How do you get everything you want, today?

The last few months, and specifically the last few weeks, I have really been getting back into learning and living the Law of Attraction.  If you’ve seen the movie The Secret on Netflix, or some other media outlet, you know exactly what I mean.

It’s such a powerful concept, and perhaps the absolutely best way to go through life.  I have found nothing more rewarding.  It’s so basic, yet so simple.  The whole concept is based on what you think about – you bring about.

Our only job is to think positive thoughts, and to train our thoughts to FEEL exactly what we want, whether we are in physical possession of this already or not yet.

So for instance, if you want to be happily married, yet perhaps you are not yet married, maybe single, or maybe even what you would consider an “unhappy marriage” start to go through every moment of your day, as if you were actually and already happily married.

Maybe you would write a love note to your husband or wife, maybe you would fantasize about a date you are having that evening, perhaps you would feel grateful for the love you already have in your heart for your spouse, or maybe you would go through you day admiring a piece of jewelry, perhaps your engagement ring or a wedding band, and feeling grateful and blessed for all the love it represents.  As much of your time as possible would be spent feeling “happily married.”

In my late twenties, I really believed this concept.  I have written about this before, but I found myself on point with my then career (used The Secret for this as well), and I really wanted and needed love and family in my life.  I just felt this in my core, that this is what I desired most.  I watched The Secret many times (like probably 25-50 times), and knew about the significance of the law of attraction.  I went to Khol’s and I purchased what I though was a beautiful wedding band.  This was just a $15 ring.  Nothing fancy, but it just looked so beautiful to me.  And so I would wear it on my way to work.  I had a 40 min commute, and for those 40 minutes first thing in the AM, and for 40 min in the PM, I wore this ring, and I felt “married.”  I felt “happily married’ and I loved this time.  I thought about my “husband” (which I didn’t have), and I just felt exactly as I wanted to feel, as if my dream was already here.  A few months/years later – I wore a similar band, full time.

And that’s the law of attraction.  Actually FEELING what you want, and almost and actually LIVING it, and therefore ATTRACTING it – into your life with open arms.

It’s amazing right.

Around the same time, I would walk around the beautiful little lake in my neighborhood, and imagine that I was pushing a stroller.  And I felt it.  I felt what it would feel like being a mama, and the joy I would feel, and how happy I was feeling all of this mama love, and being out in nature.  It was exactly what I wanted.  And so, this too has come true.  Ironically, I ran my daughter to school this morning – in our stroller that we’ve had over six years now.  I was thinking about this awesome stroller that has lasted through so many miles of walking and running, still without even a squeak, or any breakdowns.  This stroller has been alive in my mind for more years than just these six.

What many of us find tough with the law of attraction is getting out of our own way.  It’s easy to use LOA when we have absolutely nothing what we want.  I found this to be true in my twenties, as a single woman – ready for FAMILY.  As life went on, and we started building homes, and our family, and businesses and careers, it’s harder to use LOA, or at least I found myself here confused at what I really wanted, and how I could have it.

I got in my own way.  I realllllly got in my own way.  I got so far from LOA, that I stopped using it all together.  I stopped thinking about it – and tried to control so much of my life.  I thought I could just get what I want by going after it.  Instead of using my mind and LOA, I thought things or people or others could help me acquire this.  I wasn’t tuning into what it was I was really after, and tuning more into things.

I hope this makes sense, but an easy way to explain it, is this:  instead of tuning into feeling freedom and flexibility in your career, you would think that a certain boss, or job, or career path would give you this.  I was diving backwards instead of moving forward.  I was trying to fit squares into holes instead of stepping back and using what I used so often before to have what I needed: the power of thought and feeling.

We get in our own way, because we start to reason with it.  I wanted to know the HOW.   We want a certain amount of freedom, or income, or goals and dreams and wishes to come true, but then we try to figure out EXACTLY HOW this will all come true.

The answer is:  Don’t try to figure it out.  We don’t have to know.  We have to actually do NOTHING to try to figure out the how.  We just have to know WHAT we want, and WHEN we want it by!

So let’s do this.  Let’s make a list of everything we want, and feel as if we already are there, feel as we already have it, feel as if we are already living the life we desire.

When your mind tries to take you to HOWWWWW you will get there, let the thought about this come, and then let it out the door.  We don’t know.  We don’t know.  We won’t know.  But if you try to figure out the HOW (when you have absolutely no clue, or it’s limiting you), then let it go.  Open the door and let it out gently, or just shove it out like a pain in da bum though that it is.

If you want to earn 100K or 1M this year, but you say:  “Well, I’m just a xyz, and no xyz ever earned this much.”  <——-  THAT’S A LIMITING THOUGHT.  You are killing your own dream, by limiting yourself by trying to figure out the HOW.  You are reasoning, when you should not reason.  You are trying to control the outcome.  Stop this and instead, let the limiting go.  Instead, just FEEL your income. Feel as if you already have this flowing into your life.  Just look for ways how this is already coming into your life (another blog post on this coming up soon!!!)

How cool is that?

Our only job is to know what we want, or to know how we want to feel.  Do we want more freedom?  More love?  More joy?  More happy?  More flexibility? More confidence? More independence?  More calm? More clean?  More nature?  More easy?  More learning?  More knowledge?  More travel?  More vacation?  More friendship? More fun? More health? More laughter?

And then feel as if your more is already here.  Breath in those feelings and breath them out.  Go through certain periods of your day – as if you are EXACTLY where you already want to be.  Go through these feelings in your mind and in your physical self.

When we decided we were moving to FL, we had a lot of work to do before we could actually get on an airplane and move to FL.  It was wild.  It was crazy.  It was picking up and selling your home, and having to buy a new one, and do everything one needs to do to move 911 miles south.  But all I did was google image a beach near our now current home.  I found a beautiful photo of Ponte Vedra beach.  I just found it.  I was beautiful and it really spoke to me.  I changed my FB cover photo to this image.  Every time I would log into my FB, I would see “my beach.”  This may have been way before we even put our house on the market, or before we even knew what we were doing.  But all I knew is that we were moving to FL, and we were going to be going to the beach year round.  That was my feeling.

Here is the actual photo I used:



And so in June, my two babies and I flew from Newark into Florida, and we went to the beach.  We went to a beautiful beach a bit north of our home, and here is the photo I took:


It’s not exact, but I was able to change my cover photo from what I wanted in my mind, to what I actually experienced now in my real life.
There are certain new goals I’m working on now, and each day, I’m reminding myself to FEEL this way already.  At first it’s an effort and I have to remember to feel this way. Then what happens, is that the thoughts come more easily and frequently, without you having to remind yourself to FEEL this way. Then I start to actually believe I’m there already, and I can hold these thoughts for LONG periods of time.  I really love and crave alone time, and these are the times I can really tune into feeling exactly as I want, and attracting all that I desire. But even when you have busy periods of your day, spend doing some of your daily activities – feeling exactly as you wish to be already living.

It’s really a beautiful process.  It’s a process that really makes you feel good in.  And makes you feel extremely peaceful and excited.  And that is what will continue to attract the life that you want, and one that you will want to continue to build.

Cheers to only living the best and most organic way, and feeling so good already, regardless of your current state. Cheers to welcoming our futures, today!



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