Eating through our cabinets, and BIG GREEN SALAD.

Once we came back from our beach vacation on August 26th, our cabinets and fridge were bare!  And I loved it!  I had to get uber creative to make the most out of the food that was left.  And guess what:  it was awesome!  We made it and we did it.  And the next day, I headed out to my favorite grocery store (Aldi), and purchased EXACTLY $100 of food for the following week.

And by the end of the week, there was NOTHING left, or barely nothing.  But we continued to survive.  It was pretty awesome.

I absolutely love my rice cooker.  It makes delicious rice, and when you add a bit of coconut oil & soy sauce – it’s truly the most delicious meal.  It’s a single (adult) meal that everyone in my house can agree on – from my almost 2 year old to my 37 year old hubby!!!  The only issue with this meal is the clean up when the rice falls on my wood floor, and gets mashed between the boards.  But no big deal, it’s just a meal and I have to clean!!! 🙂

My girlfriend joined me at Aldi this past Sunday, and she thought I was a bit nutzo for thinking I can feed my family of five on $100/week.  And even though I did go out the next day and buy an additional $138 of food (special snacks like Z-Bars, spinach, cole slaw mix, and other bulk items for back to school), I’m determined to succeed on $100/week.

I have to continue to perfect this, and I will get it right.  Practice does make perfect!  She said she found what I was doing “intriguing” and even found me an Aldi app, I can use while shopping to make sure I stay within my budget.  I find it intriguing that she finds a budget intriguing – but that’s the whole POINT of saving & investing.  It’s like we’re rare animals, roaming out there in the wild among big-spenders and over-consumers.  It’s awesome to challenge ourselves, do great for our accounts & keep practicing saving, investing & spending less.

Last night I made a ridiculous delicious big salad that fed our solid FIVE, and then my gf, her son, and my mama – and I still had two more servings left over for work today.

Spinach (ShopRite)
Cole Slaw Mix (ShopRite)
Romaine Lettuce (Aldi)
Tomato (Local Farmer’s Market)
Cucumber (Farmer’s Market)
Broccoli (ShopRite)

Time to eat those greens, and repeat.



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