Vibe = Tribe

When we were choosing a home in Florida, something I couldn’t get off the wish list was the perfect office space.  I wanted nothing more than to have my very own office space with lots of light and windows and amazing energy.  I wanted the same for my husband.  And when I walked into what is now our current home, there was a perfect office space for me, and opposite me – a perfect space for my better half.

Having graduated college what is now 17+ years ago, I am just finally getting into my groove of what I want in life, what careers I want to pursue, how I want to spend each day & the rest of my life. And something that has become more prominent than anything else is realizing that my vibe attracts my tribe.

Who I want to become, who I am, attracts who I surround myself with, who surrounds me on the daily.  And I have never worked harder, to make sure that my people, my humans, get the very best me each day.  When I started working on my internal dialogue, when I dove into my discipline, when I searched out mentors and great people, I found myself in contact, more and more often with really rad-kind-humble and hard working human beings.

I always thought I was lucky in some things in life, and unlucky in others.  “Why did this happen to me? ” “Why did I have to meet them?” “Why am I surrounded by him or her?”  And the truth is – my VIBE attracted it all, the good and the not so good.  And lately, I realized, I AM IN CONTROL OF MY SURROUNDINGS & PEOPLE.  Regardless of the reason.

Regardless of the reason, or the excuse or the story I told & tell myself.  And sure, many times I did not know better, I thought I did, I did not have the experience, I did things for the wrong reasons, I was greedy or selfish or immature or impatient or hungry or just completely ignorant.  And it was what it was.  But that vibe still attracted the tribe.

If you want to change your life, change your vibe.   Imagine if you tend to get angry quickly, or if you do things for money over anything else, or if you don’t mind if you are quick with your words, or if you don’t believe in forgiveness or if you focus on the negative or if you don’t recognize the good life you are surrounded by – and then you find yourself surrounded by people who are just like you.  They are easily angered, and not grateful and don’t forgive and …  Why?  Our vibes attract our tribes.

When you change your vibe, you attract your tribe.  And at whatever point you are in your life – you deserve the right tribe.  The tribe the ELEVATES you.  The tribe that inspires you.  The tribe that makes you laugh your booty shaker off.  The tribe that loves you so much.  The tribe that teaches you and challenges you and nurtures you.  The tribe that hugs you physically or virtually.

I sit back and I think about the people in my tribe right now.  It’s certainly not an all inclusive tribe.  It’s just an open door, open circle mixed and matched and in and out tribe of humans.  And their intentions for life for humans for living are so right on.  And that’s exactly where I find myself today.  Just live your best life, not in a perfect way, but just in a growth oriented, humble, amazing intentional way.

My hubby isn’t perfect, neither am I.  Nor are my girlfriends or favorite family members. Nor are my teammates, or colleagues or neighbors, but you know what we and they all have in common:  those damn bright intentions!  They are so right on point, and so happy, and healthy, and kind and giving and generous – that I thank the Universe each day for this tribe.

Because my vibe attracts this tribe.  Create your vibe, and attract your tribe.  Cheers lovers!

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