18lbs. See ya never.

When I stepped on the scale January 1st, I weighed 168lbs. I was like, ahhhhh, booooo hoo, pity party.  But I was not surprised.  Binge fest after binge fest of 2016 lead to exactly where I found myself:  chubby, barely recognizable, and thankful it was winter and I could hide in big clothes and high heeled boots.

But I knew I was ready to embark on a new journey, and I wasn’t going to let myself down.  I just wanted to feel good.  I wanted to feel good from the inside out.  I didn’t want to wake up feeling sick or with a food hangover day after day.  I didn’t want to binge eat anymore.  I didn’t want to feel like doo doo every single morning, and go through the motions of pushing through my day smiling through the miserable thinking about donuts and pizza and bagels.  I had this beautiful life, and I felt completely opposite inside.

And so I woke up each morning and I started working out again.  I nourished my bod with the shakes I talked about here, I started cellular cleansing.  I started to feel a tiny bit more whole.

But I also did a lot more things.  I started to listen to motivational videos.  I started walking 10K steps per day.  I started to listen & watch nutritional videos to learn even more.  I googled information about cravings, and satiety, and supplementation and intermittent fasting.  I kept walking, and kept talking.  I set goals, and I made new ones. Little by little, I started to see progress.

I shared this with some of my closest friends, and they too saw health improvements.  We all originally signed on to lose weight, but we lost so much more than some fat.  We lost that damn dieting yo yo baggage.

I recently stepped on the scale, and I was down 18lbs.


I started at 168lbs and now I’m at 150lbs.  My goal is 139lbs, and for the first time ever, I don’t feel like this is a diet.  Instead, it’s a transformative life-long nutritional solution.  It’s pretty damn amazing and as you can imagine, I feel good.  But not just because my belly is flat, and I see ridiculous awesome muscle in my arms.  But because I have peace in my heart.  For the first time in forever, I’m not worried if I’m going to feel good on our next vacation, or the next pool day, or that baby shower I have to go to or that wedding we have to attend.  For the first time ever, I know that I’ll wake up feeling good tomorrow morning, regardless of any other challenges.  I’m excited to meet strangers, and say hello to neighbors, and invite friends over!

I know that when I talk to someone and they say:  How come you are so positive and happy, I can say, “I finally started putting the right food in my body.”

My favorite thing about this system, and about my journey, is that it’s not a quick fix.  It’s not a short term crash, but instead, a beautiful voyage that improves each day.  Today, I ate three shakes.  My body craves the nutrition.  It craves the deliciousness of the vitamins, the minerals, the undenatured protein.  It craves each perfect meal.  It’s both forgiving and flexible.  It allows you to get right back on track, because you never really leave the train station.  You just keep plugging away and nourishing your bod.

When I connect with others who also want to drop some fat, and release some weight, it’s much more than the pounds.  Everyone is craving a health solution.  A long term health solution.  It’s so far beyond how we look, because it’s so much more important how we feel.

The way we wake up and treat each other is what everyone truly desires.  We want to love, we want to care, and we want to trust.  And mostly, we want to desire ourselves.  Everyone knows deep down in their souls that there is untapped physical, emotional, and mental potential we all want to get to.  But because we lack nourishment, because the basic need of “food” is not met, we dig and dig, but rarely get there.

Let’s all nourish ourselves a little bit more each day. Imagine eating well, and filling your body with the right nutrition for 10 days in a row.

And then 30.

And then 60 days of nutrition.

And then 100 days.  And then 1 year.   Imagine how you would feel?

I’m 150 days into two ore more shakes per day.  I’ve lost 18lbs of fat.  I’ve learned so much about myself, what I want in life, and where I’m going.  I’ve taken risks.  I’ve put myself out there.  I’ve been kinder to others.  I’ve been kinder to myself.  By connecting with other humans who want to be a better version of themselves, I’ve become a stronger version of myself.  I love love love learning about other people, and their struggles and obstacles, and then watching humans sore.  Every single one of us is so incredibly talented, but many of us have no idea the potential that lies within.  Yet, it’s all possible.

Stay strong.  Stay confident.  Stay nourished.  And stay uber motivated, in every single goal.  Don’t let a single vision of EXACTLY what you want go to the side.  It’s well deserved.  Take care of yourself, and take your time.  Do what is best for you.  Start off with water.  Start off with drinking a ton more water.  Start off by moving your bod.  Start off by walking more.  Start off with sleeping well, showering, brushing your teeth and flossing.  As my mentor says, “the magic is in the mundane” and the simpler the system, the simpler the habits, the stronger and longer the outcome.




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