Create the Highest Vision/Version of Your Best Self

The other day, I read:

Create the Highest Vision of Your Best Self, and get it done.

I edited that so it could mean EXACTLY what I want it to – right now.  But still.

Basically – become your absolutely best self.

I know exactly what I want to do, who I want to be.

I want to write, and blog full time. I want to eat healthy, I want to eat RAW, I want to eat organic, I want to juice, I want to fast, I want to CRON (Calorie Restriction, Optimal Nutrition).

I want to read, read and read some more.
I want to write.  I want to write fiction and non-fiction, and children’s stories, and blog.

I want to have ultimate health.  I want to dedicate myself to living the absolutely healthiest lifestyle.

I want to wake up each morning, and take care of my kids.  I want t have tea, I want to walk or run, or yoga or weight train.  I want to be fit, and fit fitness in.  I want to juice for breakfast, or for dinner.  I want to feel good, each and every day.

I want to grocery shop at the farmer’s market daily.  I want to feed my children, nothing but healthy grub.  I want healthy, fun options, available all of the time.

I want to connect with women that want to change their life, that are living their best lives.  I want to surround myself by motivated, smart, women – who are living their own lives – on their own.

I want to be best friends with my husband, he is my ultimate one, and my soul mate.

I want to continue to de-clutter, and need less and less, and only more of great energy and awesome space.  I want to eat well, and do with what we have.  I want to be able to live resourcefully and efficiently.

I want wake up each morning in peace, health, and freedom.  I want to drink coffee or tea or water with lemon, and write, and read, and create, and share, and help others take care. I want to take care of me.

I can see myself creating an incredible site, living an incredible life, with my loves, on my very own terms.




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