How to have a FREE & FUN filled weekend!

My children are still so little. It’s hard to take them anywhere and really enjoy it.  Maybe it’s just me, because there are super-amazing-human-parents out there, taking their infants to Disneyland who I admire a lot!  It’s just not me at this time – I lack all of the patience and confidence required for such an excursion.  Though, I am in my head planning super vacations and adventures ahead, once my children are a tiny bit older.

The first place I want to go is to Poland.  I grew up on the Baltic Sea (or lived there for the first 8 years of my life), and it’s stunning and beautiful, and I can’t wait to go back for a week or two!  Will be marvelous.  I also would love to do a cruise with the kids – because when we went solo – we had SO MUCH FUN.  Though, my dream dream vacation would be white water rafting, and hiking, and doing a camping trip anywhere!  How much fun would that be?  I did a hiking vacay in the past where I would hike up to 8 miles during the day, and then around dinner time – it was massage time!  It was my type of heaven: do work, grow strong & then repair.

But until then – we go hard at home, and make the best out of it.  This also really truly fits into my goal of being frugal, saving cash-flow, and living below our means.  And now -that’s our total priority.  I want to set our family up for financial success and independence, and I know it’s tiny little habits that we do daily, that will make this happen.  It’s making that breakfast, lunch & dinner at home. It’s making the snacks at home. It’s eating a lot of bananas & strawberries & apples, and it’s baking the goodies ourselves.  It’s my jam, and I love it.  It brings me so much happiness to be able to create food for my family, and have them enjoy, and it brings me just as much happiness knowing we spent $0 all weekend on life.

A few years ago, we invested in a bouncy house that we blow up often – and even more often now that the weather is nice.  This takes up a ton of outdoor play.


My husband is really good about putting it up, securing it, and then taking it down.  And then, making sure that it’s protected by laying out tarps before it gets inflated.  My hubby also does a lot of outdoor games with my son, and daughter, and any neighborhood child that wants to play. So the baseball bats, the footballs, the soccer balls – they are always out – all of the time.   We even blew up the pool most recently, when we had 90 degree weather up in here.  Cuz it was hot x 1000!

A year or so ago, we found this amazing rusty beach cruiser on the side of the road.  A family was moving – and left their old bike behind.  My hub took that right home to our home!  And it’s been part of the family every since.  My son rides his little bike, my daughter sits in a bike seat with my husband, I ride our mountain bike or beach cruiser, and off we go cruising the neighborhood.  There is a lovely lake around us – that we cruise often.  It’s a tiny activity – bike riding – but it really gives you back so much energy, especially as a parent, and even more so as a family.  The wind blowing, the blood pumping, and the adrenaline pulsating – its fun for all but also feeds the soul correctly.

With some planning, or no planning at all – it’s possible to have the least expensive weekends possible, with your children, as a couple, alone or as a whole family.

Get it done, and save that hard earned!

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