Eating through our home!

There is nothing I love more than being efficient.  That’s probably exactly who I am in life, and I just love it so much.  One of the areas where I love being efficient, is in my cabinets.  I love eating through them, and I love using every single item of food – to make sure that we eat it – before buying more.  Our cabinets were so incredibly bare this morning – and we went to Aldi to stock up on the grub.  I love Aldi because I really believe they do a lot of research on their products before selling them.  They put so much effort into selecting the right option for each product, and it makes me so happy – especially since my children are eating this grub!  The number one ingredient I love love love avoiding is that crazy High Fructose Corn Syrup, which the body knows is toxic.  But somehow so much of the food in all grocery stores still have as part of their ingredient list.

This is what we ended up buying:

a wireless radio (my husband loves the brand they carry)
roma tomatoes
strawberries x 3
refried beans
black beans organic
carrots canned x 2
peas canned x 2
chips for nachos x 2
string cheese
ricotta cheese
cheese shredded
potatoes canned
red skinned potatoes in bag
pasta x 3
marinara sauce organic x 2
canola oil
hot sauce
ketchup organic
bag of onions
mushrooms fresh

We ended up spending $94 on the groceries, but the radio alone cost $34, so it was really $60 of groceries, which is pretty solid!  On Wednesday my husband wants to make home made pierogies with a filling of potato, ricotta cheese, onions and mushrooms – I just can’t even wait.  It will be delicious and everything.  He is so absolutely patient, that it really is so fun watching him cook, and bake, and knead dough.

We still have so many snacks for my children to snack on – that we did not need to get any snacks or bars or anything that really doesn’t fuel them correctly anyway.  Instead, we have a ton of bananas, and apples, and strawberries, and I’m thrilled about this 100%.


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