Building, rebuilding, breaking down & re-building your financial foundation.

The best thing you can own in life is knowing what you have to do.  Knowing what you need to do.  Knowing that you can do it.  Knowing you have to create a plan, take action and then just get it done.  Knowing you have to put your plan in motion and then execute.

So many humans are stuck at not knowing what to do.  But financially, if you are reading this, you already know what you have to do, or at least, you know you have to do something.

Life is pretty darn amazing.  Especially in 2018, for most/all of us.  If you have access to the Internet, if you have access to being able to read these words, this mostly means life is good to & for you, or/and you have access to the tools and knowledge to make it it extremely good.

As the new year has started, it’s the perfect time to assess our financial foundation and see how solid it is.  A solid foundation is relative to the way you think about it and your goals.  But if you are alive, and breathing, and mostly healthy with an open and determined mind – you are in a stellar position to do anything and everything you desire this year and for the next decade – financially.

For the last several years, we have put wheels in motion this exact exercise of regrouping and breaking down and rebuilding everything we knew and know.  Many years ago, it was time to learn about saving, investing, spending less, earning more and growing a more positive mind by the day.  It’s all pretty exciting because these are all pretty stimulating and invigorating activities and actions.  Rebuilding and building a solid base is everything and creates more peace, more value, more strength, more happiness, and more longevity to your life, relationships and accounts.

How awesome is that?  Now, what do you need to do?

Do you need to break down, and rebuild?

Do you need to build onto what you have already built?

Do you need to strengthen?

Do you need to regroup and get on a better track?

Do you need to take a few steps backwards, and head down the right road?

The best part about this exercise is that it brings nothing but hope and more confidence – almost immediately.  If you need to plug up money holes, get it done.  If you need to sell or return what you already have or recently purchased, get it done.  If you need to cancel services, rethink monthly spending – you can do so immediately.

Work on da mind.

What we individually think about our income, about what we have just earned, about the dollars deposited, is so incredibly powerful.  We can either believe this money is ours and we deserve to double it, or this money belongs to others, and we need to spend it immediately.  When we don’t think about it, when we feel no ownership of it – then it can quickly disappear.  But instead, when we know we own it, because we have earned it – we can allocate it to building onto our goals.

The most important part about standing on solid financial ground is being able to keep, save, invest what we earn.  And then, thinking logically about what we need, and then allocating the funds there.  Even though we often hear and may believe life is expensive – it is.  But we also make it so.  This is okay, when you are in charge of the allocation and spending.  But when it’s the other way around, we need to turn that quickly around.

There is a lot of psychology associated in the way we all spend, and this is something we will explore more in the coming weeks.  But for now – what do you need to do, to get on solid financial ground, or build onto your financial foundation?

Cheers!  I believe all smart humans deserve to live in absolute abundance, by living abundantly clear!




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