Using Law of Attraction to go to 25!

I’m not a huge gift getter, so when last Christmas rolled around, I wanted to make sure that my hubby and I were not doing anything for each other.  I don’t know why, but I don’t like/love receiving gifts. I have no issues buying what I need for myself, so when birthdays – anniversaries – and holidays roll around, I always ask for nothing.  I love love love making sure my children have an awesome holiday, but for me – buy me nothing.

Though, as soon as November hits, anything special we do – I always categorize it as a Christmas gift, or a birthday gift!  If we go out and get sushi, it’s to celebrate “Christmas”, or my birthday or anything else that happens that needs a celebration attached to it!  But as far as wrapping things for under the tree for me – no way Jose!  (I’m a weirdo – I know this.)

So for last Christmas, I wanted to get my honey and I something small, but something we could enjoy together, so I purchased a 25th Anniversary photo frame!  Nothing fancy, just ordered it off Amazon and I figured I would put a photo of us in there, and we would use the LAW OF ATTRACTION to make sure we are happy and celebrating 25 years together – way way way into the future.  We were just 5.5 years into our marriage, and 25 years seems like forever to go.  But because I’m a huge law of attraction fan (still learning how to use it daily), that I figured this was a super awesome gift – for both of us – as a couple.

And so boom:  here was the frame I wrapped!


A few days after Christmas, someone asked me (maybe one of the kids), when I met Tony, and I thought back, that I first knew of him/saw him, when I was in 4th grade.  Everyone had a recess crush and mine was Anthony!  And so I met my hubby in 1991.  Fall of 1991, I was thinking about what a handsome and cute and beautiful little boy Anthony was.  And since I got this frame Christmas 2016, I realized that it has ALREADY been 25 years since we met!  Exactly 25.  Not 24 or 26, exactly 25!

This brings tears in my eyes, because even though we took a long hiatus from actually meeting and talking and getting to know each other, he must have been in my subconscious mind for this long already – and boom, Christmas 2016 rolled around, and a quarter of a century has already been marked.

Long story short, I love the law of attraction.  It’s a powerful tool, powerful way of thinking and feeling to get everything in your life that you want and desire to come true.  As a mama, and working woman, and everything else that we all need to be – it’s easy to get away from positive thinking and training your mind to think and feel correctly!

But get to it.  This holiday season, spend any extra time you have watching everything you can on YouTube, and even Netflix is streaming The Secret!  Worth a watch each and every single day, until it starts to click!  When not loving onto my children and family, or nurturing and working my businesses – that’s exactly where I will be:  learning.

Clearly for this Christmas, I have to pick up a Happy 50th Anniversary frame, as what we have up right now – has already been accomplished.  Humbly and healthfully and thank G.



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