Recognizing what you have already done so well before moving on.

Yesterday, I wrote about setting up new goals or reviving old goals, because tomorrow starts a brand new month, and what’s not to love about a brand new month.

But today, I want to focus on – what you are ALREADY doing so so well!

Are you feeling good?

Are you dealing well with challenges?

Have you accomplished more this year than any other year?

Are you on the right tract in life?

Are you with the right partner?

Are you surrounded by the right people?

Are you making the right financial decisions?

So often, we’re always focusing on what we need to do, what we want to do, what we must do, what there is left to do, and not enough on what we have already done, the amazing habits we have already created, and the ones we are building up on. It’s easy to get away from that center of gratefulness and accomplishment and go too far into the future, and feel out of touch and not blessed in and with the present.

So today, let us review what all of 2017 and August specifically brought into our lives.

My life philosophy is that you must be grateful and proud already, and then build onto it. Constantly, throughout my day I’m so happy with what I’ve already put into place and put into motion.  There are thousands of things I still want to accomplish, but staying focused and remembering what has already been done – is pretty darn amazing.  Listen,  I get it, we want what we want, we know what we need, and we are determined to get there.  But what have you already DONE?  How amazing are you already!?!


I love this so much because we are easy on others and hardest on ourselves, so take the next few minutes and physically write out what you have done well.  What have you accomplished so far?

For August, I’m proud of the following in no particular order:

Headed to Vegas to learn more!

Headed to Orlando to learn more!

Children are happy and healthy and are back in school feeling good!

Spent so much time with new friends and neighbors and having a blast getting to know really good humans.

I see so much talent and love and in the people that I surround myself with.  The people I speak to or interact with on a weekly or daily basis are rad, I’m proud of these relationships, proud of these connections.

Maintaining and upgrading our home to suit our long term needs, added French doors and made our offices official!

Proud of the nutrition and cleansing I’ve put into my bod for August, body loves it!

Studied hard and passed an exam!

Started early mid month – and always had a big fresh salad in the fridge, and Tony and I ate a large bowl of it almost on the daily.

Read four amazing prime free reading novels.  These books were so good that I still think about them and these characters.

Took four pure barre classes and a power yoga class.

And that’s some of August.  It wasn’t perfect and flawless it was just real life.  If I went into September not recognizing these tiny little things that went well, what kind of life would that be?  How much fun would it be to sit back and not remember a single ounce of fun or laughter or everything that already resulted in success?  We must never forget the work we have put in, to get to our new starting spot.  Write out everything you have done.  Everything you have done well.  Everything you have forgotten about – the work you have put into motion that grew you, gave you an experience, presented you with the next step, and made you so happening and fresh already!

Stay focused on the goals, stay focused on the exact life you desire, and the key is to build onto what you have already built.  Because the secret to getting exactly where you want to go, is stacking those accomplishments on top of each other, month after month, and recognizing not only the work ahead of us, but the work and success you’ve already done to get to your new Day 1.

Make that list.  Write it out.  Recognize your work.  Be grateful for what you’ve done well. Do it right now.  Save it.  And build onto it.

New Month Goals, go hard.

What, who can believe it?  Another month is almost upon us.  For some reason, August has been the best month of my year so far.  I’m not sure why, but everything is starting to click into place.

We go along on our journey, we keep pushing, we keep stepping back, we have challenges, we have easy days, we motivate ourselves, we stay motivated, we can’t find our motivation, we start over, we keep going, we do everything we need to do, month after month, and then slowly, things start to make sense, things start to click into place.

Maybe it’s our businesses, maybe it’s our nutrition, maybe it’s our physical health and exercise, maybe it’s our mindset, our gratitude, maybe it’s our main relationships or our other important relationships, maybe it’s parenting, or our financial freedom – whatever it may be – whatever you shall want, will eventually start to click into place at the level you desire most, especially when you keep your foot on that pedal, and keep moving forward along.

I know all of us humans want great things from all parts of our lives.  We want it all to click, we want to focus hard, and receive every gift and dream available to us.  And why not?  Life is short, let’s go so hard that we’re sweating at the end of each day.

September is almost upon us !  It’s here in exactly two days, and let’s set some goals.  What do you want to focus on?  What do you want?  Happiness is progress.  Happiness is living it on our own terms, using those talents that we have been given, and perfecting them so much that we are always sharing them with others.  How fun is that?

What is most important for you in September?

Do you want to take care of your health?  Your nutrition?  Your bod?  Your sleep?  Your home, your children, your hubby or best friend or pet?  Do you want to save more, spend less, care more, or care less about events or experiences that no longer matter.  Do you want to have less anxiety, and have more ease?  Do you want to earn more cash, or create passive income, or residual income? Do you want to pay off bills, or credit cards, or pay home mortgage payments ahead of time?  Do you want to work more with your children, and show them more patience and more love?  Do you want to love yourself more?  Do you want to take care of your skin, your teeth, your nails, your hair?

What do you want most for September?  Do you want to have more experiences, do something you have never done before?  Do you want to run a race, or clean your home, or move out on your own, or buy a new home, do you want to challenge yourself in a way you have never challenged yourself before?  Do you want to go to church, or go vegan or raw, or show up early to work each and every day? Do you want to stay late, or learn a trade, or take a class, or read a novel, or watch less tv, or start a blog?  What is it you want?

What can you do in the month of September that will just awaken your spirit, lift you up, keep you smiling, and make it a great month?  This is all we have guys.  We just have life, one month at a time, and we must make it a great time.

My goals for September are clear, and clearer than they ever have been before.

I want to work with people and get them started on the absolutely best nutrition journey in this entire world.  I want to continue to push myself, and prioritize my health above all else.  I want to work on my sleep, on waking up early, on eating well, for every single meal.  I want to cleanse twice per month, and I want to continue to build a great team.

I want to run each and every day, and do as much yoga as I can.  I want to work with my son each and every day on math, reading, writing and comprehension.  I want to learn how to by the end of this school year, have him craving the worksheets, and math books, and reading and writing.  I’m determined to get there, because seeking out knowledge is so much fun.  It leads to the most passionate life.  And who doesn’t want their children to be passionate about life?


I want to stay positive each hour, and enjoy every single day.  There is so much to be grateful for each day, and our attitudes, and outlook, and how we enter each day and task ahead, leads to the outcome of all of our goals & accomplishments.  I also know our mindset and attitude connects us with others of the same kind.  I am ready for more friends, more colleagues, more teammates, more clients – all of this exact same grade.

My home is my everything.  I love it so much and care so deeply about the energy and peace here.  I want to start to slowly part and donate and share things we no longer need in this home.  I have so many clothes, and other tiny lil thangs that need to go – and in September, I’m slowly going to keep putting things away, and giving them away.

Lastly, in September I want to plan some amazing experiences.  I want to go to Poland next summer, I want to visit some friends and do more conferences and training.  I want to read more novels, and I want to say YES more often.  I want September to be rich in fun, and freedom and peace and learning.

Cheers loves to working hard, staying determined and making all of YOU come true!

take a step back

I remember finishing my freshmen year of high school, and asking friends to sign my yearbook during one of those end-of-the-school-no-class functions and thinking:  “I can’t wait to go to college!”  Once in college, I couldn’t wait to graduate.  I did a lot of hanging out with my dear roommates, and then going to class, but I just couldn’t wait to get on with my life and graduate.

My 20ies were the same exact way.  I started my first job, and what was next? Then what else could I do?  What else could I do?  What else was out there?  I was hungry and insatiable for most of this decade.  I just wanted the next thing and the next thing, and nothing really made me happy.  I kept searching for it hard core.

And that was cool.  I learned I had a pretty rad work ethic, I learned that this world was quite abundant and it was abundantly clear that life rewarded those who understood this.  If you pushed hard enough, you pretty much always got what you wanted.

Except, when you don’t put in the same amount of effort on narrowing in on what you exactly what – you will get stung.

And that’s what happened to me.  I kept rushing through these twenties, as if I was on FIRE!!!  I even married my husband a few months after meeting him because there was no more time!  Thankfully – the Universe was looking out for me, because our relationship was the best fast decision we ever made.  But I wasn’t this lucky in everything.

After having my son, and then my daughter, I had to take a major step back.  Some things happened that made me haul my booty back over to the starting line, and other times, I put every piece of effort and energy into the perfect pivot turn.  I wanted to be at the starting line again.  I needed to.  I needed to be a rookie, a newbie, a fresher, to save myself.

The last four years of my 30ies, the steps backwards I have taken, have taken me in such a different path. Such a solid, real, transparent, honest and human path.

It all started when I started asking myself some questions:

What do I want?
What do I really want?
Who am I?
How do I want to live my life?
How do I want each day to go?
Who do I want to talk to?
Who inspires me?
Who do I love?
What do I love?
What are my talents?
What do I need to learn?
Who lives the way I want to live?
How can I create freedom?
How can I create endless freedom?
How can I be more me?
How can I contribute to this world?
What can I contribute to my family?

Once some answers started popping up – I started moving in that direction.  Taking a step back is humbling.  It is.  I wanted to be that person that already HAD a decade of experience in this or that, and that wasn’t going to happen with a major 180.

But what’s the alternative?  How many people find themselves 10, 20, 30, 40 years into a career or relationships or hobby or home situation and they knew for decades that it was always the wrong move.  It didn’t suit their heart or life or future or anything that truly matters – for years and years.


And so – take a step back.  Heck, take a zillion steps back if you have to.  Take a step back so hard, and own it.  Return to the very beginning if it means building and rebuilding something of absolute freedom, or passion, or happiness, or truth.  Or all of that!  How amazing is that?  How awesome that we, as free human beings can say:  “This no longer serves me.  This does not serve me, it doesn’t serve those I love.  Let’s re-group.”

You don’t have to up-heave your entire life and world to take a few steps backwards, but you do have to honor honesty and truth and reflection and you have to use some courage to get there.  And start little.  Start with tiny steps.  If you really love this, do this.  If you are really really really passionate about something, learn more about it.  Immerse yourself in it.  If you really want your future to look like xyz, start heading towards xyz, and away from something that won’t suite you at all, ever.

Wake up tomorrow and ask yourself what you want most, what you desire most.  And do a little bit more to get there.  Learn more – read more – focus more on exactly this thing.  Life will naturally focus you away from what you no longer desire once you know what you desire, and gently push you into the right directly.  For me, I took a lot of steps back, facing forward (because fear is real).  I just kept walking back, until I put myself on the right path.  An epiphany hit me hard, when I realized that to do what I want, for the life I desire and I will live one day, I had to learn and re-learn the skills required.  And now that I know this, I’m ferocious in wanting this knowledge,and then wanting to put it into practice.

The more we grow and figure out EXACTLY what we want, the louder the answers will become.  One day you will find yourself living exactly as you please, as you wish, pushing forward without any resistance.

Cheers my dear friends.  Cheers to that pivot turn!

Vibe = Tribe

When we were choosing a home in Florida, something I couldn’t get off the wish list was the perfect office space.  I wanted nothing more than to have my very own office space with lots of light and windows and amazing energy.  I wanted the same for my husband.  And when I walked into what is now our current home, there was a perfect office space for me, and opposite me – a perfect space for my better half.

Having graduated college what is now 17+ years ago, I am just finally getting into my groove of what I want in life, what careers I want to pursue, how I want to spend each day & the rest of my life. And something that has become more prominent than anything else is realizing that my vibe attracts my tribe.

Who I want to become, who I am, attracts who I surround myself with, who surrounds me on the daily.  And I have never worked harder, to make sure that my people, my humans, get the very best me each day.  When I started working on my internal dialogue, when I dove into my discipline, when I searched out mentors and great people, I found myself in contact, more and more often with really rad-kind-humble and hard working human beings.

I always thought I was lucky in some things in life, and unlucky in others.  “Why did this happen to me? ” “Why did I have to meet them?” “Why am I surrounded by him or her?”  And the truth is – my VIBE attracted it all, the good and the not so good.  And lately, I realized, I AM IN CONTROL OF MY SURROUNDINGS & PEOPLE.  Regardless of the reason.

Regardless of the reason, or the excuse or the story I told & tell myself.  And sure, many times I did not know better, I thought I did, I did not have the experience, I did things for the wrong reasons, I was greedy or selfish or immature or impatient or hungry or just completely ignorant.  And it was what it was.  But that vibe still attracted the tribe.

If you want to change your life, change your vibe.   Imagine if you tend to get angry quickly, or if you do things for money over anything else, or if you don’t mind if you are quick with your words, or if you don’t believe in forgiveness or if you focus on the negative or if you don’t recognize the good life you are surrounded by – and then you find yourself surrounded by people who are just like you.  They are easily angered, and not grateful and don’t forgive and …  Why?  Our vibes attract our tribes.

When you change your vibe, you attract your tribe.  And at whatever point you are in your life – you deserve the right tribe.  The tribe the ELEVATES you.  The tribe that inspires you.  The tribe that makes you laugh your booty shaker off.  The tribe that loves you so much.  The tribe that teaches you and challenges you and nurtures you.  The tribe that hugs you physically or virtually.

I sit back and I think about the people in my tribe right now.  It’s certainly not an all inclusive tribe.  It’s just an open door, open circle mixed and matched and in and out tribe of humans.  And their intentions for life for humans for living are so right on.  And that’s exactly where I find myself today.  Just live your best life, not in a perfect way, but just in a growth oriented, humble, amazing intentional way.

My hubby isn’t perfect, neither am I.  Nor are my girlfriends or favorite family members. Nor are my teammates, or colleagues or neighbors, but you know what we and they all have in common:  those damn bright intentions!  They are so right on point, and so happy, and healthy, and kind and giving and generous – that I thank the Universe each day for this tribe.

Because my vibe attracts this tribe.  Create your vibe, and attract your tribe.  Cheers lovers!

And you mussssstttt check out Declaration HOME for your favorite FLAG!  I couldn’t order this baby fast enough, because it spoke to the most important part of me!


make one salad, eat all week

With the privilege of time and age and aging and knowledge and practice and amazing free info on the Internet, the more I realize that food and grub and everything we ingest falls into just two categories:

1 – what we eat either helps us thrive, fuels us without error

2 – or what we eat hurts, hinders our bodies, mind and soul

Sounds extremely dramatic, but it’s the truth.  Everything we eat either makes our internal organs and processes feel good, or it doesn’t.  Yet, this knowledge doesn’t automatically make me or 99.9% of the population from engaging in eating delicious grub for fun, for pleasure for celebration and a lot of times – due to boredom or habit.

So I personally, have to make a valiant effort to EAT WELL as often as possible, and turn as many awesome meals into lifelong habits as possible.  #practicemakesperfect

Something I’ve successfully done this entire year, is I’ve had a super food shake for breakfast, each morning.  I may have missed it twice this year.  On V-Day and Easter – where we hosted breakfast for family or went for breakfast with family.  Otherwise, it’s shake shake shake shake errrrryday.  This habit, I’m extremely proud and grateful for – and one I want to BUILD onto!

And so – for dinner, I want to instill #SALADlife.  My husband finds it so incredible simple and delicious to have salad for dinner.  And honestly – when a salad is made and already prepped, it’s hard to say no to salad.  I mean it’s crunchy, delicious, healthy, green, full of water, it has all that awesome live and raw food we should all be ingesting anyway – and we can eat it solo with a favorite dressing, or we can top it with something else (whatever you want!)

But the physical act of making, chopping, prepping, buying, washing and getting a salad together each and every night is daunting.  It’s fun on day one when you are super psyched and motivated, but by day two when you ran out of lettuce or tomato or another main ingredient, it’s like:  “Um, I’ll just put some fries in the oven or throw some chips in a bowl.”

So, to combat this, I decided to create one major salad every Sunday or Monday – to have for each day of the week.

Today at Publix I ended up getting:

romaine lettuce (pack of 3)
chopped up carrots
chopped up peppers
broccoli florets (mostly chopped up)


And I took out my largest bowl:

chop up romaine lettuce, then add spinach on top of the romaine, then the broccoli florets (chop up a lil bit more), and then put whole bag of carrots on top, and then lastly, top with peppers

Super simple, and easy.  I buy the chopped up carrots and peppers and broccoli, because even though it would cost less to buy those veggies whole – the act of chopping all isn’t on the schedule for me at this time – so I “buy” the convenience and am grateful for the option.


I put a plate on top of the bowl, and put the whole thing in the fridge.  It stays fresh all week long.  Don’t add any dressing, but instead, when you are ready for a bowl of salad, add the dressing then!  Putting this salad together took minutes.  The volume and quality are high, but the actual process to create it – low as grass.

Boom boom boom!

Delicious every single time, and I get the most pleasure out of it when I see our 15 year asking for a bowl of salad, or when Tony finally sits down at the end of the day in front of Vice news with a big bowl of fresh goodness!  Knowing he’s going to bed with a stomach full of raw veggies is EVERYTHING.  Like everything!

Create your own amazing salad – create it once, and enjoy all week!

How To Creamiest Shakes Eva

I love my shakes.  I eat meal replacement shakes (which sounds pretty blah but they are so ahhhh!), for every breakfast and 99% of my noon time meals!  And then also & sometimes at 3pm or dinner – depending on the day and life’s adventures that day.  To me, it’s the easiest simplest and most delicious way to get my nutrients in, each and every single day – without a hassle.

Someone asked me at a dinner last week if I eat “real food” too?  And of course I do.  I pretty much eat EVERYTHING.  Though, I love sticking to as much fresh, raw, plant food as possible (think salads), but when I’m out or about, or out with friends, or we’re hosting a get-together or a bbq, I go with the flow, and enjoy what I want.  The goal is to always have a LARGE salad bowl in the fridge each day waiting for my husband and I – so when we do want to eat “real food” we first turn to that!

The shakes just add so much life to my life, they make things so easy, they make me feel so good, they take so much food work away from my life, and they just fill a need.  The kids love the shakes (mostly as a dinner or post dinner/pre-bed meal), which thrills me to pieces.  They go to bed each night with amazing protein and nutrients and vitamins in their body.  What mama wouldn’t love that?  Plus they are happy – because to them, a shake is “ice-cream”.

And so, I love a really creamy extra thick shake myself.  Hey, I wasn’t holding onto an extra 20lbs last year because I didn’t love ice-cream from Halo Pub (thanks NJ), or Diary Queen when the opportunity arose.  Thankfully – those days are gone, but my love for a thick milkshake has not gone away.

Here is how I make the thickest, most creamiest shakes eva:

1:  Ice & water half the cup.

2:  Add protein powder/meal replacement powder.

3: Blend.

And that’s it.  At first, I would add a banana or anything else.  Now I just keep it uber simple, and super easy and boom: ice water meal and donito!!!

Out comes the cream of the crop, the creamiest most delicious and healthiest super food you can put into your body each and every single day.  We went to Vegas to learn more about these super foods and the founder of the company said:  “I eat this all of the time, and then I supplement with ‘real food’.” And that’s truly how it should be:  90% of the time put amazing nutrients into your system so it functions correctly, and then the other 10% of the time:  Eat anything else you want.  How freeing is that?


How to get back on track. Like ASAP.

I love love love the topic of “how to get back on track” because a lot of times, we fall away from our goals, we go down the wrong path, we don’t take care of ourselves, we get discouraged, or fearful, or we straight out refuse to move forward.  And so – I both loath and love getting myself back on track – because if you are a human being, it’s a crucial and critical skill.

A decade ago, when I was 24, and I got myself off track it was monstrous.  It was dramatic, and painful, and I would hurt my heart and head, and then I would have to crawl my way out of it.  Literally – physically – mentally – emotionally – I would make a plan, and I would have to SLOWLY get myself out of the hole.  And then, very often, I would fall back again.

Thankfully, with the power of time, and a desire for self-development, things have improved.  I am now responsible for a home, and businesses, and a family, and little humans, and I am responsible to the commitments I made and continue to make, and I know myself a thousand percent better.  Now, when I fall off track, it doesn’t feel as if I’m sprinting backwards in full speed down a steep dirty hole, but instead, I basically sit down or get knocked down, or need a rest, and when it’s time to get going – I may don’t know what to do first.

I was sitting on a plane next to a beautiful human recently, and she was telling me about her children, all in their 20ies, and I thought to myself:  what a tough age.  What a tough and challenging decade.  It’s so confusing and confounding and truly a conundrum.  You can but you can’t.  You know but you don’t.  You want but you need.  You are just plain ole a mess, at times.

But it’s survivable.  I wish I could go back and re-do some parts of it, but then, heck, it made me who I am today, so I am grateful for those years, and thankful for the lessons!

But what do you do – when you today – or I tomorrow – or someone else the next day – falls off track, and has to get back up?

Drink Water.  I just googled how many ounces we should drink per day.  Going for your body weight is a good start.  Water is refreshing, and it zaps us out of whatever is happening, and puts the focus on just health.  Simply, just start drinking some water, and get your ish together.  Get your body hydrated, get whatever is flowing throughout it – out, and drink it up.  I have to drink 150oz of water a day, so I drink 25oz water bottle 6 times a day:
5-9pm, and then another bottle in between all of the above and after 9pm to reach those 150oz.  That’s the goal, and I’m committing to it each day!

Write out your goals.

Write out exactly what you want, what you need to do, what you plan on doing, what will make you feel better, what you want to get off your chest, what has happened, what pattern of getting off track you have observed, what you can do next time to avoid falling off track, what else is going on, and then feel free to even doodle.   Make it a list, make it a vision board, write it on a white board, in a notebook, on your iPhone.  Just get it out of your head.  Writing is therapeutic.  It’s peaceful, it’s calm, it’s quiet.  It’s exactly what you need to do – when you don’t know what to do.

Do exactly what you need to do for that day.

Perhaps you need to go to work and get to work.  Dress well, dress up. Shower.  Take care of your children.  Focus on your tasks.  Pay your bills, and organize something.  Declutter something.  Get rid, throw away or donate something.  Do your laundry, and put everything away.  Clean your home, clean extra hard.  Clean harder than ever before.  Do exactly what you have to do without letting anything get in the way.  Don’t think future, think today.

Get on YouTube.  ASAP.  Watch what will get you going.  For me, personally, I love tuning into Steve Pavlina, or Tony Robbins, and then when I don’t want to watch them, I search something like “how to get back on track” or “how to get going” or “law of attraction”.  Something/anything that will get my mind spinning in the right direction again.  Seriously – we just need our mind straight and the rest of life follows.

Self Care.  Take a shower.  I know this is crazy, but a shower, a scrub, a shave, a full body wash, a hair wash – will zap you right back into a better mindset.  It’s physically and figuratively washing away the crap!  Get so fresh you can’t even handle it!  Do your nails or head out to get them done.  Get a hair cut.  Get rid of every article of clothing you LOATH!  Or that is damaged.  The other day, I went through my dishes, and tossed every single dish with a chip in it.  I just realized that I would RATHER have 6 bowls, then 8 bowls, with two of them chipped.  It made me feel better.  It just did.

Connect with your tribe.  Maybe moving to Florida has made me appreciate friendships and relationships more than ever – but I love my tribe.  I text, I call, I talk and I face-time with some really awesome friends and family and neighbors on the daily.  Connecting with them makes me feel good about my life.  I’m proud of what they are doing, we talk about challenges and make a plan on how to overcome them.  I realize they are human, and I love them so much for it.  And they also realize I am human and help me, and love me just the same.  It’s awesome and fun, and we laugh and it’s not long – it doesn’t have to be hour long conversations each day – but just connections.  Just connecting with good humans.  Connect with more each day.  This pretty amazing and wonderful ability we all have is thanks to social media.  You can connect with people who are similar to you – and you can check out and check in on what they are doing – and you can be inspired, or motivated and excited.  It’s truly a gift, and an area I have grown in the past several years.  The more quality humans in my life – the merrier.  The room here is absolutely endless.

Read.  I started reading in summer of 2015.  I can’t stop.  I love novels.  I don’t mind self help – but I usually stop after the first chapter or so.  I would rather LISTEN to self help books, but novels, I read.  I read and I love them, and I read at night before bed – once the kids go to sleep, and then in the middle of the night – if I wake up and can’t get back to sleep, and if there ever is an opportunity – I read first thing in the AM.  And I love the characters, and learning about their lives, and super authors have an ability to INSPIRE by sharing.  And it gets me out of my own life, and head, and bs.  The last several novels I’ve read were all based in Europe during WWII.  How can I NOT wake up grateful and feel blessed and on track, after the suffering and death that so many people endured. But it’s those characters and reading about how they survived one of the worst periods of our history – that inspires and gives perspective.  Read.  Pick any book you want – and just start.

Amazing Kindle free prime reading book:  Those Who Save Us:


Learn.  I often get off track when I don’t know something, or I get frustrated because I don’t have enough experience, or I don’t know how to do something, or I just don’t know.  And it’s because I have to learn, and learn, and practice and master a skill I don’t yet own and have.  Because when I don’t know something, and I’m asked to do this – I easily will throw myself off track, just to avoid doing it.  For instance, if you were asked to give a speech, but you don’t engage in public speaking, it would be easy for you to head out, drink too much or eat too much, or get sick, and then say:  “I can’t give this speech, because I’m sick.”  Well yes, you are sick, but you made yourself this way, because you don’t have the necessary skill of public speaking and in return – you made yourself a mess to avoid moving forward.  And so – let’s learn.

I was binge eating for a long time in my short life, and finally I decided to learn WHY and then EVERYTHING there was to learn about binge eating, because I needed the cravings to stop.  I learned I was nutrient deficient, I learned about the foods I was eating daily and how they didn’t help to eat better, but instead, they contributed to binge eating, and so I set out to learn and teach myself all about nutrition and what my body needed and find a solution that worked.  And so – you TOO can go back to learning and understanding things that you may not be an expert in – so that when situations present themselves that challenge you – you aren’t going to spin backwards, but step forward confidently.


Just get going.  Just get moving.  Just get back to focus.  If you have to fake it till you make it for a few hours or days or weeks, then do so.  Pretend you are already super motivated and happy and ready for the challenges that await.  Just move, and go through the motions, and do everything you have to do – and everything you want to do.  Talk to yourself.  Talk to yourself as if your best friend would talk to you.  Keep things so positive you feel funny as heck, but do it.  It will propel you forward.  It will move everything forward, that before you even realize it – you will be so far down the track, you don’t even remember when you got the heck back on!

On track living is the best living.  Because when we feel good, we do good!

Cheers my beautiful readers and friends, and humans.




Motivation IS the result, not a catalyst.  

Recently, I spent four days in Vegas, and another two days in Orlando.  I was doing a lot of learning and a lot of listening.  I’m extremely grateful for the life that we have and live, but there is a fire burning within me to do more, to learn more, to share more.  And because of this fire, I want to get better, each and every single day.

In Orlando, I heard a speaker (Jon Gordon), and he said:  Motivation is IS the result NOT a catalyst.

And for the life of me, and for as long as I could remember, I often looked for my and more motivation!  Where is my motivation?  Where did it go?  I had such an awesome day yesterday, where is it today?  How could I have been so motivated for a whole month straight, and these last few weeks, nothing.

And it clicked:  Motivation IS the result, not a catalyst!  I wrote it down, and wrote it down again, and again, so I would never ever forget it.  And now, when I think I need a little motivation to get me going, I now KNOW that I need to get GOING, and then the motivation will come!


So boooooya.  How freaken amazing is that?  It’s so brilliant!  We all see the people around us – some are just flat out on their backs not doing anything, and others are sprinting and running marathons, and got it all going on and then some.  And we all say:  I wish I had what they had?  And we do.

Every single one of us – has exactly what we need to get going.  We just need to get going.

I was dropping off my daughter to preschool today, and as I was pulling out of the parking lot, I saw a mom walking her son to school.  But this mama was blind.  In one hand she was holding and using a folding blind cane to navigate forward and with the other hand, she was holding her little boy’s hand.  He was maybe 5 or 6.  And honestly – that moment I could not remember the last time I was grateful for the gift of eye sight.  How many people run through their day never saying a quick thank you for their ability to do any type of activity, without the use of a cane or a wheelchair or walking sticks or a human aide.

I share this story, because we need to get going.  We need to get moving, we need to do exactly what is required of our own human selves to live our best life.  The motivation WILL come.  It will be created.  You yourself will create the motivation.

Most days, I wake up pretty excited for each day.  And other days, I go through the motion.  I need to walk, I need to get a shower, I need to read, I need to be kind, I need to realize how absolutely blessed I am (regardless of any challenges), and I need to keep moving forward.  Always keep moving forward, while being absolutely grateful for your current present, and past.

And so – good things happen.

Recently, I decided to write out everything good that happens each hour or day.  I have a whiteboard in my office, and every time I spoke with someone I wrote it down.  Every time I took care of myself – I wrote it on the board. Every time good news flowed into my life, I wrote it out.  Every time I made a decision that was going to make tomorrow better – I wrote it down. Every time I connected with someone – I wrote it down.  And all of this – created motivation to do more.  We have to IGNITE ourselves on fire – and many times, just like a real fire, it starts with NOTHING.

There is absolutely no flame before there is a flame.  And our motivation is the exact same way.  We have to get up and do those five or 10 things we need to do – and THEN we can check in on the motivation.

Get up each morning, and work out, and eat well, and say thanks, and appreciate the present, and help someone, and connect with yourself, connect with others, and read simple yet powerful words that will clear away the clutter – the motivation will present itself, and looking for it won’t be so necessary.  It’ll be here hanging around you non-stop.  Like, “Hey friend, here I am, motivation (happiness), let’s keep going.”

Cheers to an incredible day – and get it done!  Get it done x 10000, and if you have no clue what you need to do – start off by taking care of yourself and then being extremely kind to those around you.