Juicing & Running

I’m pretty psyched I have been able to JUICE this past FRIDAY, SATURDAY and SUNDAY.  The mornings are pretty wild, so I’m not sure I will have the time to juice during the weekdays, but if there is a will there is a way.

This past Saturday and Sunday we juiced the following:

beets, kale, lemon, apple, carrot, celery and cucumber

The juice was beautiful, red, full of flavor, and so wonderfully healthy for our bods.  My little guy drank about half a glass of the below, and my husband and I drank the rest.  The whole process takes time, and there are no shortcuts one can take – but it is worth it.  First, you have to clean, and chop up all of the veggies/fruits.  Then you juice it – which at times is laborious, because vegetables such as kale do not juice as easily as an apple.  Yet, it’s possible, and I stick apples and kale together, and the use the big carrot to help it juice further.

Once the juice is out – we drink it up!  We want to make sure every nutrient is ingested.

Then, I open up the juicer, and clean it up.  There are 4 parts of the juicer that come apart that need cleaned up.  The cleanup is extensive and the pulp often builds up in my sink, which then needs cleaned.

One of the reasons I want to become financially independent as fast as possible, is because I want to have time to juice, each and every single day!!!  I don’t want to have to rush off to an office job, when in fact, I need to care for my health, first and foremost.

The juice was lovely, and I’m so happy we were able to juice three times.  I hope I can juice MORE days of the week, then not juice.

I also was able to go running the last four days.  I ran full miles on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and I was able to run a consecutive 2 miles this morning.  With a consecutive mile I ran on the 1st and 2nd also in this month, my total mileage is at 8 miles.  This is poor and not a good showing, but a good start.  I’m psyched to get back into every single day running.  If I can run 2 miles each and every morning, I would be very happy!  Hopefully my body, and my sleep work with me, to be able to get this accomplished.

Working up to 3 miles per day, would be awesome as well.


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