New Month Goals, go hard.

What, who can believe it?  Another month is almost upon us.  For some reason, August has been the best month of my year so far.  I’m not sure why, but everything is starting to click into place.

We go along on our journey, we keep pushing, we keep stepping back, we have challenges, we have easy days, we motivate ourselves, we stay motivated, we can’t find our motivation, we start over, we keep going, we do everything we need to do, month after month, and then slowly, things start to make sense, things start to click into place.

Maybe it’s our businesses, maybe it’s our nutrition, maybe it’s our physical health and exercise, maybe it’s our mindset, our gratitude, maybe it’s our main relationships or our other important relationships, maybe it’s parenting, or our financial freedom – whatever it may be – whatever you shall want, will eventually start to click into place at the level you desire most, especially when you keep your foot on that pedal, and keep moving forward along.

I know all of us humans want great things from all parts of our lives.  We want it all to click, we want to focus hard, and receive every gift and dream available to us.  And why not?  Life is short, let’s go so hard that we’re sweating at the end of each day.

September is almost upon us !  It’s here in exactly two days, and let’s set some goals.  What do you want to focus on?  What do you want?  Happiness is progress.  Happiness is living it on our own terms, using those talents that we have been given, and perfecting them so much that we are always sharing them with others.  How fun is that?

What is most important for you in September?

Do you want to take care of your health?  Your nutrition?  Your bod?  Your sleep?  Your home, your children, your hubby or best friend or pet?  Do you want to save more, spend less, care more, or care less about events or experiences that no longer matter.  Do you want to have less anxiety, and have more ease?  Do you want to earn more cash, or create passive income, or residual income? Do you want to pay off bills, or credit cards, or pay home mortgage payments ahead of time?  Do you want to work more with your children, and show them more patience and more love?  Do you want to love yourself more?  Do you want to take care of your skin, your teeth, your nails, your hair?

What do you want most for September?  Do you want to have more experiences, do something you have never done before?  Do you want to run a race, or clean your home, or move out on your own, or buy a new home, do you want to challenge yourself in a way you have never challenged yourself before?  Do you want to go to church, or go vegan or raw, or show up early to work each and every day? Do you want to stay late, or learn a trade, or take a class, or read a novel, or watch less tv, or start a blog?  What is it you want?

What can you do in the month of September that will just awaken your spirit, lift you up, keep you smiling, and make it a great month?  This is all we have guys.  We just have life, one month at a time, and we must make it a great time.

My goals for September are clear, and clearer than they ever have been before.

I want to work with people and get them started on the absolutely best nutrition journey in this entire world.  I want to continue to push myself, and prioritize my health above all else.  I want to work on my sleep, on waking up early, on eating well, for every single meal.  I want to cleanse twice per month, and I want to continue to build a great team.

I want to run each and every day, and do as much yoga as I can.  I want to work with my son each and every day on math, reading, writing and comprehension.  I want to learn how to by the end of this school year, have him craving the worksheets, and math books, and reading and writing.  I’m determined to get there, because seeking out knowledge is so much fun.  It leads to the most passionate life.  And who doesn’t want their children to be passionate about life?


I want to stay positive each hour, and enjoy every single day.  There is so much to be grateful for each day, and our attitudes, and outlook, and how we enter each day and task ahead, leads to the outcome of all of our goals & accomplishments.  I also know our mindset and attitude connects us with others of the same kind.  I am ready for more friends, more colleagues, more teammates, more clients – all of this exact same grade.

My home is my everything.  I love it so much and care so deeply about the energy and peace here.  I want to start to slowly part and donate and share things we no longer need in this home.  I have so many clothes, and other tiny lil thangs that need to go – and in September, I’m slowly going to keep putting things away, and giving them away.

Lastly, in September I want to plan some amazing experiences.  I want to go to Poland next summer, I want to visit some friends and do more conferences and training.  I want to read more novels, and I want to say YES more often.  I want September to be rich in fun, and freedom and peace and learning.

Cheers loves to working hard, staying determined and making all of YOU come true!

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