Missed the K cut off, but went to K anyway!

We’re lucky, and we live an excellent school district.  I wanted nothing more than for my son to start off his Kindergarten school year here.  But, he was born October 14th, and we missed the cut off by exactly 14 days.  And so, what to do next?

He spent the last two years in an amazing Pre-K program and knew so much.  I couldn’t imagine him attending another year of pre-school, when he was ready for Kindergarten, and ready to learn more.  And so, my realtor suggested I send him to private school for K.  His daughter’s birthday was at the end of November, and that’s exactly what he did.

As a mom and parent, it’s sometimes really hard to figure out what is best for your child.  I want to push him as much as possible, so he learns more and more, but at the same time, I don’t want to push him too much, because he’s still a little boy, and I want him to soak up every ounce of being young, being free of schedules and lessons and homework & such.

But I knew deep down in my heart, he needed to go to “real school”.  And so we signed him up at a local Catholic school for Kindergarten.  The class size was 17 and he was the youngest one in class (maybe/perhaps/I think so).  And it was the best decision we have made so far.  This boy is reading, he’s recognizing all his sight words, he’s comprehending what he’s reading, he’s doing math, and he’s asking me to quiz him on addition and subtraction when we’re hanging out.  The report cards and progress cards all said he was moving right along schedule without any set backs.  The only issue we had was that he yelled out answers before the teacher had a chance to call on him.  Small chips right!


This little in-class assignment made me realize how amazing it is to watch your child learn.  Proud of this little dude, and this is why teachers are amazing humans.  They take a little child and guide them into understanding lifelong concepts.

I share this, because a lot of students don’t make the cut off, and can’t get started right away with their peers.  But don’t be afraid to push your children a little bit.  Get creative. My boy will repeat K at a public school this coming school year, because of the cut off dates again.  But I’ll keep pushing him.  I want him reading daily, and writing sentences, and doing math, and we’ll even invest and spend some $ into coding classes, and fun brain work.

Every parent will do everything they can to help their child excel.  And I wish I was pushed more, and further, I wish I invested more in my own education when I was younger.  It’s amazing the potential we all have when we’re guided the right way and challenged.  My main goal as a parent is that my children become confident in their skills, and then use that confidence to continue to learn and build onto their skills.  There is nothing worst than feeling bad about yourself, and this is what drives me.  Little by little little humans can learn it all, regardless of anything else.  If we’re making progress, we’re doing what’s right.  And progress will build confidence.  Keep challenging them, keep pushing them, keep asking them to step up and do the work, even if it’s little tiny things like recognizing certain letters or words.

In the past year, along with the sports he’s played, the work he’s done in school, the extra classes he attended while in school like Spanish, and religious education, and music and art, and the independence K asked him to have – I’ve seen him blossom!  This little guy rode the bus to and fro school each day.  He woke up and brushed his teeth, put on his school uniform, and did his hair each day.  He spritzed on his father’s cologne, and off he went.  (And there were also days that I had to dress him head to toe, and he went to school dragging his feet because he would have rather watched the ipad!) But mostly, he’s blossomed.  He’s a calm little boy, who is funny, and happy, and came home from school excited!  Doing homework on Monday and Tuesday and Thursday wasn’t his favorite time, BUT all of the classwork he brought home Friday, he was proud to show me.

I look forward to building his foundation even further, and I will challenge myself to keep pushing MYSELF to keep his education going, and do everything I can to make him stronger and stronger. Partly, because I know it’s importance, and mainly because I want him to have the most solid infrastructure possible that he can build onto day after day.

Cheers Parents.  We don’t know it all, but let’s keep pushing.



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