Making it another CRON day!

The last two days, and today, have been pretty wonderful days.  It has brought me so much peace to know that I can confidently follow a Calorie Restriction Optimal Nutrition diet, and follow it on days where I plan for it – and it’s easy breezy.

Yesterday and the day before I ate exactly the same grub in the following order while at work:





hard boiled egg x 2

romaine lettuce (whole stem…)



organic salad dressing

kombucha (just Tuesday)




When I came home Tuesday evening I had two chicken & veggie patties for dinner, plain.  Last night I ended up having edamame for dinner, and a sip (about 1/3c) of my son’s organic protein smoothie.

I’m not sure why I have not figured out this epiphany sooner, but I feel like I have seen the light!  Once today is completed I will have had 15 successful CRON days this month.  That’s pretty amazing, and I believe the reason I had 8 unsuccessful CRON days in October, is because I did not figure out this strategy until yesterday.  I’m excited to see how November goes.  Instead of dreading the holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, NYE (same day as my b-day)) I can now enjoy them, and get back on the horse immediately!!!


This article also helped tremendously.  It made so much sense to me.  I always thought that my discipline, and my willpower were below par, but in fact, I am successful in the parts of my life that I feel most successful in, because I do avoid the temptation on the opposite side.  But with overeating, or some things I have failed at in the past, I have failed because I failed to AVOID the temptations in the first place!  Isn’t that the most brilliant thing you have ever heard in your entire life?

It is to me!

Pretty much at this stage in the game of life, I’m sold!  I love it so much.  I also have my degree in Wellness & Coaching, so I am familiar with a lot of behavioral studies out there.  And another one I remember learning about in college, talked about when you practice saying NO to temptation, the cravings for the temptation lesson.  This specifically had to do with food.  So for instance, if your job or work takes you to lunch at a buffet each and every day, it may be impossible to avoid a work lunch each and every day BUT it is possible to create a habit where you stick to just a clean salad for lunch each day, and AVOID the other grub all together.

I’m looking forward to eating well and low calorie, but nutritious foods, for the rest of today & tonight.  Tonight, I might once again have some edamame!  I also brought along a bag of frozen veggies (medley) in case my hunger increases.  After two solid days of CRON, I’m more likely to really be hunger, versus not, because my body has been eating nothing but CLEAN foods, mostly all raw, and healthy and fabulous!!!

Cheers to you and your success!  All days may not be CRON perfect, but striving for some of them is successful on its own accord!

Tracking CRON days, not all days perfect!

I decided to keep a monthly calendar of CRON days.  Instead of trying to go for perfection and losing all hope, I’m going to track and celebrate the days where I can eat really well, make awesome choices, and keep it going.  I don’t want to despair or get so upset that I can’t CRON each and every single day of my life. Instead, I want to start with small steps, and right now this includes tracking the days where I can CRON and do it successfully.

9/28-10/6 – CRON
10/7 – went out with friends, had wine & burger
10/8 – CRON
10/9-10/12 – lots of sweets, home made pizza and calzones
10/13-10/14 – CRON
10/15-10/17 – lots of sweets, birthday party for kids
10/18-today – CRON

Instead of starting over and over again, today I celebrate the 14th day of the month eating CRON, eating mostly raw fruits, raw vegetables, a big salad, and keeping my calories limited to the healthiest grub possible.

It makes me incredibly happy I was able to do it this way – and figure out I don’t have to be perfect each day, because it’s very upsetting starting and quitting, starting and quitting, starting and quitting, over and over again.  Even though I would like to be perfect and motivated for eating CRON, and less than 2K or 1800kcals per day every day, I need to come to terms that some days I will not do a great job eating well.  And other days, I will.

But because I know that I can have more and more good days, and by tracking it this way – I know I can eventually limit my unhealthy grub, and extend my CRON eating days for multiple days, weeks and perhaps even MONTHS at a time.  I also want to quickly jump back into CRON.  I don’t want one meal or one party to ruin my healthy CRON motivation for the next week or month.  Instead, I want to say:  Okay, you had a great time at the birthday party yesterday – now it’s time to load up on the greens, eat low calorie and absolutely nutritious foods – and get back on the horse, immediately!  That’s exactly where I want to be in my life.  I want to eventually move away from having a horrible food day from breakfast until dinner, to having one unhealthy meal, and eating well the rest of the day!

Small steps.  I’m 33 and it’s pretty ridiculous that I’m just getting a hold of this right now.  I mean, I couldn’t have figured this out like the other 13-years of my life?!?!  But at least I have figured this out now, and now I can put it into practice.


I actually feel so much pressure taken off my shoulders.  I feel so much lighter because I know that I can EAT CRON, EAT WELL, but I don’t have to do it forever.  I can go to a birthday party, have a slice of pizza, have some cake, drink a soda, and then jump right back into CRON.  I’m going to aim for more CRON days then non CRON days.  So far for October – I’m determined to accomplish this.  Including today, I have eaten healthy and CRON for 14 days!  This is a HUGE HUGE deal, and I’m so excited about tracking my success, and moving on and not despairing about the rest.  A CRON day means I will eat health and low calorie and super nutritious foods ALL day.  There are 12 days left in the month, and let’s see if I can eat AWESOME most of those days.

I already know that we’re going as a family to a Halloween birthday party on the 21st and on the 31st is Halloween.  So, those days, let’s say I enjoy some candy, grub, and non-CRON diet.  That leaves me 10 other days where I can enjoy CRON perfection. So, let’s get it done!!!

Planning for this success is actually making me feel so much relief, it’s taking so much pressure off me, and bringing me so much happiness right now.

A friend yesterday, posted an article about the fact that our WILLPOWER isn’t the reason we’re successful.  We’re successful in achieving our goals because we AVOID temptation!  And hence, why I’m planning for a non-CRON diet on those two days.  I will go to the B-DAY party with my kids, and I will go trick & treating with my kids on the 31st – both days planned for!  Instead of trying to use willpower and eat well, I will indulge.  If I wanted to be CRON on both days, I would avoid both of those events, which I refuse.

But I will avoid OTHER events, events that are going to take place the other 10 days!  Cheers to CRON perfection on those days!

Time to declutter!

I’m feeling it!  It’s time!  I’m getting antsy!  I can’t wait to declutter!  I feel like the WHOLE HOUSE needs a decluttering.  I need to have a decluttering PARTY, and I want to be the only one there!!!

Randomly at different times these past few weeks, I have swapped my children’s clothes from summer to fall/winter, and I have done a few other things to transition into the colder months.  But so much needs to get done.  I have also received bags of clothes for myself from my neighbors and girlfriends, and so have the kids.  I really need to go through all closets and DONATE, and remove everything we don’t need, and everything we don’t love.  There is so much we don’t need, and even thought our house isn’t packed to the max, there is still so much we can do to empty out the closets and drawers, and donate and share with others.

We had a birthday party to celebrate the 2nd & 5th birthday of our kids this past weekend, and I went into one of the closest in the basements (to store all of the gift bags we received) and there were so many toys in those closets!  I couldn’t believe it.  My son is 5, and I’m just not sure if he’s going to want to play with all of them again, if we should keep them, or if we should start getting rid of them.  Obviously, I’m a fan of donating them.  I especially don’t want them taking space in our closets.  That feels like a waste!

I also want to go through our kitchen and get rid of dishes, appliances, and everything in between that we no longer need/want.  I have so many things on the higher unreachable shelves, that I just should throw in a big carton, and say GOOD BYE, it wasn’t a good buy, or a gift.  Instead, it can go to someone that can use it!!!  An acquaintance grandmother passed away, and I have all of her tablecloths and cloth napkins.  Even though they are beautiful, and I use them for all birthday parties, and then holidays (this would make about a half dozen uses per year), I have so many, I took too many!!! There’s no way I need actually a DOZEN tablecloths, and then three times that of cloth napkins.  It pains me to get rid of this – but it needs to go.


Lastly, I have a lot of comforters, which we don’t use, and instead store in our basement.  When my mom sold her house, I took some of them into our home, and now, we have too many!  Part of me feels like it’s a good idea to keep them, and another part of me feels that’s a really silly idea!  We have plenty, and we can never use more than one!!! 🙂

This morning I quickly went through all of the children’s shoes that are in our “shoe closet” in our hallway.  I was able to add to the donate pile all of the summer sandals/crocks that my daughter wore this past summer.  Her foot fit perfectly in those shoes, and once next spring and summer hits, all of the shoes will be too small.  The flip flops that will be too small for my son, I am storing and saving for my daughter!

The biggest hurdle at this time, even though my motivation is here and ready for decluttering, is that when will i find the time to do this!!! My little people are spending less time sleeping during the day, and I work Monday through Friday, and Saturday and Sunday are spent with the family.  There is really little downtime or alone time, or decluttering time.

But if there is a will, there is a way!  So I need to get started, and start decluttering, donating and sharing!


CRON meal plan & Day 1, again.

black coffee x 2



water/selzer water


baby carrots organic

sardines in water

broccoli raw

cucumber (1/2 large)



hard boiled egg x 2


It would be nice if every diet and every lifestyle change just stuck with us.  I got veered off my CRON plan for the last two/three days, and ended up eating too many cookies/bagels/pastas/processed carbs instead.  But, I’m not a quitter, and I’m doing like a bunny and hopping right back on the wagon!  Sunday, my husband made home made pizza, and I couldn’t help myself, and I had a few small slices.  Then, that turned into more pizza, and then a home made calzone, and then cookies, and then bagels, and unfortunately, it turned into anything and everything, and so I woke up this morning and that was it!

Back on my Calorie Restriction Optimal Nutrition wagon, because that’s exactly where my body, my healthy, my stamina and motivation belong!

Day 1 is always though, so I’m going with it – drinking as much water as possible, and I have the healthiest of foods around ready for intake, to make sure I don’t overthink this, but instead just eat the healthy food available to me.  Once Day 1 is over, the cravings stop, and I’m able to eat really healthy foods without too much thought.  I want to stick to just eating the raw vegetable and raw fruits, and then eat really lean and clean fish when possible.  I will also eat eggs, as they are both super delicious and hard to overeat.  I’m going about this in an incredibly clean way which is along the same lines as Whole30, which I also love as a diet and lifestyle plan.

I purchased sardines in water, because my calcium intake was low.  I was always falling short on calcium, after putting in all of the foods into the CRON-o-meter, and someone suggested sardines in water!  They don’t taste horrible, and it’s a nice change from RAW veggies!

Other than this – I’m going to keep passing on the processed grub, even if it’s just olive oil or coconut oil or salad dressings.  Instead, I’m going to eat everything clean, and I’m going to eat to get lean.  So far today – I’m doing great.  I had two small bananas, two apples (smallish size), I had half a cucumber, grapes, organic baby carrots, mushrooms, and two hard boiled eggs.  I had some broccoli, but left most of it, as it was a lot to digest!  I’m feeling pretty proud of myself for getting back on the wagon.

As soon as I get home, I’m going to get into my warm, and cozy and comfy clothes, and I’m going to make myself a HOT TEA, and I’m going to RELAX the rest of the night!  I’m going to spend time with my kids, and have fun with them, and enjoy them, and I’m not going to overthink anything.  I’m just going to stay hydrated, and I’m going to go up to bed around 8pm, so I can read a new paperback that my two neighbors and I are reading together – and whoop whoop – it will have been an incredible healthy, incredibly low cal, wonderful day!!!

Mentally, starting and re-starting diet plans, programs, meal plans – is quite frustrating.  I’ve done this over and over and over in my life, and it sucks.  But, I would rather keep going and starting over and over again, then quit all together and succumb to a life where I’m overeating, eating unhealthy, where I don’t care how I feel, or don’t prioritize my health.

Food is certainly my addiction, or more accurately processed junk food is my addiction.  I wish it wasn’t, but I also am grateful that it’s not heroin, or pills or sex or something else.  I’m working each day how to figure out how to do better for myself, how to deal with my stressors by not succumbing to food binges and cravings, but instead – how to eat the right grub, grub that heals my body, versus hurts my body – regardless of what is happening throughout my day.

I wish this were not a lifelong battle.  I also believe that it may be.  I also know that 10 years ago, it was worse than five years ago.  And today, I’m better than I was five years ago.  I believe that I’m going to continue to get better and use my desire to eat healthy to combat the food binges and this “disorder” since it’s technically now a disorder.

Either way – it’s a great day so far, and I’m going to keep at it!



CRONing over the weekend

I’m back to feeling 100% with Calorie Restriction Optimal Nutrition.

My hands/fingers were the last to feel really good – and I’m there!!!  It’s nice to feel WHOLE again, and at the same time – feel so good from eating so healthy.  Tomorrow will be Day 14 of CRON, and I’m psyched to keep it going.  After my first day of CRON, I weighed in at 164.6, and Saturday morning I weighed in at 157.6.  This means I have lost a total of 7lbs.

The best and biggest change is how happy I’ve been.  Feeling good truly makes you feel good – and makes one happy, and feel very fulfilled.  I had an awesome weekend just spending time with the kids and my husband.  We didn’t do anything exciting, but I just felt so grateful for our peaceful home, and the good food.

I asked on the CRON Facebook page, how to increase calcium, and someone suggested sardines!  I had those for breakfast on Saturday or Sunday.  They don’t taste awesome – just yet – but that’s what I like about this diet – everything doesn’t have to taste fantastic to be good for you!!!

I’ve been eating a monstrous salad each day.  It usually involves baby spinach or romaine lettuce (or both), raw broccoli, tomato, avocado, mushrooms, cucumber, grapes, hard boiled eggs – or a combination of any of the above.  I have an organic tahini salad dressing I purchased from Aldi, and I have been using two tablespoons of this for added taste.  I’m really happy I’m getting in these green & raw veggies.  It’s not easy, but if you make the effort, you’ll eat them up!


Friday night we ended up going on a group date night with my neighbors.  It was actually so much fun, and the first time we got together without all of the children.  At the comedy club I ordered a burger, and I ate that without the bun or fixins’.  I also, throughout the night had 1 glass of red wine, and two glasses of white wine.  Honesty – I didn’t need to have the wine, but they were so spread out (1 glass at three different venues) that I feel like I didn’t plan right.  But, no worries.  I still ended up eating only 1812kcals on Friday, and to combat this I ate 975kcals on Saturday!

My husband ended up making home made pizza crust and pizza for the football game yesterday (Sunday!)  It was so lovely and delicious, that I had three/four small pieces yesterday!!!  As a dessert I finished my kid’s lucky charms & yogurt combo.  It wasn’t my proudest CRON meal, but I’m proud of myself for cutting my eating off right after this!  I came in Sunday night at 1984kcals.

I’m learning to not be all or nothing with CRON.  Usually, in the past this was my attitude. If I could not be absolutely perfect in my eating, I needed to quit immediately and start brand new tomorrow.  No more.  I don’t have time or energy for this.  Instead, I’m going to do my best to plan as well as possible, and talk and walk myself through the challenges and struggles.  It was be awesome to, as a mom and a working human, I could always be motivated to eat my absolutely best, but that’s not the case for me.  I will have cravings, I will have struggles, and I will have lower motivations at times.  Where I do need to stay strong is to pick myself up right away, and not let one NON-CRON meal turn into many.

My plan for this week is to continue to eat really healthy low calorie meals.  I’m trying to eat my first meal as late as possible.  I like to first have water, coffee, tea, and then eat my first meal (breakfast salad), as late as possible, and as close to lunch time as possible.  I am  a creature of habit, and I like routine.  I also like to eat the same thing each day/most days.  I need to be able to eat the same things each day – same time, so I don’t get stuck trying to figure it out – as I go along.  So far so good!

Today already, I had a big healthy salad:

organic baby spinach
organic baby carrots
tahini salad dressing organic
hard boiled eggs x 2

Cheers to CRON, and most importantly feeling good!



Down 6.6lbs with CRON

The pain has finally started going away.  Now that I’m at 90% recovered from this joint & muscle pain I experienced my first week with CRON (calorie restriction optimal nutrition) I’m more and more convinced it had to do with either sugar withdrawal detox symptoms, or just overall cleansing/losing weight symptoms.  Supposedly, when I started losing the weight the toxins start flowing through the body – ready for exit.  But because I limited the amount of food in the body – the toxins had nothing to attach themselves to on their way out – and therefore attached my body (per se).  But now they are heading out, and I feel so much better.

After my first full day of CRON (eating about 1081kcals), the next morning I weighed in at 164.6lbs.  I wanted to weigh myself AFTER a healthy day, versus before the start of the healthy one.  I knew that I would lose water weight, and the left over junk would have been weighed in.

After 6 days, or the full 7 week of eating the healthiest I have ever eaten in my entire life, I weighed in at 159.6lbs.  This means I lost exactly 5lbs in my first week.  I believe I experienced those painful detox symptoms because of this drastic weight loss.  I did go to the doctor’s two days ago, just to make sure I was okay.  I got my blood drawn, which is great, because I get to see what my starting CRON numbers look like!

But I’m going and keeping it going.  This morning I weighed in at 158lbs, which is awesome.  I feel pretty super, and I’m psyched to continue to eat my very best.  I’m down a total of 6.6lbs and I feel so good.


My skin on my face looks so good.  It looks tight, and clear, and healthy, and happy! The last few days, I’ve been eating so clean, and mostly just raw fruits & veggies, and two eggs per day.  I’m having Kombucha as well, whenever I get to the store.  I’m having trouble getting over 1K calories.  I’m super satisfied, and not hungry at all.  My mind is clear, and fast, and I’m not experiencing anything negative or unsatisfactory.  I’m sure once I lose the weight, my body will figure out exactly the amount of calories I need, and let me know exactly what to eat!

I feel my body healing.  I feel it really appreciating I’m feeding it just the raw, wholesome grub, and it’s totally taking care of me in return.  I slept pretty great last night, and I want to stay motivated to keep eating this way.  Last night we had a little celebration for my daughter’s 2nd birthday.

I purchased Newman’s natural frozen pizza pies, and we had cake and it was a really nice, easy fun mini celebration.  Before I left work, I made myself a bowl of romaine lettuce, cucumber, avocado, grapes and carrots to enjoy while my family ate “the other stuff”.  I felt good eating along, but also eating my grub!  I’m actually super motivated to see how far I can take this, and hopefully continue it for a very long time.

The goal is to settle into a routine where I’m eating all raw, healthy, natural, wholesome grub, and I’m happily settled at a weight that helps me delay aging, delay all diseases, and just be absolutely right from the inside out.  I also believe this diet will give me the courage, strength and motivation to go after everything else I want in life.



Calorie Restriction, and unexplained, painful symptoms.

My second day of CRON, which was Friday, Sept 30th, my one knuckle on just one hand, started to hurt.

Then on Saturday, as the day went on, my body started to really ache.  My hamstring hurt, as if I ran a race – and had no memory of it!  By the end of the day on Saturday, I was very achy, and feeling a lot of pain throughout my whole body.

When I woke up Sunday, I did not feel like myself.  I went to pick up my daughter out of her crib, and it felt like my fingers were broken.  Every time I touched a part of my body, my skin – it hurt.  I had a mild sore throat and all parts of me ached.  I did not have a headache, nor was I dizzy, or foggy-brained.  I actually felt quite happy and clear headed.

I have heard that one may get flu-like symptoms during fasting or a cleanse/detox before, but I did not understand why I would experience these, as I have been eating and taking in at least 1K+ calories/day.  I asked online for help, and someone did suggest it could be a herxheimer reaction, which means that a detox or a cleanse would give one flu-like symptoms.  Others suggested I may be just getting sick.  Another one suggested it could be the salmon.

Sunday, I went to the grocery story to buy some pumpkins with my son in the AM, and I was limping by the time we got back.  I ran cross country in high school (16+ years ago!!!) – and I gave myself a stress fracture – turns out – my foot does hurt from time to time (always just first thing in the morning), but today – during the day – it was throbbing.  As were my hamstrings, and biceps, and fingers and hands.  What’s really strange is I really felt like this is what a person feels like that is in a car accident.


I felt run over.  BUT, my brain felt really clear.  I was still happy, not really complaining just incredibly sore.  I did take two aspirin in the afternoon, and felt better as the night went on (thanks to the medicine).  I never take this stuff – I probably take less than a dozen a year.  But today, I really needed some relief, especially with how hands-on I have to be with my little ones (almost 2 & almost 5).

I woke up at 3am this morning, and my arms/hands felt so bad.  Again, I have never experienced any hand/finger/arm pain in the past.  I am imagining it feels like arthritis – where pain just shoots up my arms, and limbs.  By 430am, I hobbled downstairs, and took another two aspirin.  I was able to get back to sleep for another hour – and then it was time to get my two little humans up for school.

I’m sure that the effects of the two aspirin I took this morning are gone, and my arms are still sore.  From my biceps to my forearms and my fingers.  My legs feel much better, and my ribs/chest/breathing does not seem to hurt.  No headache or cold symptoms.  I am feeling 50% better than I was at this time, yesterday.

I’m looking forward to seeing how I feel tomorrow morning!  Hopefully all better.  I’m staying on track with the CRON diet, because I’m already seeing the POSITIVE benefits of it.  My mind is on track, I feel motivated, the skin on my face looks already years younger, and I love eating the healthy, natural, raw grub – it’s both easy & challenging, a perfect combination.

Cheers to another day.


Calorie Restriction Optimal Nutrition, Day 3, 4, 5. 4.6lb weight loss.

The weight is dropping, after a full day of CRON, I weighed in the following morning at 164.6lbs.  This morning, I weighed in at 160lbs.

10/3/2016 160
10/2/2016 161.2
10/1/2016 161.8
9/30/2016 162.2
9/29/2016 164.6

The first week of any diet, or diet lifestyle change, will elicit the most weight loss.  My body was used to all and lots of food (for most days of the month), and now it’s getting highly nutritious, healthy, natrual, raw, and naturally fat-free food.

The food I ate on Friday, Saturday, Sunday included the below:

hard boiled eggs
coffee, some of it with regular half&half
fried eggs (over easy, fried in oil)
ball park beef, nitrate free hot-dog
baby spinach
broccoli (steamed)
baby carrots

I had breakfast at my mom’s house yesterday, and she made me two fried eggs, over easy.  Along with this I ate a Ball Park nitrate free hot dog (160kcals).  I was experiencing some really painful symptoms of detox that I wrote about here, that when she presented me with this grub, I did not hesitate, but did lower the portion size significantly over what I would have had previously!  Just two eggs, and 1 hot dog.

Other than that – I ate fruit, raw veggies each day.  I was never hungry and my calories stayed low.

On Friday I ate 1164kcals, on Saturday I ate 1245kcals and yesterday (Sunday) I ate 1060kcals.  My cravings for sugar have completely disappeared.  Because I have not been eating any salad dressings, or dips, or anything processed, I feel like my appetite, and hunger have stayed away.  I am eating everything incredibly clean and wholesome.

Both Friday and Saturday night I made myself a bowl of broccoli, raw tomato and salmon, sprinkled with turmeric.  The salmon I pan seared in an inch of water.  With a lid on, this almost steamed my salmon, and did not burn any of it.  The clean up was also easy!  The whole meal was quite lovely!

I steamed the broccoli, and it turned out really great.  My children who usually like broccoli didn’t love it thought.  It was a bit bitter, but perhaps this was because it wasn’t coated in a sugary dressing, and also it was fresh – versus frozen.  The step of the broccoli which I usually don’t care for – was awesome.  It was thick, and filling.


My favorite meal of the weekend came yesterday for lunch.  I made a bowl of spinach, grapes, cucumber and avocado!  I put it in a closed Tupperware-like container and kept shaking it until the avocado coated the spinach, veggies and cucumber.  Since I’m not eating store bought dressing – this was perfect.  The grapes gave each bite so much juice, crisp and flavor!