Motivation IS the result, not a catalyst.  

Recently, I spent four days in Vegas, and another two days in Orlando.  I was doing a lot of learning and a lot of listening.  I’m extremely grateful for the life that we have and live, but there is a fire burning within me to do more, to learn more, to share more.  And because of this fire, I want to get better, each and every single day.

In Orlando, I heard a speaker (Jon Gordon), and he said:  Motivation is IS the result NOT a catalyst.

And for the life of me, and for as long as I could remember, I often looked for my and more motivation!  Where is my motivation?  Where did it go?  I had such an awesome day yesterday, where is it today?  How could I have been so motivated for a whole month straight, and these last few weeks, nothing.

And it clicked:  Motivation IS the result, not a catalyst!  I wrote it down, and wrote it down again, and again, so I would never ever forget it.  And now, when I think I need a little motivation to get me going, I now KNOW that I need to get GOING, and then the motivation will come!


So boooooya.  How freaken amazing is that?  It’s so brilliant!  We all see the people around us – some are just flat out on their backs not doing anything, and others are sprinting and running marathons, and got it all going on and then some.  And we all say:  I wish I had what they had?  And we do.

Every single one of us – has exactly what we need to get going.  We just need to get going.

I was dropping off my daughter to preschool today, and as I was pulling out of the parking lot, I saw a mom walking her son to school.  But this mama was blind.  In one hand she was holding and using a folding blind cane to navigate forward and with the other hand, she was holding her little boy’s hand.  He was maybe 5 or 6.  And honestly – that moment I could not remember the last time I was grateful for the gift of eye sight.  How many people run through their day never saying a quick thank you for their ability to do any type of activity, without the use of a cane or a wheelchair or walking sticks or a human aide.

I share this story, because we need to get going.  We need to get moving, we need to do exactly what is required of our own human selves to live our best life.  The motivation WILL come.  It will be created.  You yourself will create the motivation.

Most days, I wake up pretty excited for each day.  And other days, I go through the motion.  I need to walk, I need to get a shower, I need to read, I need to be kind, I need to realize how absolutely blessed I am (regardless of any challenges), and I need to keep moving forward.  Always keep moving forward, while being absolutely grateful for your current present, and past.

And so – good things happen.

Recently, I decided to write out everything good that happens each hour or day.  I have a whiteboard in my office, and every time I spoke with someone I wrote it down.  Every time I took care of myself – I wrote it on the board. Every time good news flowed into my life, I wrote it out.  Every time I made a decision that was going to make tomorrow better – I wrote it down. Every time I connected with someone – I wrote it down.  And all of this – created motivation to do more.  We have to IGNITE ourselves on fire – and many times, just like a real fire, it starts with NOTHING.

There is absolutely no flame before there is a flame.  And our motivation is the exact same way.  We have to get up and do those five or 10 things we need to do – and THEN we can check in on the motivation.

Get up each morning, and work out, and eat well, and say thanks, and appreciate the present, and help someone, and connect with yourself, connect with others, and read simple yet powerful words that will clear away the clutter – the motivation will present itself, and looking for it won’t be so necessary.  It’ll be here hanging around you non-stop.  Like, “Hey friend, here I am, motivation (happiness), let’s keep going.”

Cheers to an incredible day – and get it done!  Get it done x 10000, and if you have no clue what you need to do – start off by taking care of yourself and then being extremely kind to those around you.


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