Gym Everyday, 3 days down…

Saturday (7am), Sunday (7am) and this Monday (5am) morning, I went to the gym as soon as it opened!  I ran for 20 minutes & 2 miles (+) each morning, and I felt FABULOUS as soon as I was done.

Working out/running specifically for me, makes me feel so good, so fast.  From April 2009 until April 2010, I ran each and every day, no less than 2 miles per day.  I ran for 365 days & then some.  I ran into my 12th week of my first pregnancy.  In the past 6 years I have done some running, but nothing that I would call consistent, or every day or dedicated or focused.  It’s been haphazard.  If the time was right, if everything felt right, if I had all of the time possible, and if I was in the mood – I would run, but other than perfect circumstances – it was a no go.  The stars would have to ALIGHT perfectly, for this to happen.

(Oh, I did train and complete a  sprint triathlon last Sept, so I did put in a lot of miles from July-Sept of last year, but nothing past that).

And so, here we are today, Day 3 into my 365 days of running challenge.  365 days seems so scary, and unrealistic, that I don’t even want to via written word, challenge myself to 365 Days of Running.  I have two little children, and these little people are unpredictable.  But so far, so good. I’m three days in, and this morning, driving home from the gym at 530am, I felt SO GOOD.  Like so strong, and feeling just right.  After I got off the treadmill, I did the row/pull for 3 sets of 20, and that felt awesome too!

I have also been eating well as well.  I decided to eat breakfast at 9am, snack at 11am, lunch at 1pm, snack at 3pm, and then dinner around 6-7pm, and not eat past then.  I have read that intermittent fasting is so good for our bodies, so if I can give my digestive system a “break” from 7pm – 9am, that is exactly 14 hours of digestive rest!  I also have to force myself to snack when it’s time to snack.  Often I skip the snack (when trying to eat great), and then I get too hungry, and overeat.  I have been going back and forth so often with healthy and non-health eating, that I really want to make this now a lifestyle, and stick with it forever.

I don’t think forever is too scary of a word.  What is scary is the pain, suffering, illness and mental angst that comes with consistently overeating, eating sugar, and not taking care of one’s body.  Cheers to another try – and cheers to daily focus on both running & Whole30/Whole30ish eating!





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