cheers to the a great day, regardless

I’m starting to live a little differently lately.  I have read and knew for years, that once we are grateful for what we have, and what we have already accomplished, we begin to live more in the moment, and make those moments happier.

Yet, too often, I still want my day to line up perfectly so, in order to label it a solid day, to feel it was a strong day, and feel it was a day full of productivity, positivity and happiness.

And what happens, when it’s just not?  Can we still feel good, even when we feel bad?


I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling that when it was an awesome work day, something else was off, or when my health is on point, I can’t seem to get something else in order, and because I’m so excited and aware of everything I want to shine so hard, I seem to get stuck when figuring out how to make it all so good – all of the time.

Lately, I challenged myself that if one part of my life is awesome, all of it is!  And it sounds so silly, and appears a bit juvenile, but it works.

If my 3pm meal was on FIRE – like yesterday – where I had nothing but superfoods romaine lettuce, and kale, and sunflower seeds, and olive oil and avocado and you get the idea —- it was an awesome DAY regardless of anything else!

If I am feeling so in tune with my husband and we are just enjoying each other, and doing a lot of laughing and connecting – REGARDLESS of anything else – life is good!

If I listened to a super You-Tube video and I learned so much, and was so inspired, regardless of anything else – it was a good day!!!

And this is real life, and can it all be perfect all of the time? No.  But can we feel as if it is?  Of course.  Let’s do this.  Let’s be happy even when we get a medical bill for $500 due last month.

Let’s be happy even if every family relationships aren’t optimal.  Let’s be happy even if our kids aren’t excelling in school or sports – all the time.  Let’s be happy if our credit cards are a bit higher than ideal.  Let’s be happy if we are nervous or anxious or upset too often.  Let’s be happy even if the future may feel more meek than sunny.  Let’s be happy if we have an endless problem to deal with.  Let’s be happy if our bathrooms are dirty and the motivation to move that sponge around the toilet is a -10/10.

Let’s make it a great day – even if it doesn’t line up that way according to our old criteria!

I am guilty of judging how good my day is based on what I ate.  If I had nothing but amazing food, and nutrition – you can catch me on Cloud 9.  Because good food makes me feel good.  I’m up in the clouds feeling like a millie!

And most recently – I’m determined to feel good – even when all isn’t perfect, didn’t go according to plan, isn’t ideal, isn’t super, isn’t what I wanted or needed.  I’m going to feel good even if I mess up, even when I make an error, and even when life just happens, and oh well!  Feel good regardless, because we deserve to feel solid about each day.

Is it wise to go through most of our lives feeling ehh or sad or frustrated.  Heck no.  We deserve to feel good – and have positive mental thoughts – without any abuse from our own selves – regardless.  The goal isn’t to ignore all and just float through life like a butterfly, but when we’re swimming against the current, enjoy it – and be proud you are in the water! 

The goal and the easiest way to make this happen, is just to look for that good!  What went well today?  What is going well right now?  What went well this morning?  What is going to go well tonight?

My day is broken up into five different parts.

AM – before kids wake

AM2 – kids up, getting them to school

WORK DAY/LIFE – kids at school, mama working/living/learning

PM – kids home from school, dinner time, family time, bath time, kids bed time

PM2 – just me and my boo

Not every single part is successful!  Sometimes we have AM meltdowns, and that doesn’t even mean just the little ones.  Sometimes this means all gets cross-wired at work, sometimes the PM toddler pick up isn’t fun, and then sometimes we can never get to just me and my boo, because my little human wants to play!  But regardless, when I lay my head down to sleep, I am happy.  I’m happy, and I’m grateful, and sometimes it’s because the day was truly awesome – all parts in perfect motion like an updated iPhone, and other times I’m grateful because the day is over, because over means we can start new again tomorrow!

Continue to look and appreciate what went well.  Don’t harp, focus or put energy into what didn’t.  Sometimes, moving on is the best we can do – and do just that.  Focus on what went well.  What did you do well?  What surprised you positively? What did you do better than yesterday?  What did you learn today?  What did you accomplish? What tiny step did you make in the right direction?  Find it all – even tiny accomplishments and recognize them.  Get so good at recognizing the good in each day, that it’s all you see!

Eyes on the prize of the happy present.



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