Recognizing what you have already done so well before moving on.

Yesterday, I wrote about setting up new goals or reviving old goals, because tomorrow starts a brand new month, and what’s not to love about a brand new month.

But today, I want to focus on – what you are ALREADY doing so so well!

Are you feeling good?

Are you dealing well with challenges?

Have you accomplished more this year than any other year?

Are you on the right tract in life?

Are you with the right partner?

Are you surrounded by the right people?

Are you making the right financial decisions?

So often, we’re always focusing on what we need to do, what we want to do, what we must do, what there is left to do, and not enough on what we have already done, the amazing habits we have already created, and the ones we are building up on. It’s easy to get away from that center of gratefulness and accomplishment and go too far into the future, and feel out of touch and not blessed in and with the present.

So today, let us review what all of 2017 and August specifically brought into our lives.

My life philosophy is that you must be grateful and proud already, and then build onto it. Constantly, throughout my day I’m so happy with what I’ve already put into place and put into motion.  There are thousands of things I still want to accomplish, but staying focused and remembering what has already been done – is pretty darn amazing.  Listen,  I get it, we want what we want, we know what we need, and we are determined to get there.  But what have you already DONE?  How amazing are you already!?!


I love this so much because we are easy on others and hardest on ourselves, so take the next few minutes and physically write out what you have done well.  What have you accomplished so far?

For August, I’m proud of the following in no particular order:

Headed to Vegas to learn more!

Headed to Orlando to learn more!

Children are happy and healthy and are back in school feeling good!

Spent so much time with new friends and neighbors and having a blast getting to know really good humans.

I see so much talent and love and in the people that I surround myself with.  The people I speak to or interact with on a weekly or daily basis are rad, I’m proud of these relationships, proud of these connections.

Maintaining and upgrading our home to suit our long term needs, added French doors and made our offices official!

Proud of the nutrition and cleansing I’ve put into my bod for August, body loves it!

Studied hard and passed an exam!

Started early mid month – and always had a big fresh salad in the fridge, and Tony and I ate a large bowl of it almost on the daily.

Read four amazing prime free reading novels.  These books were so good that I still think about them and these characters.

Took four pure barre classes and a power yoga class.

And that’s some of August.  It wasn’t perfect and flawless it was just real life.  If I went into September not recognizing these tiny little things that went well, what kind of life would that be?  How much fun would it be to sit back and not remember a single ounce of fun or laughter or everything that already resulted in success?  We must never forget the work we have put in, to get to our new starting spot.  Write out everything you have done.  Everything you have done well.  Everything you have forgotten about – the work you have put into motion that grew you, gave you an experience, presented you with the next step, and made you so happening and fresh already!

Stay focused on the goals, stay focused on the exact life you desire, and the key is to build onto what you have already built.  Because the secret to getting exactly where you want to go, is stacking those accomplishments on top of each other, month after month, and recognizing not only the work ahead of us, but the work and success you’ve already done to get to your new Day 1.

Make that list.  Write it out.  Recognize your work.  Be grateful for what you’ve done well. Do it right now.  Save it.  And build onto it.


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