10K steps per day

When I was single, I had all of the time in the world for everything.  And most importantly, I had the time to workout anytime I wanted.  I always wanted to work out first thing in the morning, and I did.  I was able to get to sleep early most nights, and wake up super early.  It worked for me.  I loved every single moment of it.

Fast forward to 2016, where I am a full time employee in an office, I have one boo boo in K, and another one in pre-school.  I am a full time step-mama, and a wifey.  I love to read.  I love to write.  I love to keep my house clean and organized, and my family fed well.  Fed well meaning we don’t eat out, we don’t take out, we just make all of our food – even if ti’s at times processed (pastas, pizzas, pierogies…)  But needless to say – we cook or prepare each day.

And so – the amount of time I have available to actually dedicate to my fitness is minimal.  My daughter still is not on a regular sleeping schedule, and most nights she has us up in the middle of the night, several times.  So instead of committing to a full time workout routine for each day, I’m moving my body by walking & running whenever I get the chance to – and tracking my steps along the way.

Yesterday I hit 10K steps.

I took a walk at lunch, around my office building.

After I picked up my daughter, we walked to my friend’s home.  And then we walked to the local high school, where my son had wrestling practice.  While at the high school, my daughter rode her Strider bike, and I ran after her – adding more activity & steps to my day.

After the kids were bathed and eating din din, I took a walk/run around my neighborhood.  It was just .6 miles, but it put me over the 10K goal, which is just so awesome!!!


I felt so good, and I felt so good waking up this morning.  I also ended up having oatmeal for breakfast, two sugary coffees, chocolate cashews and left-over pizza for lunch yesterday.  After the pizza, I decided to make myself a hot cup of tea, and put an end to my eating.  I did intermittent fasting, and it felt good.  I did not eat anything from 2pm yesterday until 9am this morning, which means I fasted for 19 hours.

This is pretty exciting stuff, and I’m psyched for the success.

20 min elliptical and fresh green juice

My little baby gal is not doing a great job sleeping lately. She was up till 1030pm last night, and then up at 3am.  I’m not a night owl, but I am an early riser, but not that early.  I literally felt the stress coming onto me last night when she wouldn’t go to sleep.  I felt the pounds of fat piling on.

But I refused to give into it, like I usually do, and this morning, even though she woke up mighty early, I still had a super morning.  Once all left for school or work, I ended up getting on the elliptical for 20 minutes, and then making some ridiculously delicious green juice:





It wasn’t fancy or busy, it was just straight love.  I filled a former bottle of GT’s Kombucha for my husband to drink too!  It’s so nice to kick off my morning with fresh raw juice.  I love it so much.

The other day, my sister sent me a quick note she found online about writing out everything you love to do – and then comparing what you actually do each day.  Needless to say, for may people their lists don’t match.

But with an attempt to be able to be happy and share happiness, and feel love and give love, I want to make sure that I’m doing everything on my list.


Here is what I wrote out that I do love to do:

get massages, manicure, pedicures, run, bike outside, bike on the aerodyne, swim laps in our pool in the summertime, read novels, write, watch Dateline, cook healthy grub, shower/take baths, juice, blog, connect with good humans (especially women), eat healthy, do yoga, drink seltzer, drink hot tea and lemon, delcutter – less is more, make and eat salads, walk everywhere, weight train, walk/hike be in nature

Since I wrote out this list, I have been doing MORE of the activities I love to do.  I have been walking a lot, trying to get to my 10K steps per day.  I have been juicing.  I have been running and workout out.  I have been cooking.  I made a delicious coconut milk chicken with lots of veggies on Sunday.  It was so delicious, and makes me so happy to prep food for my family.

So cheers to staying active, making & drinking juice, filling our lives doing the things we love.

Juicing & Running

I’m pretty psyched I have been able to JUICE this past FRIDAY, SATURDAY and SUNDAY.  The mornings are pretty wild, so I’m not sure I will have the time to juice during the weekdays, but if there is a will there is a way.

This past Saturday and Sunday we juiced the following:

beets, kale, lemon, apple, carrot, celery and cucumber

The juice was beautiful, red, full of flavor, and so wonderfully healthy for our bods.  My little guy drank about half a glass of the below, and my husband and I drank the rest.  The whole process takes time, and there are no shortcuts one can take – but it is worth it.  First, you have to clean, and chop up all of the veggies/fruits.  Then you juice it – which at times is laborious, because vegetables such as kale do not juice as easily as an apple.  Yet, it’s possible, and I stick apples and kale together, and the use the big carrot to help it juice further.

Once the juice is out – we drink it up!  We want to make sure every nutrient is ingested.

Then, I open up the juicer, and clean it up.  There are 4 parts of the juicer that come apart that need cleaned up.  The cleanup is extensive and the pulp often builds up in my sink, which then needs cleaned.

One of the reasons I want to become financially independent as fast as possible, is because I want to have time to juice, each and every single day!!!  I don’t want to have to rush off to an office job, when in fact, I need to care for my health, first and foremost.

The juice was lovely, and I’m so happy we were able to juice three times.  I hope I can juice MORE days of the week, then not juice.

I also was able to go running the last four days.  I ran full miles on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and I was able to run a consecutive 2 miles this morning.  With a consecutive mile I ran on the 1st and 2nd also in this month, my total mileage is at 8 miles.  This is poor and not a good showing, but a good start.  I’m psyched to get back into every single day running.  If I can run 2 miles each and every morning, I would be very happy!  Hopefully my body, and my sleep work with me, to be able to get this accomplished.

Working up to 3 miles per day, would be awesome as well.


Dusting off the Jack LL Juicer

It was time to dust off my Jack Lalanne juicer and get back into drinking fresh squeeze vegetable and fruit juice, as often as possible.  When it was just one child, I was able to juice pretty often.  I actually loved juicing.  I loved it so much.  I took a video of my little guy (8 months at the time) drinking a whole bottle of green juice.  He loved it too!

But when my daughter came along, the juicer went under the sink, never to be heard of again.  My health certainly took a back seat due to the increase of children (one that still does not easily sleep through the night), a full time outside the home job, wife/home duties, and everything else!  When listed out it does not seem like that big of a deal, but honesty, having two children, versus one, has kicked my butt x 100000!  But it is what it is, and I love them both so much, I couldn’t imagine a single day without them.

Yet, my health is also my baby, and I need to start treating myself well, each and every single day.

This morning, I walked my son to the school bus, my husband took my daughter to school, and I had a few minutes, before I had to get myself to work, to juice!  I juiced: baby carrots, romaine lettuce, kale, apples, clementine to create a delicious juice!!! Everything went through the juicer really easy, and the cleanup like always takes time, but it is not impossible.

It felt SO GOOD to have this fresh juice in my system.  I actually can’t wait to do it again.  I’m going to hit up the farmer’s market again this afternoon, and perhaps juice for dinner.