Green Lunch Salad – all from Aldi!

This was my lunch salad today:

Grapes (Aldi)
Broccoli – Raw (Aldi)
Romaine Lettuce (Aldi)
Organic Baby Spinach (Aldi)
Organic Tahini Goddess Salad Dressing (Aldi)
3 Organic Hard Boiled Eggs (Aldi)



I can’t lie.  I love Aldi.  The prices are right, the product is on point, and they pretty much have everything – and the BEST of every single product you may want/love/desire.  They don’t have thousands of choices of ketchup, or specific product, but they have at least one, and that one – is awesome.

Only one type of bar soap – and it’s AMAZING.

Only one type of baby wipe – and it’s great.

Only one brand of organic salad dressing (though they do have many different interesting flavors) – and it’s super lovely.

I like Aldi because the prices are truly low.  They have super product.  They have innovative product.  Product that is hella expensive in regular grocery stores (like organic coconut oil, or organic salad dressing, or organic peanut butter or all types of cereals) – is a low/competitive price at Aldi.

And they also often have $5 coupons they share!

This salad really did it for me today.  I was feeling a bit MEH.  Hard to explain the MEH feeling, except you probably are well aware of it yourself – as I’m sure MEH hits all humans at one point or another.  I just was feeling antsy, and uncomfortable, and I took a short walk during my lunch hour, and then I came back and I had this amazing salad.  I feel much better right now.  A bit more level headed, a bit calmer, a bit more relaxed.

Was it the salad?  Eh.  Who knows, but I’m feeling MEH no mo!




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