How to get back on track. Like ASAP.

I love love love the topic of “how to get back on track” because a lot of times, we fall away from our goals, we go down the wrong path, we don’t take care of ourselves, we get discouraged, or fearful, or we straight out refuse to move forward.  And so – I both loath and love getting myself back on track – because if you are a human being, it’s a crucial and critical skill.

A decade ago, when I was 24, and I got myself off track it was monstrous.  It was dramatic, and painful, and I would hurt my heart and head, and then I would have to crawl my way out of it.  Literally – physically – mentally – emotionally – I would make a plan, and I would have to SLOWLY get myself out of the hole.  And then, very often, I would fall back again.

Thankfully, with the power of time, and a desire for self-development, things have improved.  I am now responsible for a home, and businesses, and a family, and little humans, and I am responsible to the commitments I made and continue to make, and I know myself a thousand percent better.  Now, when I fall off track, it doesn’t feel as if I’m sprinting backwards in full speed down a steep dirty hole, but instead, I basically sit down or get knocked down, or need a rest, and when it’s time to get going – I may don’t know what to do first.

I was sitting on a plane next to a beautiful human recently, and she was telling me about her children, all in their 20ies, and I thought to myself:  what a tough age.  What a tough and challenging decade.  It’s so confusing and confounding and truly a conundrum.  You can but you can’t.  You know but you don’t.  You want but you need.  You are just plain ole a mess, at times.

But it’s survivable.  I wish I could go back and re-do some parts of it, but then, heck, it made me who I am today, so I am grateful for those years, and thankful for the lessons!

But what do you do – when you today – or I tomorrow – or someone else the next day – falls off track, and has to get back up?

Drink Water.  I just googled how many ounces we should drink per day.  Going for your body weight is a good start.  Water is refreshing, and it zaps us out of whatever is happening, and puts the focus on just health.  Simply, just start drinking some water, and get your ish together.  Get your body hydrated, get whatever is flowing throughout it – out, and drink it up.  I have to drink 150oz of water a day, so I drink 25oz water bottle 6 times a day:
5-9pm, and then another bottle in between all of the above and after 9pm to reach those 150oz.  That’s the goal, and I’m committing to it each day!

Write out your goals.

Write out exactly what you want, what you need to do, what you plan on doing, what will make you feel better, what you want to get off your chest, what has happened, what pattern of getting off track you have observed, what you can do next time to avoid falling off track, what else is going on, and then feel free to even doodle.   Make it a list, make it a vision board, write it on a white board, in a notebook, on your iPhone.  Just get it out of your head.  Writing is therapeutic.  It’s peaceful, it’s calm, it’s quiet.  It’s exactly what you need to do – when you don’t know what to do.

Do exactly what you need to do for that day.

Perhaps you need to go to work and get to work.  Dress well, dress up. Shower.  Take care of your children.  Focus on your tasks.  Pay your bills, and organize something.  Declutter something.  Get rid, throw away or donate something.  Do your laundry, and put everything away.  Clean your home, clean extra hard.  Clean harder than ever before.  Do exactly what you have to do without letting anything get in the way.  Don’t think future, think today.

Get on YouTube.  ASAP.  Watch what will get you going.  For me, personally, I love tuning into Steve Pavlina, or Tony Robbins, and then when I don’t want to watch them, I search something like “how to get back on track” or “how to get going” or “law of attraction”.  Something/anything that will get my mind spinning in the right direction again.  Seriously – we just need our mind straight and the rest of life follows.

Self Care.  Take a shower.  I know this is crazy, but a shower, a scrub, a shave, a full body wash, a hair wash – will zap you right back into a better mindset.  It’s physically and figuratively washing away the crap!  Get so fresh you can’t even handle it!  Do your nails or head out to get them done.  Get a hair cut.  Get rid of every article of clothing you LOATH!  Or that is damaged.  The other day, I went through my dishes, and tossed every single dish with a chip in it.  I just realized that I would RATHER have 6 bowls, then 8 bowls, with two of them chipped.  It made me feel better.  It just did.

Connect with your tribe.  Maybe moving to Florida has made me appreciate friendships and relationships more than ever – but I love my tribe.  I text, I call, I talk and I face-time with some really awesome friends and family and neighbors on the daily.  Connecting with them makes me feel good about my life.  I’m proud of what they are doing, we talk about challenges and make a plan on how to overcome them.  I realize they are human, and I love them so much for it.  And they also realize I am human and help me, and love me just the same.  It’s awesome and fun, and we laugh and it’s not long – it doesn’t have to be hour long conversations each day – but just connections.  Just connecting with good humans.  Connect with more each day.  This pretty amazing and wonderful ability we all have is thanks to social media.  You can connect with people who are similar to you – and you can check out and check in on what they are doing – and you can be inspired, or motivated and excited.  It’s truly a gift, and an area I have grown in the past several years.  The more quality humans in my life – the merrier.  The room here is absolutely endless.

Read.  I started reading in summer of 2015.  I can’t stop.  I love novels.  I don’t mind self help – but I usually stop after the first chapter or so.  I would rather LISTEN to self help books, but novels, I read.  I read and I love them, and I read at night before bed – once the kids go to sleep, and then in the middle of the night – if I wake up and can’t get back to sleep, and if there ever is an opportunity – I read first thing in the AM.  And I love the characters, and learning about their lives, and super authors have an ability to INSPIRE by sharing.  And it gets me out of my own life, and head, and bs.  The last several novels I’ve read were all based in Europe during WWII.  How can I NOT wake up grateful and feel blessed and on track, after the suffering and death that so many people endured. But it’s those characters and reading about how they survived one of the worst periods of our history – that inspires and gives perspective.  Read.  Pick any book you want – and just start.

Amazing Kindle free prime reading book:  Those Who Save Us:


Learn.  I often get off track when I don’t know something, or I get frustrated because I don’t have enough experience, or I don’t know how to do something, or I just don’t know.  And it’s because I have to learn, and learn, and practice and master a skill I don’t yet own and have.  Because when I don’t know something, and I’m asked to do this – I easily will throw myself off track, just to avoid doing it.  For instance, if you were asked to give a speech, but you don’t engage in public speaking, it would be easy for you to head out, drink too much or eat too much, or get sick, and then say:  “I can’t give this speech, because I’m sick.”  Well yes, you are sick, but you made yourself this way, because you don’t have the necessary skill of public speaking and in return – you made yourself a mess to avoid moving forward.  And so – let’s learn.

I was binge eating for a long time in my short life, and finally I decided to learn WHY and then EVERYTHING there was to learn about binge eating, because I needed the cravings to stop.  I learned I was nutrient deficient, I learned about the foods I was eating daily and how they didn’t help to eat better, but instead, they contributed to binge eating, and so I set out to learn and teach myself all about nutrition and what my body needed and find a solution that worked.  And so – you TOO can go back to learning and understanding things that you may not be an expert in – so that when situations present themselves that challenge you – you aren’t going to spin backwards, but step forward confidently.


Just get going.  Just get moving.  Just get back to focus.  If you have to fake it till you make it for a few hours or days or weeks, then do so.  Pretend you are already super motivated and happy and ready for the challenges that await.  Just move, and go through the motions, and do everything you have to do – and everything you want to do.  Talk to yourself.  Talk to yourself as if your best friend would talk to you.  Keep things so positive you feel funny as heck, but do it.  It will propel you forward.  It will move everything forward, that before you even realize it – you will be so far down the track, you don’t even remember when you got the heck back on!

On track living is the best living.  Because when we feel good, we do good!

Cheers my beautiful readers and friends, and humans.





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