CRONing over the weekend

I’m back to feeling 100% with Calorie Restriction Optimal Nutrition.

My hands/fingers were the last to feel really good – and I’m there!!!  It’s nice to feel WHOLE again, and at the same time – feel so good from eating so healthy.  Tomorrow will be Day 14 of CRON, and I’m psyched to keep it going.  After my first day of CRON, I weighed in at 164.6, and Saturday morning I weighed in at 157.6.  This means I have lost a total of 7lbs.

The best and biggest change is how happy I’ve been.  Feeling good truly makes you feel good – and makes one happy, and feel very fulfilled.  I had an awesome weekend just spending time with the kids and my husband.  We didn’t do anything exciting, but I just felt so grateful for our peaceful home, and the good food.

I asked on the CRON Facebook page, how to increase calcium, and someone suggested sardines!  I had those for breakfast on Saturday or Sunday.  They don’t taste awesome – just yet – but that’s what I like about this diet – everything doesn’t have to taste fantastic to be good for you!!!

I’ve been eating a monstrous salad each day.  It usually involves baby spinach or romaine lettuce (or both), raw broccoli, tomato, avocado, mushrooms, cucumber, grapes, hard boiled eggs – or a combination of any of the above.  I have an organic tahini salad dressing I purchased from Aldi, and I have been using two tablespoons of this for added taste.  I’m really happy I’m getting in these green & raw veggies.  It’s not easy, but if you make the effort, you’ll eat them up!


Friday night we ended up going on a group date night with my neighbors.  It was actually so much fun, and the first time we got together without all of the children.  At the comedy club I ordered a burger, and I ate that without the bun or fixins’.  I also, throughout the night had 1 glass of red wine, and two glasses of white wine.  Honesty – I didn’t need to have the wine, but they were so spread out (1 glass at three different venues) that I feel like I didn’t plan right.  But, no worries.  I still ended up eating only 1812kcals on Friday, and to combat this I ate 975kcals on Saturday!

My husband ended up making home made pizza crust and pizza for the football game yesterday (Sunday!)  It was so lovely and delicious, that I had three/four small pieces yesterday!!!  As a dessert I finished my kid’s lucky charms & yogurt combo.  It wasn’t my proudest CRON meal, but I’m proud of myself for cutting my eating off right after this!  I came in Sunday night at 1984kcals.

I’m learning to not be all or nothing with CRON.  Usually, in the past this was my attitude. If I could not be absolutely perfect in my eating, I needed to quit immediately and start brand new tomorrow.  No more.  I don’t have time or energy for this.  Instead, I’m going to do my best to plan as well as possible, and talk and walk myself through the challenges and struggles.  It was be awesome to, as a mom and a working human, I could always be motivated to eat my absolutely best, but that’s not the case for me.  I will have cravings, I will have struggles, and I will have lower motivations at times.  Where I do need to stay strong is to pick myself up right away, and not let one NON-CRON meal turn into many.

My plan for this week is to continue to eat really healthy low calorie meals.  I’m trying to eat my first meal as late as possible.  I like to first have water, coffee, tea, and then eat my first meal (breakfast salad), as late as possible, and as close to lunch time as possible.  I am  a creature of habit, and I like routine.  I also like to eat the same thing each day/most days.  I need to be able to eat the same things each day – same time, so I don’t get stuck trying to figure it out – as I go along.  So far so good!

Today already, I had a big healthy salad:

organic baby spinach
organic baby carrots
tahini salad dressing organic
hard boiled eggs x 2

Cheers to CRON, and most importantly feeling good!




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