Making it another CRON day!

The last two days, and today, have been pretty wonderful days.  It has brought me so much peace to know that I can confidently follow a Calorie Restriction Optimal Nutrition diet, and follow it on days where I plan for it – and it’s easy breezy.

Yesterday and the day before I ate exactly the same grub in the following order while at work:





hard boiled egg x 2

romaine lettuce (whole stem…)



organic salad dressing

kombucha (just Tuesday)




When I came home Tuesday evening I had two chicken & veggie patties for dinner, plain.  Last night I ended up having edamame for dinner, and a sip (about 1/3c) of my son’s organic protein smoothie.

I’m not sure why I have not figured out this epiphany sooner, but I feel like I have seen the light!  Once today is completed I will have had 15 successful CRON days this month.  That’s pretty amazing, and I believe the reason I had 8 unsuccessful CRON days in October, is because I did not figure out this strategy until yesterday.  I’m excited to see how November goes.  Instead of dreading the holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, NYE (same day as my b-day)) I can now enjoy them, and get back on the horse immediately!!!


This article also helped tremendously.  It made so much sense to me.  I always thought that my discipline, and my willpower were below par, but in fact, I am successful in the parts of my life that I feel most successful in, because I do avoid the temptation on the opposite side.  But with overeating, or some things I have failed at in the past, I have failed because I failed to AVOID the temptations in the first place!  Isn’t that the most brilliant thing you have ever heard in your entire life?

It is to me!

Pretty much at this stage in the game of life, I’m sold!  I love it so much.  I also have my degree in Wellness & Coaching, so I am familiar with a lot of behavioral studies out there.  And another one I remember learning about in college, talked about when you practice saying NO to temptation, the cravings for the temptation lesson.  This specifically had to do with food.  So for instance, if your job or work takes you to lunch at a buffet each and every day, it may be impossible to avoid a work lunch each and every day BUT it is possible to create a habit where you stick to just a clean salad for lunch each day, and AVOID the other grub all together.

I’m looking forward to eating well and low calorie, but nutritious foods, for the rest of today & tonight.  Tonight, I might once again have some edamame!  I also brought along a bag of frozen veggies (medley) in case my hunger increases.  After two solid days of CRON, I’m more likely to really be hunger, versus not, because my body has been eating nothing but CLEAN foods, mostly all raw, and healthy and fabulous!!!

Cheers to you and your success!  All days may not be CRON perfect, but striving for some of them is successful on its own accord!

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