Manifesting Your Dream You

Recently, I have been learning and re-learning everything I once knew and believed about the Law of Attraction.  If you believe and envision something strongly enough, it will happen, it will manifest.  A few years ago, at 27 years old, I found myself single, and not anyone in site ready for a mingle.  I decided to spend my birthday in Green Valley Spa in Utah, where I hiked those gorgeous mountains each day and then each night, I watched The Secret.  I watched that DVD over and over and over gain, until I would get it.  And I’m not sure why I put that DVD in that hotel room on repeat for practically my whole week there, but something in me was craving something.  I knew that magic wouldn’t happen, and I knew I had to do the work, and the work was as simple as believing and envisioning exactly what you want.

As soon as I got home, I knew I wanted love.  I wanted really lovely happy peaceful and loyal love.  I went to Khols and I purchased one of those sterling silver rings that looked like a wedding band.  And I put that ring on each and every single day on my way to work.  And those 40 minutes I spent “pretending” I was married.  Granted, at this time, I was as single as a toddler’s sock, but I still put on my little “wedding band” and drove off to work. For those 40 minutes I was exactly who I wanted.  I wanted to be loved and give love, I wanted to be married, I wanted a family, and those 40 minutes I envisioned and felt every single part of that life.

And I met my hubby just a few months later.  I met him October 18, right before my 28 birthday.  and when I met him, I didn’t think he was The One until on one of our first dates out, my husband opened up a fortune cookie, and it said: “This relationship will turn into a permanent one.”  And so, we just celebrated our 6 year anniversary.

This morning, I came home from run, and I got the most beautiful real life visual of what I manifested: sleeping bears everywhere.


The best part about believing & envisioning what you want in life, is that it’s possible to all, every single one of us.  And what’s most amazing about manifesting the life you want, is that you TRULY can enjoy the process & journey in getting there.

What do you want right now?  What do you desperately, with all of your heart, desire at this moment?

How would you feel having exactly what you wanted?

What would you wear?  What would you eat?  What would you make?  How would you spend your day?  What would you think?  Who would you share it with?  What vacation would you take?  How would your day look like?  Where would you live?  What season would it be?  How would you celebrate your birthday? What car would you drive?  What bathing suit would you buy?

Envision your life by believing you ALREADY have what you want – is exactly how you make what you want – come true in real life.

Envisioning your life by believing you ALREADY have what you want – is exactly how you make what you want – come true in real life.

Isn’t that incredibly so so beautiful?  I have so many dreams and visions and goals I’m working on right now, and I’m starting to get back to practicing exactly this process and journey of manifestation.  I must know what I want, believe I can and deserve to have it, and then just pretend I already have it.

Let’s say you want a new car, and let’s say you want a new gorgeous Volvo SUV (um, hello gorgeous future car of mine.)  And so, when you get into your current car, pretend it’s yo’ Volvo.  And it smells so fresh, and it’s tinted just right, and the HOT SUN of TODAY makes the air kick on hot, but then it cools down in seconds, and the car seat is on the right, and the booster seat on the left, and room for a few more in the back, and where are you driving your new car, and what sunglasses are you wearing while cruising out and about?

Whatever you want – you must imagine it.  And imagining it takes some work.  Because you must get your details right.  Put the work in, into the details.  Spend time on the details.  Do you want creamy leather interior?  Or what exactly do you want?

Do you want a bigger paycheck?  What will you do with your bigger check?  What if you get paid 10K every single Monday, how will you allocate this money?  How much will go to your parents?  How much of it will go to your grocery bill?  And then to your mortgage?  How much will you use to invest in your Vanguard accounts?  How much of that 10K will you save for college?  How much will you spend on updating or upgrading your home? How much will you save for a repair?  How much will you allocate for the next family vacay?

Do you want a new home?  What type of home?  What neighborhood?  Do you have a picture of your new home?  Have you been on looking at your dream home today?  Do you want 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and where will the guests stay?  What can you hear out the window of your new home?  Are the waves crashing or do you hear absolutely nothing?

What type of dream body do you want? How healthy is your heart?  How shiny is your hair?  How beautiful is your smile? How happy are you because you are whole?  What do you wear in your body?  How do you carry yourself?  Can you see yourself at a pool party walking confidently across the lawn? Can you see yourself standing by the grill chatting up your girlfriends? Can you absolutely imagine every part of your life with your new bod?  How do you respond when someone compliments you on your health?  Do you shy away, or do you hold your head up high, and know deep down inside you manifested and put the work in – to earn the right to hold your head up high, and live life in your dream bod?

Do you want a life of passion?  Do you want to work with people, or kids or pets? Do you want to connect with other humans and help them meet their goals?  What are you passionate about?  Can you see yourself doing the work you dream off?  Can you see yourself waking up each morning excited to start the day? Can you see yourself HOPPING out of bed to get to the day?  Do you see yourself drinking a cup of coffee or tea and smiling because you have a great day ahead of you?

What do you want?  What exactly do you want?  What exact details about what you want are true already?  What can you make true tomorrow?  How do you feel when you live your dream life? And how can you feel this way right now?

Manifesting your best life is about knowing what you want.

And then believing you deserve it.  Because you do.  Because I do.  Because my children do.  Because my husband does.  Because you do, too

And then, feel it.  Feel you are already there.  Feel good.  Feel that you already succeeded at living the way you want to live.  Even if you have to fake it at first.  Even if you have to pretend.  Even if you have to sound silly at first.  But you are already there.

You are already there.  You are so absolutely close.  Now you just have to believe your dream, and feel that passion rise up from inside, and know that it’s all just around the corner.  Do not limit yourself for a single second.  Go for it all, and then go even further.

Manifest it all.  Cheers to you!