make one salad, eat all week

With the privilege of time and age and aging and knowledge and practice and amazing free info on the Internet, the more I realize that food and grub and everything we ingest falls into just two categories:

1 – what we eat either helps us thrive, fuels us without error

2 – or what we eat hurts, hinders our bodies, mind and soul

Sounds extremely dramatic, but it’s the truth.  Everything we eat either makes our internal organs and processes feel good, or it doesn’t.  Yet, this knowledge doesn’t automatically make me or 99.9% of the population from engaging in eating delicious grub for fun, for pleasure for celebration and a lot of times – due to boredom or habit.

So I personally, have to make a valiant effort to EAT WELL as often as possible, and turn as many awesome meals into lifelong habits as possible.  #practicemakesperfect

Something I’ve successfully done this entire year, is I’ve had a super food shake for breakfast, each morning.  I may have missed it twice this year.  On V-Day and Easter – where we hosted breakfast for family or went for breakfast with family.  Otherwise, it’s shake shake shake shake errrrryday.  This habit, I’m extremely proud and grateful for – and one I want to BUILD onto!

And so – for dinner, I want to instill #SALADlife.  My husband finds it so incredible simple and delicious to have salad for dinner.  And honestly – when a salad is made and already prepped, it’s hard to say no to salad.  I mean it’s crunchy, delicious, healthy, green, full of water, it has all that awesome live and raw food we should all be ingesting anyway – and we can eat it solo with a favorite dressing, or we can top it with something else (whatever you want!)

But the physical act of making, chopping, prepping, buying, washing and getting a salad together each and every night is daunting.  It’s fun on day one when you are super psyched and motivated, but by day two when you ran out of lettuce or tomato or another main ingredient, it’s like:  “Um, I’ll just put some fries in the oven or throw some chips in a bowl.”

So, to combat this, I decided to create one major salad every Sunday or Monday – to have for each day of the week.

Today at Publix I ended up getting:

romaine lettuce (pack of 3)
chopped up carrots
chopped up peppers
broccoli florets (mostly chopped up)


And I took out my largest bowl:

chop up romaine lettuce, then add spinach on top of the romaine, then the broccoli florets (chop up a lil bit more), and then put whole bag of carrots on top, and then lastly, top with peppers

Super simple, and easy.  I buy the chopped up carrots and peppers and broccoli, because even though it would cost less to buy those veggies whole – the act of chopping all isn’t on the schedule for me at this time – so I “buy” the convenience and am grateful for the option.


I put a plate on top of the bowl, and put the whole thing in the fridge.  It stays fresh all week long.  Don’t add any dressing, but instead, when you are ready for a bowl of salad, add the dressing then!  Putting this salad together took minutes.  The volume and quality are high, but the actual process to create it – low as grass.

Boom boom boom!

Delicious every single time, and I get the most pleasure out of it when I see our 15 year asking for a bowl of salad, or when Tony finally sits down at the end of the day in front of Vice news with a big bowl of fresh goodness!  Knowing he’s going to bed with a stomach full of raw veggies is EVERYTHING.  Like everything!

Create your own amazing salad – create it once, and enjoy all week!

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