All goals into one: strength.

For a long time I had singular goals.  I wanted to do this, or be this, or have this, or accomplish this, or finish this, or get better at this.

Lately, I’ve been extremely drawn to just wanting to be and feel strong.  I am getting away from wanting to be thin, or even lean, I’m getting away from wanting to make a great amount of income, or build any type of business.  Everything I’m thinking or doing or planning – is focused on building strength and then more importantly – feeling strong.

It’s almost as if all my goals got together, and went out into the ocean for a swim, and came back as one:  strength/strong woman/body/human/mind/soul.

I’m not exactly sure what happened, or how this happened, but perhaps it is the combination of truly living more day to day, laughing a lot more, enjoying my own company, enjoying each day to the fullest, being proud of all of the work I do, loving onto my husband and children so much, feeling so blessed and grateful for the friends and neighbors around me, and walking around my home and just being able to breathe deeply and be so grateful that this is my life.  It’s so simple, and so peaceful, and not without situations, but life is good, because I recognize and highlight the good.

If my dog runs up to me with his tail wagging, I instantly think, “I have the coolest – most loving dog ever, I love that he loves me and I know he knows I love him.”  I mean that’s some corny ish, but how awesome is that, to feel that in your heart?

When my little peanut gets up from bed in the morning sometimes she’s in a great mood, and sometimes she’s in a sour mood, but each time I get down on my knees, and kneel down, and I greet her with open arms, and I ask her if I can hold her, and if she says yes, I rub her back and give her as much love as possible.  This makes me feel like I have the best life ever ever ever, to be able to hold my daughter so tight.

I went running the other day, and mentally it was exactly what I needed to do.  But for the past two days my thighs are in severe pain.  Obviously running six miles, after not running for seven days, stressed those muscles out.  And not feeling strong because I’m in pain, pain I voluntarily put myself through, makes no sense to me anymore.  Other times, I would have focused on how awesome it was to run those miles, or how great that I can do it – all things that would have fed my ego, but slowly – I’m getting that ego out of here.  Instead, I just want to be strong.  I want to feel strong.  I want to be able to walk six miles, or even run those miles – but without pain, without having to feed the ego to get the same results.

Any thoughts that we are having that compromise our long term health, sanity, life – that in the short term feed that ego, I’m kicking out of my life.  Ironically, this is a very new concept for me.  And admitting this to myself – is pretty new as well.  Not long ago, I would have been proud of what I now view as superficial accomplishments, but lately, I find no strength in them.  The beauty of this life is that you, yourself are the only human on this world that can categorize what makes you feel strong.

What works for you right now, and make you feel extremely strong and resilient may not be the case AT ALL five or 10 years from today.  What works for you, may not work well for me.  What I identify as my authentic self, you might identify as your ego!  How crazy cool is that – humans are different, yet all so beautiful.


I find this to be extremely freeing, inspiring, and motivating.  We’re evolving, we’re growing, we’re learning.  I have certain ideas and ideals that I connect with strongly, but mostly, my mind is flowing.  I can listen to one argument and agree, and hear another, and also agree.  This flexibility brings me a lot of peace.  I do not know all of the answers, because the answers are evolving, they are constantly springing up, because this is life.

I have been hungry for knowledge.  I have been hungry for stories.  I have been hungry for inspiration, and most importantly – feel amazing when information connects with my core. I want my children to work the same way.  Let’s keep learning.  Let’s keep practicing.  Let’s keep putting into practice and into life, what we know is true, and then, let’s keep doing more learning.  I’m not suggesting keep changing and flipping around and flopping up and down wherever the wind blows, but keep being a seeker of information, until you are satisfied, and then search more to share more.

I can’t imagine not progressing in my thoughts, actions, feelings, emotions.  It’s so liberating to not be tied down to just one way of thinking or black and white categories of right or wrong, or yes or no.  Screw that – life is moving forward at a quick pace, and we deserve to always be open, always be engaged because great information is life changing.

The goal of feeling strong, living strong, makes me feel as if my feet are planted soundly on the ground.  The goal is not to never get knocked down, but to be able to sway, but still stay upright when situations do occur.  I never felt like an easy going person, but because I want to keep on learning, and actively want to pursue this – I am turning into one.  And this brings me peace.  I am getting better.  On the inside.

Obviously, before anything manifests in real life, it has to manifest in the mind, so that’s the exciting part.  I see myself this way, more than real life has even showcased it.  And how cool is that!

Connecting with what you believe in so deeply, that it starts to come true is life changing.  I was always able to write out all of my goals – and there have been hundreds, easily.  Yet, how many did I feel in my core?  How many moved me to action?  How many of them were wasted because I just “wanted” this, or I thought at did.

The idea that I am a strong woman, mother, human, and I know this to be true, is a goal that is coming true.  It’s coming out because I am more peaceful, because I have so much  more fun, because I have goals for my health that have very little to do with short term goals, but everything to do with long and sustained longevity.

I challenge all reading to wrap up all goals you have into one.  What is it that you really want?  What is it that you desire most?  And most important, who are you truly?  What do you desire?  What do you need?  Who are you, inside your core?





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