Three kitchen gadgets that help me save $$$!

I love frugal living.  I’m not exactly sure why, but it’s because it’s efficient, and there is always room for improvement.  It just feels right! It feels good,  and I know it’s best for the environment, and best really for my heart.

If we take care of our hearts, we are able to better take care of the hearts of those that surround us – both people we know, and those we don’t. And that really is the ultimate.

There are three appliances in my home, that we use almost on the daily.  And with the amount of usage all three get – they really are truly so inexpensive.


First, we drink a lot of tea, or warm beverages, so I love my hot water heater!  It’s so amazing and quick and light and easy, and it’s on several times a day!  It’s less than $20 at Walmart or Amazon.  And the fun part is enjoying those teas, and being able to indulge in different flavors throughout the day!  My favorite right now are pretty simple, I love the raspberry leaf tea (for reproductive health), and anything mint or peppermint!

The middle appliance is the rice cooker!  Again, you can pick this thing up at Ross stores or Marshall’s or Walmart for $20 or $15, and it’s brilliant.  Will make amazing rice, every single time.  We buy different types of rice (white or brown or Basmati or any other awesome variety), and put it in the rice cooker (2 cups rice, 3 cups water), and comes out perfect!  It’s so flavorful, I love adding veggies, or soy sauce and coconut oil to the rice bowl – yum!  Getting hungry just writing this.

The other day I also had cut steal oats, and I ended up putting them into the rice cooker (same proportions), and they came out perfect and crunchy and chewy and delicious! I honestly couldn’t get enough! I put some honey and peanuts and raisins and cinnamon on a cup of cooked steal cut oats for my hubby for lunch, and it was a perfect frugal vegan meal.  So delicious it was hard to contain yourself!  #boom

The NutriBullet.  Honesty, it’s a super machine, it’s just amazing.  It’s the Apple of kitchen gadgets, or at least I think so!!! I make my shakes in this every single day, I make them for my kids – and the ice and the bananas or even the dates blend up so well, the shake becomes a perfect consistency.  Every weekend, I also make my waffle mix in the NutriBullet!  The mix comes out perfect because every little ounce of flour is blended just right, and then it also allows me to sneak in healthy things like flax seed or other scrumptious deliciousness in the waffle mix!

Lastly, my most favorite food in the whole wide world has to be Indian food.  I mean, honesty, I love everything, but Indian food is amazing, and I have attempted to make it often.  Making the curry in this thing is super.  The tomatoes and the onions and all of the spices blend up so nicely!  This is my most favorite gadget, and if I had to choose only one to take with me forever and ever – it would be the NutriBullet.  I’m on my second one, but the first one lasted me almost 3-4 years, with daily use multiple times per day!

What are your favorite gadgets that help you save CASH-FLOW???



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