How A Shake Saved My Life

Not to sound completely over dramatic, but a shake did save my life.  It saved me from the mental anguish of the binge and diet cycle, it saved me from the physical symptoms of autoimmune disease I was starting to develop at just 33 years old, and it saved my marriage & family, because all of the sudden, I wasn’t that wife & mom that kept saying “no” to everything.  Instead, the shake opened up my health, my mind and my soul to a whole other world: one of happiness, peace, possibilities, and big dreams.  And I have been living this way, every single day since.


See, my story starts off years and years ago, when I went off to college, and I decided to never binge and purge again.  It sucked to be stuck in that cycle, and I had no idea how to stop except to allow myself to get fat, and start from there.  And that’s exactly what I did.

I gained 45lbs in college, reaching my heaviest weight at almost 200lbs, and then I got myself together (or so I thought), and stayed around 165lbs for most of my adult life.

I have been able to lose weight with calorie restriction optimal nutrition, and Whole30, but every single time, the weight came back on, and the weight always read:  165 L B S.

Last fall, my body ached.  I was inflamed, and sick, and felt like I just experienced a car accident.  Except I didn’t.  I was only 33, and thought I was healthy, and I ate healthy meals, and I had no idea why I felt so sick.  Yet, in my heart, I knew that the binge and diet cycle I put my whole body and mind through (because the mental abuse we put ourselves through in dieting is truly the worst), was slowly killing me.

And I say that with all seriousness in me. I knew that slowly my triglycerides were going up (because I could eat a whole pint of full fat ice-cream multiple times a month), that my cholesterol was slowly climbing (because the fat, and cheese, and sugar, and processed carbs were my go-to food), and because when I “didn’t care” what I ate, I ate everything.

And for the body to physically process and digest what I ate – was tough.  And it sucked.  And when my body became so inflamed and sore, I headed to the doctor to see what was wrong.  At first my doctor suggested I had a virus?  But I knew I didn’t.  I knew that my actions of the past 15 years were catching up to me, and my body had enough.

And so, a few weeks later the blood test came back, and my ANA (anti-nuclear antibody) count was at 640.  A healthy body is under 40.  The person on the phone suggested I see a rheumatoid arthritis specialist, and hung up.  And I instantly refused.  I knew exactly why I was sick:

I ate too much of the processed, the over-fat, the sugared, the over-salted, the fake food grub – and my body had enough.

And I also didn’t move enough.  Not enough exercise, not enough movement, not enough sleep, not enough water.  I was killing myself because I was over-eating, and I was under-exercising.  Two things I knew I could change.  And I was the ONLY one who could do this for myself.

What is wild is I always knew I would get to the point where I was tired of failing at creating and following through consistently with a healthy diet, and an every day exercise routine.  I knew that once I solved this issue for myself, I would be free.  I had no interest in suffering with my poor food choices, and my lack of exercise for the rest of my life.  I was sick and tired of my half ass attempts at living the right way.  I had to solve my problem, and I had to do it quickly, before I really truly did have to go see a doctor, get on meds, and start paying co-pays I had no financial interest in paying.

And so I did exactly this.  I did some research, and I figured it out.

Whenever I googled binge eating in the past, I knew that my mind/brain/body were missing a few nutrients.  But I could never figure out a supplement plan.  And so I gave up.

And then, when a friend mentioned a nutritional intervention and cellular cleansing system to me, my ears perked up.  It’s funny how things happen at the right time, because a few years ago, I was absolutely closed off to wanting to find a solution.  I thought eating whole clean foods, and staying disciplined was the answer.  I just couldn’t keep it going.  I would eat well for a few days, and then boom, binge for a week, and then eat clean for a few days, and then, boom, same cycle over and over again.  When you are stuck in one, it’s truly so heartbreaking.  I’m a smart human, I thought I knew what I needed to eat, I was just totally confused why I couldn’t get it done day after day!

And so, finally, I allowed my body and brain to open up, and listen.  And when I heard the words “nutritional intervention” I laughed.  Right, it sounds so serious.  It sounds like I had a huge problem.  It sounds like others will be involved.  And some of this was true.  I did have a huge problem.  I was 5’6, and 168lbs, and felt like I was stuck in a chubby body I didn’t belong in.  My health was on a quick spiral downward, and I wanted none of this!

My friend suggested I don’t overthink this at all, and just eat the food.  Heal your body with the amazing nutrients, and minerals and protein and other macro-nutrients found within the shakes and the food, and enjoy.  And slowly that’s exactly what started happening.  Little by little, I felt better.  My cravings slowly started to subside.  If they did pop up, I was able to get back on track quicker.  I was motivated to move.  I moved.  I drank the shakes, and the tea and water, and ate the bars, and ate the shakes, and shared the shakes, and my family loved the food, and slowly, it started to get brighter.

For the first time in my life, I realized I found something that has nourished my body to the point where I don’t have to mal-nourish it anymore.  I don’t have to binge, I don’t have to diet, I don’t have to hurt it, I don’t have to discipline it – I just have to feed it.  And that’s what I’m doing on the daily, erryday.

Two shakes a day.

Sometimes three because I love them so much.

I’m down 18lbs, which is amazing, considering, it’s weight that came off the first 12 weeks, and now I’m maintaining this, maybe losing 1lb a month.  My muscles are getting stronger, I didn’t lose muscle, I lost fat.  I barely wore any shorts last summer, and this summer, I can’t wait to get into all of them.  I’m excited for the Memorial Day party we go to every year.  Yet, it’s the first year, I’m feeling psyched to attend.  Not because I look a certain way, but because I feel a certain way.

I feel healthy.  I feel whole.  I feel fed.  I feel nourished, and I am open.  I’m open to people, to connecting, to saying hello, to solving problems, to taking care of my whole self.

It’s amazing what happens when we take care of our bodies, and give it exactly what it needs.  At the end of the day, we need nutritious foods in our system.  The whole foods available out in the market right now, aren’t as whole as we would like to believe.  Because the soils are lacking in nutrients and minerals and because the whole food we believe should nourish us at 100% do so at 50% – if that.  We need to supplement with a system, we need to supplement with something that can get us to 100%.

Thanks for reading my story.  It’s more than a shake.  It’s saved my life.  Every single drop of it.  It does so daily, and for this, I will be forever grateful.

Cheers my beautiful people.


***Because I want to make sure to this blog post is 100% compliant with the products mentioned above, the company and these products do not diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition. This is my own experience, as experienced by me:

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