Strengthen Yo’ Flossing Game

I love flossing my teeth. I’m not sure when and why this started, but I do.  I absolutely love it.  I remember my mom always flossing her teeth, and I never found it to be gross, or unattractive, I just loved that she loved to floss her teeth, and had to floss as soon as she ate.  I guess this is the most recent great habit she shared with me.  I don’t ever remember us talking about the importance of flossing, it was truly just modeled behavior.  Kinda cool right?

My first memories of my own personal flossing are throughout high school.  Yet, I also remember getting a few cavities filled in high school, so maybe I didn’t floss as much as I needed to.  I also remember going to the dentist often and regularly.  As soon as I went to college I stopped going to the dentist, and did not go back until I was married. Thankfully, between high school and 10 years post high school, nothing seemed to stand out to the dentist, and it was business as usual:  a cleaning and an appt for the next 6 months.

When I met my husband, he introduced me to the tooth flossing pick.  Prior to this, I always just flossed with floss.  I never minded it though, and I never thought of a simpler solution.

Well, here comes in the tooth flosser pick!


How simple, and clean, and brilliant?  And so easy to get to every single tooth.  I love these things, and have now been using them to floss non-stop.  I will floss my teeth throughout the day (sometimes if I’m just deep thinking about something and need a physical distraction), and always before bed, and right after brushing my teeth.  I try to floss alone, and would obviously not floss in front of others – outside of my immediate people.

I went to the dentist a few years ago, and the hygienist asked me if I floss, and I said yes.  And then she proceeded to show me how to floss correctly!  My mind was blown.  She used the floss and showed me how to grind it against each side of the tooth, and how to go deeper into the gum.  Obviously not deep enough to draw blood, but deep enough to remove any stuck food.  If you don’t floss, and plan on starting – be very gentle with yourself.  If the gums aren’t used to floss they might bleed, but stay patient, and keep flossing.

Also, my gums did bleed from time to time when I was preggo with my son.  They never bled when I was preggo with my daughter, but because some hormones are elevated when growing the baby, at times this might affect our gums and make them more sensitive.

Start flossing.  It’s such an amazing and awesome habit to get into.  Plus, it leaves your mouth feeling so fresh, so clean.  I also love to floss, because it’s a legit way to say:  “You are done eating for today!  You have flossed!”  And who wants to get a clean mouth dirty again with a meal or more snacks!

I also floss in the AM.  Even before having any food.  Obviously our mouths are food free, but the plaque and saliva hangs there all night, so after brushing my grill, I sometimes floss to get the day started.  It makes me love my mouth, and the love comes back when I look at my teeth and they are the best they can be.  Tooth and gum health may not be that important to us when we are younger, but as we age, it grows in importance.  Do everything you can right now, to avoid problems, and take care of the mouth right now.  Plus, visiting the dentist for cleanings is so much more enjoyably (1000% more) than having to visit the doctor for actual tooth and gum issues.  And let’s not discuss how expensive dental procedures actually are.

Tooth and gum health is genetic.  Some people are blessed with great genes, and some people are blessed with issues – but either way – do all you can to help yo’ mouth out!

So, grab some floss, or tooth picks, and get right to it!  Floss away! Start flossing daily! Get your mouth as fresh and as healthy as possible!

Cheers, Flossers!

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