skipping the morning coffee.


I’m soon going to have two hard-boiled eggs for breakfast and perhaps some raw baby carrots.

For lunch/noon, I will have one or two bananas & apples.  Then I’m going to head to the farmer’s market, and pick up more GREEN/raw fruits & veggies. I’m craving avocado & romaine, and some tomato. For dinner, I might eat more of that – or maybe I’ll also pick up some salmon, or eat some shrimp.

I’m basically concentrating on cleaning out the system, especially the first few days.  I didn’t weigh myself today, because the weight will be full of water, and carbs, and all of the junk I ate the last few days.  Instead, I’m going to weigh myself tomorrow, and count that as my officially starting weight.

In 2010, I started my CRON journey at 5’6 and 165lbs. My BMI was 26.6.  This is overweight.  I got down to 139lbs (stayed there no longer than a day).  My BMI was 22.4.  I am a “bigger girl” meaning that my hands and fingers are bigger and long (my ring size is a 10 for my wedding band), I wear size 10 sneakers.  I am not a petite, or thinly built woman.  Instead, I’m large.  I carry my weight in my face, chest and (when overweight) in my stomach.  I have thin/muscular legs. I wear a size 8 or 10 or 12.  But even a large build does not have to have a BMI of 26.6 or have to be overweight.  Or the worst of all :  not feel good.

Good food makes us feel good.  And this is what I want.  I want to wake up each morning – full of energy, full of life.  I want to be happy and healthy and shine from the inside out. So cheers to this new journey, and success.  I want to make this a lifestyle, and I have to start somewhere, and I’m starting TODAY, right now, right here.  It’s frustrating to always have to struggle with food – but I know success is possible, because I’ve been there in the past.

First, in my adult post college life, I lost weight with CRON, in 2010.  26lbs to be exact. 165 to 139lbs.  Then, in 2015, I lost weight following Whole30, 165 to 145lbs.  20 lbs.  I had a baby in 2011, and then another one in 2014, so the past 6 years my weight has gone up and down.  I had two wonderful pregnancies, and with both pregnancies I started around 165.  It seems that is my adult weight “set point”.  But now we have to move that set point DOWN.

These are my goals:







And let’s see how I feel with CRON, then.

Starting and re-starting and starting and re-starting weight loss and health efforts is exhausting and at times very depressing and demoralizing.  But such is life.  I can’t look back, I can only look forward.  We can’t get too upset, because when we get too upset we get stuck.  And we have to keep going.  So cheers to success, and taking it one bite at a time, and chipping away at the weight, and the crap inside.




Create the Highest Vision/Version of Your Best Self

The other day, I read:

Create the Highest Vision of Your Best Self, and get it done.

I edited that so it could mean EXACTLY what I want it to – right now.  But still.

Basically – become your absolutely best self.

I know exactly what I want to do, who I want to be.

I want to write, and blog full time. I want to eat healthy, I want to eat RAW, I want to eat organic, I want to juice, I want to fast, I want to CRON (Calorie Restriction, Optimal Nutrition).

I want to read, read and read some more.
I want to write.  I want to write fiction and non-fiction, and children’s stories, and blog.

I want to have ultimate health.  I want to dedicate myself to living the absolutely healthiest lifestyle.

I want to wake up each morning, and take care of my kids.  I want t have tea, I want to walk or run, or yoga or weight train.  I want to be fit, and fit fitness in.  I want to juice for breakfast, or for dinner.  I want to feel good, each and every day.

I want to grocery shop at the farmer’s market daily.  I want to feed my children, nothing but healthy grub.  I want healthy, fun options, available all of the time.

I want to connect with women that want to change their life, that are living their best lives.  I want to surround myself by motivated, smart, women – who are living their own lives – on their own.

I want to be best friends with my husband, he is my ultimate one, and my soul mate.

I want to continue to de-clutter, and need less and less, and only more of great energy and awesome space.  I want to eat well, and do with what we have.  I want to be able to live resourcefully and efficiently.

I want wake up each morning in peace, health, and freedom.  I want to drink coffee or tea or water with lemon, and write, and read, and create, and share, and help others take care. I want to take care of me.

I can see myself creating an incredible site, living an incredible life, with my loves, on my very own terms.



20 min run; cantaloupe & salad for lunch

What!  What’s better than waking up and getting a work-out in!  I’m not sure if there is truly anything better than this.  For the 5th straight morning, I have gotten out of bed (as soon as I wake up), changed into my workout clothes, and driven myself to the gym.  We have a stationary bike and an elliptical machine at home – but I NEED TO GET OUT, to get my workout in.

I have tried staying home to work out, but as soon as one child wakes, my workout is over.  As soon as I realize that I need to do or fold laundry, or make food, or prep this, or do that – my workout is over.  And so to combat this – I committed to getting out of the house, and actually putting the $10.68 membership I pay monthly – to good use!

Off to RETRO I drive each morning.  I hang up my keys, and plant my legs on the first treadmill that is open, and for 20 minutes I run!  I sweat, I run, I increase speed, I decrease speed, but I run.  I keep it going, until the 20 minutes is up.


I’m super happy & super proud of myself at the end of the workout – and super energetic on my 8-10 minute drive home!  It’s truly exactly what I needed in my life.  Those 30-40 minutes to myself to kill it – and work my body out.  Most of the time, my family is still asleep when I get in (especially when I get to the gym at 5am), and other times, like this morning – they are up waiting for their mama!!!

I am back with high energy, motivated, and happy!  What a wonderful way tot start a morning.

For snack today – I had really cold cut up cantaloupe!!!

COLD CHOPPED CANTALOUPE.  It was lovely & delicious, and held me until I could eat at 1pm.  I decided to give myself a fair chance at eating well, I decided to eat at 9am, 11am snack, 1pm lunch, 3pm snack, and 6 or 7pm dinner.  This way, I’m not going too long between meals, and not letting hunger get the best of me.  Instead, a lil meal is not too far away.

Last night I attended my son’s back to school night.  I ended up having apples int he afternoon, and by the time i left for his school, I didn’t eat dinner.  When I got home at 8pm, I decided to completely just skip dinner.  I have overeating plenty of meals in the last few months- so therefore – it was good to consciously decide to say NO to a late din din, or any food before bed.  At first I thought:  What if I get really hungry in the middle of the night?  ANSWER:  Drink water.  2nd QUESTION:  What if I am really hungry tomorrow?  ANSWER:  Drink water, and eat fruit.

And so – I survived.  I survived skipping 1 meal, and I’m feeling really good today!  High energy, happy, mentally strong.  I also slept through the whole night, no wake ups due to hunger.  And today – not so hungry.


I did just have a ridiculously delicious ROMAINE LETTUCE, BABY SPINACH, BROCCOLI, GRAPES, HARD BOILED EGG SALAD!  It was so good, and perfect, and exactly the same salad I had yesterday – except for some reason – it tasted even better today.  There’s something about adding GRAPES into a salad that truly makes it for me.  It was just perfection all around.  If you have YET to eat a salad with grapes, give it a go!


Green Lunch Salad – all from Aldi!

This was my lunch salad today:

Grapes (Aldi)
Broccoli – Raw (Aldi)
Romaine Lettuce (Aldi)
Organic Baby Spinach (Aldi)
Organic Tahini Goddess Salad Dressing (Aldi)
3 Organic Hard Boiled Eggs (Aldi)



I can’t lie.  I love Aldi.  The prices are right, the product is on point, and they pretty much have everything – and the BEST of every single product you may want/love/desire.  They don’t have thousands of choices of ketchup, or specific product, but they have at least one, and that one – is awesome.

Only one type of bar soap – and it’s AMAZING.

Only one type of baby wipe – and it’s great.

Only one brand of organic salad dressing (though they do have many different interesting flavors) – and it’s super lovely.

I like Aldi because the prices are truly low.  They have super product.  They have innovative product.  Product that is hella expensive in regular grocery stores (like organic coconut oil, or organic salad dressing, or organic peanut butter or all types of cereals) – is a low/competitive price at Aldi.

And they also often have $5 coupons they share!

This salad really did it for me today.  I was feeling a bit MEH.  Hard to explain the MEH feeling, except you probably are well aware of it yourself – as I’m sure MEH hits all humans at one point or another.  I just was feeling antsy, and uncomfortable, and I took a short walk during my lunch hour, and then I came back and I had this amazing salad.  I feel much better right now.  A bit more level headed, a bit calmer, a bit more relaxed.

Was it the salad?  Eh.  Who knows, but I’m feeling MEH no mo!



Kombucha-Curry-Broccoli-Turkey Mix & another morning run!

Yesterday, my lunch was pretty fabulous!  This past weekend I cooked ground turkey – and to that, I added this lovely curry powder.  It’s so lovely and delicious.  Anything and everything that has to do with India cuisine, I love – so this was just the best.  To my curry turkey mix, I added a chopped up green salad I made yesterday morning (Romaine lettuce, organic spinach leaves, and broccoli!)  The HOT turkey, quickly steamed the broccoli, and it was both warm/soft and crunchy.  To all of this I added a bit of Alid’s Organic Tahiti salad dressing.

All went down nicely, with my Kombucha.  I love Kombucha so much. My vision of retirement, is picking up two daily – on my bike!  One for me and one for my hubby.

Even though I’m extra sore, I was psyched to get up at 5am, and get to the gym this morning.  I ended up running for 20 minutes.  It was easier this morning than the previous three mornings, and with this I’m happy.  I ended up quickly cleaning off the treadmill and finding a quite spot in the back of the gym where I stretched, and where I laid on the floor and did three sets of 20 arm/leg raises, to strengthen my lower back.


After having two kids, and still carrying both around at times, my lower back hurts.  It’s not permanent or chronic, it’s just painful at times. And so, I know that one way to combat the pain/lower back stress is activity, and it’s important to straighten the back muscles, just as we would our abs.

Gym Everyday, 3 days down…

Saturday (7am), Sunday (7am) and this Monday (5am) morning, I went to the gym as soon as it opened!  I ran for 20 minutes & 2 miles (+) each morning, and I felt FABULOUS as soon as I was done.

Working out/running specifically for me, makes me feel so good, so fast.  From April 2009 until April 2010, I ran each and every day, no less than 2 miles per day.  I ran for 365 days & then some.  I ran into my 12th week of my first pregnancy.  In the past 6 years I have done some running, but nothing that I would call consistent, or every day or dedicated or focused.  It’s been haphazard.  If the time was right, if everything felt right, if I had all of the time possible, and if I was in the mood – I would run, but other than perfect circumstances – it was a no go.  The stars would have to ALIGHT perfectly, for this to happen.

(Oh, I did train and complete a  sprint triathlon last Sept, so I did put in a lot of miles from July-Sept of last year, but nothing past that).

And so, here we are today, Day 3 into my 365 days of running challenge.  365 days seems so scary, and unrealistic, that I don’t even want to via written word, challenge myself to 365 Days of Running.  I have two little children, and these little people are unpredictable.  But so far, so good. I’m three days in, and this morning, driving home from the gym at 530am, I felt SO GOOD.  Like so strong, and feeling just right.  After I got off the treadmill, I did the row/pull for 3 sets of 20, and that felt awesome too!

I have also been eating well as well.  I decided to eat breakfast at 9am, snack at 11am, lunch at 1pm, snack at 3pm, and then dinner around 6-7pm, and not eat past then.  I have read that intermittent fasting is so good for our bodies, so if I can give my digestive system a “break” from 7pm – 9am, that is exactly 14 hours of digestive rest!  I also have to force myself to snack when it’s time to snack.  Often I skip the snack (when trying to eat great), and then I get too hungry, and overeat.  I have been going back and forth so often with healthy and non-health eating, that I really want to make this now a lifestyle, and stick with it forever.

I don’t think forever is too scary of a word.  What is scary is the pain, suffering, illness and mental angst that comes with consistently overeating, eating sugar, and not taking care of one’s body.  Cheers to another try – and cheers to daily focus on both running & Whole30/Whole30ish eating!