How To Creamiest Shakes Eva

I love my shakes.  I eat meal replacement shakes (which sounds pretty blah but they are so ahhhh!), for every breakfast and 99% of my noon time meals!  And then also & sometimes at 3pm or dinner – depending on the day and life’s adventures that day.  To me, it’s the easiest simplest and most delicious way to get my nutrients in, each and every single day – without a hassle.

Someone asked me at a dinner last week if I eat “real food” too?  And of course I do.  I pretty much eat EVERYTHING.  Though, I love sticking to as much fresh, raw, plant food as possible (think salads), but when I’m out or about, or out with friends, or we’re hosting a get-together or a bbq, I go with the flow, and enjoy what I want.  The goal is to always have a LARGE salad bowl in the fridge each day waiting for my husband and I – so when we do want to eat “real food” we first turn to that!

The shakes just add so much life to my life, they make things so easy, they make me feel so good, they take so much food work away from my life, and they just fill a need.  The kids love the shakes (mostly as a dinner or post dinner/pre-bed meal), which thrills me to pieces.  They go to bed each night with amazing protein and nutrients and vitamins in their body.  What mama wouldn’t love that?  Plus they are happy – because to them, a shake is “ice-cream”.

And so, I love a really creamy extra thick shake myself.  Hey, I wasn’t holding onto an extra 20lbs last year because I didn’t love ice-cream from Halo Pub (thanks NJ), or Diary Queen when the opportunity arose.  Thankfully – those days are gone, but my love for a thick milkshake has not gone away.

Here is how I make the thickest, most creamiest shakes eva:

1:  Ice & water half the cup.

2:  Add protein powder/meal replacement powder.

3: Blend.

And that’s it.  At first, I would add a banana or anything else.  Now I just keep it uber simple, and super easy and boom: ice water meal and donito!!!

Out comes the cream of the crop, the creamiest most delicious and healthiest super food you can put into your body each and every single day.  We went to Vegas to learn more about these super foods and the founder of the company said:  “I eat this all of the time, and then I supplement with ‘real food’.” And that’s truly how it should be:  90% of the time put amazing nutrients into your system so it functions correctly, and then the other 10% of the time:  Eat anything else you want.  How freeing is that?



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