Clearing away da clutter 4 June!

A new month is about to start, and I can’t stop thinking about something super exciting:  getting rid of the clutter!  Not only the new month of JUNE is about to enroll itself with all of it’s fabulousness, but the weather is about to break, it’s going to get HOT HOT HOT and SUMMER will officially start.

So, what are we waiting for?  We need to make sure we have a ton of fun, and sometimes, to have fun, and live absolutely the way we want to – we to dump the clutter!  And I mean this in every sense of the word.  Physically – clear out your cabinets, your clothes, your closets, your bedrooms, and bathrooms, and fridge, and those hidden spaces you stuffed things into – and then never went back.

Sell what you can, donate, what you can, share with others what they may love – and keep it moving OUT of your house, out of your space, and out of your energy level.

Make your home super clean, and clear, and empty – and make sure it holds what you love most, what you use often.  Otherwise, pack it away, and give it away.  Say good bye to the clutter.  Use the new space of energy, the space where something is no longer – to let it be. Let it stand, and enjoy the emptiness.  Sometimes, we have so much.  I had a ton of photo frames (like five), on my dresser.  And recently, I put them away.  It was so nice and fresh, and I love thinking about NEW memories I can make, and new memories I made today, versus photos I took years and years ago.  It’s awesome to enjoy the past, but let’s live in the present.

Go into your cabinets, and just push everything to the front.  Eat through what is good, and donate/throw away what you may never open and enjoy.  I had two cans of pumpkin sitting in my cabinets, until I asked my hubby to use them in his bread.  And it was perfect. Bread came out super moist and delicious, but I was never ever going to use that pumpkin any other way.  Get creative, or donate.


You can also decide that one part of your kitchen or bedroom, or another space in your home, you will leave completely empty.

You may also have a drawer of “junk food” or candy, where – in the spirit of starting a brand new awesome month, you might want to toss the whole thing.  My kids pick up lots of candy through their travels of parties and school.  And yet, I never feel bad throwing any of it away:  because it’s filled with chemicals that hurt their bodies.  My boo boos love the sugar deliciousness, but there is plenty out there, plenty that they will still enjoy, and therefore when I get an opportunity to toss it all – I have zero remorse.  Bye bye bye.

Do the same with any food that is poorly assembled in terms of health.  If it’s doo doo, it belongs in the bin.

What about your clothes? Are there article of clothing that you have not worn in years, and it’s time to part with?  Take out and save your favorite digs, and the rest – move on from.  I have a pile of “donate” items I keep on the side of my bedroom.  Every day, or every few days, I toss something new in there. My daughter is out of everything 2T, so everything 2T that comes out of the wash, goes right in there. My little man’s sweats – all go into the donate pile.  Everything that I no longer wear – heads there.  It’s okay to move on from “things”.  Things are just things, and things we don’t love, belong with those that can love onto them, use them, and enjoy them.  They don’t belong nicely folded in our closets for years or years.  Or worst – rolled up in balls and stomped on daily.

Empty it all out.  De-cluttering totally empties out the clutter in my mind as well. Something about choosing what stays, what goes, has the same power of all thoughts in my head as well!  This thought is positive so it stays, this thought is negative so it goes.

And throughout this entire process, enjoy it so much.  Know that you are clearing out your home, cleaning it up, clearing out your mind, and cleaning up your thoughts – for a stronger today, and an even more efficient tomorrow.  Our space is limited, but what you can keep in it – is limitless.  So choose wisely.  It’s worth the effort, and get it done!




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