Rice Bowls Are Everything

When grub is inexpensive, incredibly delicious, easy to make, and highly nutritious – I’m pretty much a super fan!  And when it’s vegan and lovely for our environment and world as well, how amazing is that!  My mom ended up getting me a rice cooker a few months/years ago, and ever since then, I’m been a huge rice fan.  The best part is that it cooks every type of rice so well.  We just purchased a new bag of rice from Aldi (a bag that was also least expensive), and it was whole grain.  At first, I was worried it was going to stick to the pot, but none of this happened.  The rice came out completely perfect.  I always use the same proportions, if I’m using 3 cups of rice, I use 4 cups of water.  If I use 2 cups of rice, I used 3 cups of water.  Somehow – the rice cooker just knows when to turn itself off!

Last night for din din, every single member of our family had a rice bowl and we added dill seasoning (because I am Polish and we add dill to pretty much everything), coconut oil, soy sauce, cooked carrots, salt & peppa & organic black beans!  Our kids sat there so quietly eating spoonful after spoonful.  I’m not saying the clean up of rice is easy or fun, especially with a toddler around, but it’s well worth it.

And just right now, I’m enjoying a bowl as an afternoon meal!  The best part about making a super pot of plain rice, is that you can put anything and everything in it – depending on what you love most.  Right now, I’m enjoying the exact one we had last night but I also added a few peanuts, raisins (they get some plump when in warmth), and sauerkraut!  Holy taste buds on fleek (not sure if we are still using fleek to be cool, but going with it anyhow!)   The more veggies you add to your rice bowl, the less rice you actually need to feel absolutely full and satisfied.  Fill up your bowl with 1/2 cup or 1 cup of rice, and then some carrots, some broccoli, some spinach, some coconut oil, some cauliflower, even some asparagus – I mean it’s a veggie party, with the rice as the main guest, but not an overbearing or overwhelming one!


To make this super simple, I buy those steam-able bags (just $.98 at Aldi), and steam a bag in the microwave, make my rice with coconut milk and soy sauce, add the bag of veggies and it’s extremely simple, yet home-made-whole-food-100%vegan in a one dish wonder.

It’s fun to switch it up – and add anything and everything you want to your rice bowls.  You can pretty much get wild and crazy with the amount of heaven you can add in there!  Enjoy & cheers to your deliciousness!

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