Calorie Restriction Optimal Nutrition – for best health.

I have known about Calorie Restriction Optimal Nutrition, since 2010.  I started off reading April’s CR Diary.  It was by far (and still is) some of the most motivation writing about CR, and losing and keeping the weight off via great nutrition.  The idea is simple, you eat less, but only highly nutritious foods, and you live longer.  I successfully lost 25lbs in a 6 month period, doing this exact diet.  I counted my calories, I weighed my food, and I tried to stick to the healthiest of the healthiest of grub.

I’m part of the Calorie Restriction Optimal Nutrition group on FB, and I’m re-motivated to re-start this lifestyle again.  Besides losing weight, I just really want to feel good.  I’m getting older, and I have so much I want to do & accomplish, and all of it is possible, especially when we are in tip top shape, health, and feeling great from the inside out.

I have so much still to learn, and put into practice, but I’m going to start off CRON incredibly simply.  I am right now drinking two cups of Raspberry Leaf Tea – and lots of water.  I’m skipping the morning coffee.


I’m soon going to have two hard-boiled eggs for breakfast and perhaps some raw baby carrots.

For lunch/noon, I will have one or two bananas & apples.  Then I’m going to head to the farmer’s market, and pick up more GREEN/raw fruits & veggies. I’m craving avocado & romaine, and some tomato. For dinner, I might eat more of that – or maybe I’ll also pick up some salmon, or eat some shrimp.

I’m basically concentrating on cleaning out the system, especially the first few days.  I didn’t weigh myself today, because the weight will be full of water, and carbs, and all of the junk I ate the last few days.  Instead, I’m going to weigh myself tomorrow, and count that as my officially starting weight.

In 2010, I started my CRON journey at 5’6 and 165lbs. My BMI was 26.6.  This is overweight.  I got down to 139lbs (stayed there no longer than a day).  My BMI was 22.4.  I am a “bigger girl” meaning that my hands and fingers are bigger and long (my ring size is a 10 for my wedding band), I wear size 10 sneakers.  I am not a petite, or thinly built woman.  Instead, I’m large.  I carry my weight in my face, chest and (when overweight) in my stomach.  I have thin/muscular legs. I wear a size 8 or 10 or 12.  But even a large build does not have to have a BMI of 26.6 or have to be overweight.  Or the worst of all :  not feel good.

Good food makes us feel good.  And this is what I want.  I want to wake up each morning – full of energy, full of life.  I want to be happy and healthy and shine from the inside out. So cheers to this new journey, and success.  I want to make this a lifestyle, and I have to start somewhere, and I’m starting TODAY, right now, right here.  It’s frustrating to always have to struggle with food – but I know success is possible, because I’ve been there in the past.

First, in my adult post college life, I lost weight with CRON, in 2010.  26lbs to be exact. 165 to 139lbs.  Then, in 2015, I lost weight following Whole30, 165 to 145lbs.  20 lbs.  I had a baby in 2011, and then another one in 2014, so the past 6 years my weight has gone up and down.  I had two wonderful pregnancies, and with both pregnancies I started around 165.  It seems that is my adult weight “set point”.  But now we have to move that set point DOWN.

These are my goals:







And let’s see how I feel with CRON, then.

Starting and re-starting and starting and re-starting weight loss and health efforts is exhausting and at times very depressing and demoralizing.  But such is life.  I can’t look back, I can only look forward.  We can’t get too upset, because when we get too upset we get stuck.  And we have to keep going.  So cheers to success, and taking it one bite at a time, and chipping away at the weight, and the crap inside.





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