Went in a potato & came out a fry!

It does make me a laugh a little but whenever I make a really fun dinner, my husband genuinely thinks it’s the most delicious meal he ever ate.  He sincerely believes this, and it’s both cute and fun, because heck – who doesn’t love getting compliments, especially from things you love doing – like cooking great whole food for the ones you love and the people who most appreciate it!

And so – yesterday’s dinner of baked red skinned potatoes, every single member of our tribe enjoyed.

I started off with a bag of red skinned potatoes.

I cut up each potato into 4 or 6 cubes, and then seasoned with olive oil, garlic salt, and a lil bit of bread crumbs, and whatever other seasonings I had. Nothing too crazy, but just coated it enjoy to bake up to perfection.


Then, I set the oven for 400 degrees, and spread the potatoes onto two pans.  I know not to crowd the veggies, and that’s exactly what I did – gave each little potato a little elbow room.  I mean honestly, who doesn’t love little space when you are baking to perfection (even us humans do!)  And so, after about 50 minutes, these beauties were ready to come out the oven. (Picture is when I put the two pans together – that is why they are legit on top of each other.)


They went in a potato, and came out a French fry (because calling something a French fry does increase the deliciousness-o-meter)!  The whole house smelled super, and everyone gathered around our kitchen island ready for some frieeeess.   It’s amazing watching your family enjoy such a simple, yet such a lovely, and delicious, and fun meal.  And here is a link to a site that describes their health benefits better than I can.

Cheers to an efficient, frugal, and whole food vegan meal!  Get it done & stay strong!



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