Kombucha-Curry-Broccoli-Turkey Mix & another morning run!

Yesterday, my lunch was pretty fabulous!  This past weekend I cooked ground turkey – and to that, I added this lovely curry powder.  It’s so lovely and delicious.  Anything and everything that has to do with India cuisine, I love – so this was just the best.  To my curry turkey mix, I added a chopped up green salad I made yesterday morning (Romaine lettuce, organic spinach leaves, and broccoli!)  The HOT turkey, quickly steamed the broccoli, and it was both warm/soft and crunchy.  To all of this I added a bit of Alid’s Organic Tahiti salad dressing.

All went down nicely, with my Kombucha.  I love Kombucha so much. My vision of retirement, is picking up two daily – on my bike!  One for me and one for my hubby.

Even though I’m extra sore, I was psyched to get up at 5am, and get to the gym this morning.  I ended up running for 20 minutes.  It was easier this morning than the previous three mornings, and with this I’m happy.  I ended up quickly cleaning off the treadmill and finding a quite spot in the back of the gym where I stretched, and where I laid on the floor and did three sets of 20 arm/leg raises, to strengthen my lower back.


After having two kids, and still carrying both around at times, my lower back hurts.  It’s not permanent or chronic, it’s just painful at times. And so, I know that one way to combat the pain/lower back stress is activity, and it’s important to straighten the back muscles, just as we would our abs.

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